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Ultra Powder for Oily Skin Review 15 Feb 2018

I wish there was a contest for the most oily skin in the world, because I would win! No joke, it has been a problem for me since I was a teenager, and now I’m 37 years old. You always hear these things like, when you get older you’ll stop getting breakouts and your skin won’t be as oily, but for me it was all lies. The Ultra powder has been my saving grace for the past year. I travel a lot, and am always trying to freshen up before getting off the plane, but when you have oily skin few things except a full face wash will work. I use a blotter sheet and then put on the Ultra powder, and my face seriously looks like I just applied makeup and it feels totally clean and oil free. I absolutely adore this powder and am ecstatic that it exists!!

Mattify Powder for Oily Skin 15 Feb 2018

I have struggled with oily skin for almost my entire life. When I finally found the Mattify Ultra face powder that this company makes it made a HUGE difference in my complexion. I used to get breakouts all the time and now those have stopped too. The website says to use the powder under and over your makeup, so that’s what I do every morning. Now I only need to repowder my face a couple times a day. Before, I would need to use oil blot sheets twice an hour! The difference is truly amazing, and I can’t thank this company enough for making the Mattify ultra powder. ~Ashley

Transparent Powder for Oily Skin - AH-MAZING! 15 Feb 2018

I received this product but it was the ultra version. This powder does exactly as it claims.. it soaks up the access oil and it leaves me matte for hours! After I apply my foundation and primer I put this on top and I'm matte the entire day. I never have to touch up my makeup when I have this on. This is a really great powder for oily skin! it is transparent and does its job. I recommend this to anyone looking for something to set their makeup or to control shine! I love this company-- their shipping is extremely fast!

An eye shadow that stays on my oily eye lids! 15 Feb 2018

I have really oily eyelids and I decided to try out this product without primer and all I can say is oh my gosh. When I applied the shadow it went on beautifully. Purple haze is such a beautiful color and it complimented my skin tone very well. This eye shadow is basically a primer and an eye shadow all in one. The color didn't fade or move around on my lids and that made me so happy! All the colors they have range from neutral tones to earth tones and much more. Even without my too faced shadow insurance the product lasted all day! I am extremely impressed with this company!