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Excellence Experience and Wonderful Educator

The in-person course is absolutely wonderful. I had opportunity to understand the key basics of sake. Most importantly, the tasting samples are carefully selected to be neither too simple (and hence cannot show the contrast) nor too complicated (and hence confuse students). Sandra is a wonderful educator. I've got all encouragement from her to build up the knowledge. It can easily see her passion in the course. This is an amazing experience I have.

Wonderful experience

After being to several of the sake dinners that Sandra has organized, I finally took the plunge and did the online sake professional course, and it was a wonderful experience. Putting into practice things that Sandra & I have discussed at her dinners or her shop, learning new skills and getting a greater appreciation for the effort she puts in with her dinners, Sandra is a brilliant educator, and the course is very fun and satisfying. I can't recommend taking one of her online courses enough, and I look forward to continuing my education with her!

Having fun while learning!

Managed to meet Sandra online for the Sake course last week. Sandra was very accomdating with schedule and timing that made the whole experience awesome. A fantastic look into the world of sake ending with a guidance into tasting a few different sakes and their paring.

Trust worthy Educator❤️

My training sessions were amazing💛 I did Introductory Sake Professional course with Sandra. It was my first experience of learning Sake and I liked her session because it was clear to understand the knowledge of Sake. Also, I had extra sessions with her which were additional and more practical-driven for six weeks. I believe that her organisation of training is definitely valuable and remarkable compared to other Sake educators.☺️ The sessions made me confident and I am excited to work with the knowledge and skills that learned from the sessions with her.🍶✨ Thank you so much for training me and organising sessions even though I live in Melbourne.


Did the Introductory Sake Professional Course with Sandra and it was an amazing experience learning more about Sake. It definitely opened up my eyes to the world of Sake and I look forward to more learning and tasting!


Thank you for the wonderful sake experience. I appreciated your VIP tasting and the opportunity to learn more about sake, how it’s made and how to taste it. Thank you!


Disbelief to know an expert like Sandra is here in Perth ! Her classes are interactive, knowledgeable and most importantly FUN. Learned heaps from the start to finish of the sake craft process. Value for money even for the zoom classes, and would highly recommend as you will be bringing the knowledge for life ! 1 Comment


Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful staff and a great range of products! I bought a bottle of Denshin Yuki as a gift for someone while living in Perth last year. This year, I contacted them again from the east coast, as I couldn't find the same product elsewhere. Sandra helped me arrange purchase and courier. It arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Many thanks!


Absolutely wonderful experience. I had always wanted to try a Sake that was right for me and now I have thanks to Sandra. She is so knowledgeable and really into her craft of Sake. I will be returning for another bottle very soon. Adam


I’ve known Sandra for a while now and I can think of no other person that can invariably match her knowledge, enthusiasm and continual advocacy for the promotion of Japanese sake in Australia. She has introduced me to entire world of sake and opened my eyes to how fascinatingly multidimensional Japan’s national beverage can be. There has never been a more important time to preserve a fragile industry overshadowed by other dominating beverages and through her proactivity and passion there is a lot we can thank her for in preserving that cultural heritage outside of Japan. I’ve always trusted Sandra in being able to provide the best experience and knowledge to her customers in regards to not only sake, but also Japanese whisky, plum wines, shōchū and many more wonderful beverages.