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Review 12 Jun 2012

Can I just say that after trying your goats milk soaps and body creams I will now use nothing else .... The soaps are amazing.... As a long time sufferer of dry skin , I have seen my skin improve tremendously. And as a wood crafter I have my hands in water washing and cleaning paint and stains from my hands constantly, I have spent tons of money on creams and lotions , and until now have found nothing that works this well, and there are so many wonderful scents to choose from ... I personally LOVE the baby powder scent but love trying the others too ... I just want to say thank - you for making such a great product that has helped me so much!!!

Review 04 Feb 2013

I love this soap. I have used it for a while and it actually helps me get rid of my acne. I leave a bar in the shower and use it on my face as well as my body. It has eliminated the acne on my face and shoulders. GREAT BUY!!