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02 Apr 2019

26 Feb 2019

Training 26 Feb 2019

Had a great experience with Dr.Raker and Dr. Herbert. The class are very easy to follow. They work with you to make sure you have all the knowledge you need to be successful in you practice.

Build it and they will come! 12 Feb 2019

i attended a training this last October in Dallas. I have been providing DOT exams and urine specimen collection for drug testing since 2014, I have done well with the DOT exams, but didnt know how to approach industries about other occ med services. Got a call last Friday from an industrial services company that is needing me to provide first aid service to prevent recordable injuries, they also want drug and alcohol testing at the same time. They are bringing in 500 employees and indicated they are not concerned about the price. I immediately called Dr. Raker. He and Dr. Hebert got me a great price on a Draeger unit and the training. They returned my call quickly and their support has been invaluable. Love the Tuesday conference calls too.

Doctor 06 Feb 2019

Got my Drager BAT Alcotest 6820 training today. Drager is the best Breath Alcohol Tester on the market, and Dr. Hebert did a great job training me. Im looking forward to performing occupatonal services in the Dallas Fort Worth Area soon! Thank Dr. Hebert, and Dr.Raker. Dr. Glen

Medical Asst. 06 Feb 2019

The Drager Alcotest training was 5 star. Dr. Hebert did a great job, took his time to explain the process. Im now Certified to perform Breath Alcohol Testing. Thanks Doc!

Great seminar for Occupational Testing 29 Jan 2019

Dr. Raker and Dr. Herbert did a great job at the November seminar in Dallas. I have been doing Occ Med for 10 years but still learned of valuable new services and promotions from them. I am signing up for the Orlando Seminar to get updated on Occ Med in 2019. They are now the "nuts and bolts" of how to start Occ Med in an active chiropractic practice and or to take your Occ Med portion of your practice to the next level. Our office is still primarily a chiropractic driven office but Occ Med is not only supplementing financially but driving chiropractic patients to the office for chiropractic services. I have been practicing 30 years and practice is still very engaging, financially rewarding and challenging. Occ Med is almost a "no brainer" in a chiropractic office and is mandated by government and most of corporate America. It only takes one staff person in 10' by 10' room to get started.

Old Doctor 26 Jan 2019

Arthritis is beginning to debilitate me. Performing DOT exams is not so physically demanding as adjusting patients all day long. This is an excellent form of practice for the older chiropractor. Thank You! OccMed For DC's

Thank you Dr. Raker! 24 Jan 2019

Thank you Dr. Raker for your seminar! We did everything you taught us! It allowed my husband and I to begin to build the CASH practice you promised! We have paid off our school loan, and have nest egg for retirement now! We love the finanical freedom you have given us. I appreciate all you do for Chiropractic profession! Stephanie