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Review 28 Feb 2020

‘You can't teach an old dog new tricks’ so the saying goes. But you can, if you go about it the right way, and young dogs in particular respond very well to training done properly. Conducted over six weeks, the course seemed to be more about training the owner than the dog and about unlearning methods that don't work and replacing them with methods that do. And I was surprised how quickly Ellie latched on to what was required of her when shown the correct way. I would highly recommend anyone with a puppy or contemplating getting a puppy to do this course.

Review 20 Feb 2020

Payton recently joined in the Puppy Foundation Course. During the course, Payton has developed into a mature obedient puppy. He has learned many new skills such as laying down, rolling over, loose lead walking and many more. Josh and I really enjoyed participating in this course as well. We both learned lots including how to train and care for a puppy properly. We would definitely recommend anyone with a puppy to do this course.