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Working with Cari is nothing short of transformational. She helps uncover and give structure to your goals while helping you identify what is holding you back. Cari has an amazing ability to help propel you forward to the life you've always wanted.

I had to share...after our session I am not in any pain whatsoever and had been dealing with horrible nerve pain all day. God is good and the work he is doing through you!.

I have absolutely loved all the classes I have taken and find myself digging through my books, workbooks and notes time and time again, there is so much content to learn! I am so grateful for Cari, and her family, for opening their home and hearts as we begin our journey through learning and applying Thetahealing® to our daily life. The classes are truly unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before and I love how they combine the science of how how our mind works alongside with connecting to the highest spiritual energy/power to clear and replace beliefs and negative aspects that are blocking us from moving forward. The techniques learned through Cari and the Theta classes all lead you towards designing the amazing life you want to live. Cari is an amazing instructor in that she talks you through a concept, demonstrates it and then gives you ample time to practice it. The various theta practices you learn in class are something you can apply to your daily life immediately and have made an instant positive impact on my personal as well as professional life. Peace & Love, Kerry

In my twenty six years Earth-side, I have been following the bread crumbs that lead me to the doorstep of Cari’s magical mansion. This journey has included family trauma suppressed for many generations; manifesting itself ultimately as Epstein Barr, chronic Lyme, Babesiosis, Borrelia and Bartonella. I had my star baby two years ago and with all of the shifting in my life the final infection surfaced as Morgellons— not only harboring in my body but also in my sweet baby boy’s. After experiencing conflicting thought processes in Western medicine and seemingly limited resources in the Midwest, I was given no other option to self heal. This is how I found Theta Healing; countless sleepless nights relentlessly seeking an answer for our unsolved mystery. After laying the baby down one night in April, I was drawn to Cari’s website... reading each word seemed to unlock a door closer to the answers I had been seeking for so long. The next day I took the biggest leap of faith in my entire life and signed up for her Basic DNA class; and the rest is history! Cari has helped me regain light in my life that I have not experienced since I was a very young child; quite possibly ever before in this lifetime. Not only has she witnessed this transformation through the Creator but she has reminded me of my purpose in life— to teach Theta Healing. I am eternally grateful for her magical spirit and unconditional love.

Cari has been instrumental in helping me opening up a pathway of new successes in my life by helping me letting go of past trauma. All of the Past issues that affected me moving forward to the level of success I want to achieve are cleared. I am free and headed up the path of success I want. I can’t thank her enough... I recommend her to anyone I know struggling. She is the real deal!!! This review is genuine from the heart. I get nothing from it only to see her help others and that’s what it’s all about!

Since meeting with Cari, for just over a year now, my life is not the same. She has helped me move beyond old patterns of belief and into the courage to leave a an unhealthy relationship and move into a new career. My emotional and physical health have improved due to those changes as well.

Cari is amazing! Working with her has helped me move forward toward achieving my goals. I am grateful to be able to work with her. It is invaluable!