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Pain Relief is awesome ! 08 Apr 2017

!I purchased the Pain Relief blend first in August 2016 and can not live without it ! I suffer joint pain from Multiple Sclerosis and was taking ibuprofen several times a day to ease the pain in my body. I started using The Pain Relief blend by applying to my neck and spine a couple times a day  and I also use it directly at sites esp painful. I consulted Ninette who recommended the ratio to mix it and viola! No more pain and no more ibuprofen ! My husband also uses it for his restless legs and I often hear him telling others he no longer takes naproxen. Thank you Ninette and Josiah Oil's for the Pain Relief Blend that has changed my life !!!   

Pain Relief Roll-On 09 Apr 2017

Pain relief blend worked so well for me i had my 91 year old mother use it and was amazing.She will be useing it everyday as i do.Thank you so much

Pit Cream...sceptic 19 Apr 2017

I wanted to try a more natural form of deodernt, but the ones I have tried in the past did not seem to last. And I was sceptical about the Pit Cream, it just seamed messy to me. I got to try a free sample of it (and I made the sample last 5 days!) and I was IMPRESSED. I love it and it really works. It really is not messy just wash hands when done

Germ Fighting Blend 19 Apr 2017

This is my favorite blend. I like the smell and it really does work!