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Review 15 Sep 2019

I highly recommend Nicole as an interior/decorating consultant. She respects the possibilities your house has and tries to improve quality and atmosphere of your house. She makes the best usage of what you already have. And it does work. She helped make some major changes to the layout of furniture beyond just organizing and decorating. I feel more welcomed and comfortable when I walk into my downstairs living room, which used to be so dark and unorganized. My upstairs living room feels spacious and it just makes sense with her touches! She is so driven and passionate in what she does, pays attention to details and guides you through how and what you can do for organizing and decorating so I gained confidence to believe in what I can do to my house on my own. Thank you so much Nicole!

Review 07 Oct 2019

Nicole transformed the energy of my main living room by re-arranging the placement of furniture and recommending a few easy changes. Now the central area of my home feels inviting and calm. I loved how we were able to work with what I had. Her knowledge of Feng Shui and innate stylish sensibility makes her design services valuable to anyone who cares about the interior feel of their home and the way it impacts the inhabitants. My daughter and I are actually getting along better! I highly recommend her consultation, for any projects large or small.