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Michelle really knows her craft !

I love my solace mist! It's my go to spray to help me stay calm. It has really helped me focus clear and work through my anxieties! Michelle really knows her craft and you can feel the love and healing in every spray! I plan on getting more for my bridesmaids as gifts and I can't wait for them to enjoy it!

Love it!

Just got my warrior goddess spray. LOVE it. Thank you so much Michelle for this beautiful product. I will be ordering more.

Solace Mist is a must have part of my healing practice and I recommend it wholeheartedly for any healer."

"In the years that I have been participating in indigenous healing traditions I have had the opportunity to work with essences from all around the world. Solace Mist rates at the top of my favorites! From the Brazilian rain forest to Africa, I have rarely found an energy essence spray with the healing and clearing power found in the wonderful gift by this tremendously talented medicine woman. Whether as a part of a healing work or just for my own clearing, Solace Mist is a must have part of my healing practice and I recommend it wholeheartedly for any healer."

I absolutely LOVE Solace Mist!!

I absolutely LOVE Solace Mist. Something about the fragrance pulled me in. Once I started to use it for it's fragrance, I also realized what it did for me energetically. It's a total clearing for me. When I spray the mist on, combining it with my other fragrance, not only do I feel so beautiful and elegant...but my energy feels clear. I've never found anything like it. I use it on my face, my body, I spray it in my rooms, in the doorways of the house, I spray it in my closet and on my clothes sometimes, over my bed at night before I go to sleep and also around my body in my energy field. All I have to say is it's amazing. Just try it, and you will fall in love with it...... SIMRIT

Honest and kind

Michelle is a very gifted and kind soul. She is not a run of the mill psychics who profess to know and let you down. She is very spiritual and cares for the well being of the client ,she willingly spared a lot of time and gave perfect answers. At the end of reading I really felt a lot better,I would recommend her to anyone who needs help.

Highly Intuitive

Michelle is really awesome and highly intuitive which makes sessions very refreshing to be apart of. There is a subtle nature to how her influence calms your mind and heart opening you up to speak more from your inner core. I appreciate her no nonsense approach to a field which requires a sense of empathy and sensitivity and am grateful it is highly effective!

Solace Mist and Michelle ( A Rare Jewel )

My daughter struggles with severe and sometimes crippling anxieties. Solace Mist Sweet Dreams has helped her by spritzing this wonderful spray of essential oils, she remembers to breathe and relax while enjoying it's aromatic healing effects. It, also, helps her truly to have "sweet dreams." I love the Clearing, Warrior Woman and Abundance Solace Mists, as well. Michelle is a sensitive, compassionate mother, wife and friend with a healing spirit that is unique and quite special in her raw and beautiful transparency. She is, indeed, a rare Jewel of a human in body, mind and spirit as this is incorporated into Solace Mist, Solace Intuitive and all else that she touches. Thank you for sharing your awesome heart, Michelle!

Best Psychic Ever!

I spoke to Michelle earlier today and she was really helpful and very nice about answering my question. I was really depressed and sad before I spoke to her and after I talked to he I felt so good inside I would recommend her to everyone for sure!! Best psychic ever!!! She will answer your questions and try to help you find solutions, very professional and sweet! I loved my experience with her! Great psychic she knows what she's doing!

I met her at a Warrior Goddess workshop and she taught me how to clear

I decided to have a psychic reading with Michelle and being an intuitive myself I am selective so I spent time on the internet to choose the psychic I would see. I found one for me as I searched, energetically Michelle was it. I was delighted with my reading. She began by asking me if I wanted her to just tune in and tell me what comes up... Or if I had specific questions. I like that! She cleared my energy with a mist she makes called Solace Mist. I bought her Goddess Warrior mist at a workshop and found her from her site. She immediately confirmed things that I had already intuited but then she went further and gave me specifics and timelines etc. I left the reading with the clarity I was seeking. In fact after the reading I scheduled another session with her a few weeks later and THAT was just profound. I highly recommend Michelle, she is the real thing - authentic!

She was intense and accurate !

I had a session with Michelle and she did not remember me but everything she said would happen, happened. Sometimes scary, but she is accurate ! Michelle has a real gift! I never spoke to her before my reading and she knew so much. She did an amazing job communicating with mine and my sisters loved ones that have passed wanted us to know. It was so detailed and mind blowing. I have been struggling with my emotions after the unexpected and untimely death of my mother. After our reading today I have peace of mind that my mom is happy where she is and still my mom and with me and my brothers and sisters and even my son. I can't express the gratitude that I have to this woman, Michelle I love you for what you did for my sister and I today. Thank you !