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Annette has got your back! 24 Apr 2023

Annette helped me navigate an email for my clients about a big price change and a desire to phase out Deep Tissue Massage. I have to say she knew how to work with my "analysis paralysis" in order to get the job done. Honestly, if I'd tried to do this on my own, I would have talked myself right back out of it, worked myself to death for chump change and wondered why I lost my motivation to massage. I was working myself into migraines over this issue and realized spending a graciously small amount of $$ to be coached through a price change email was 100% worth it!!! Thank you Annette!! ❤❤❤

Annette is the Teacher We All Needed in Massage School. 14 Jun 2022

At least where I am from, when you graduate massage school, you know how to massage, but in terms of business, boundaries, policies, & communication, you're left to figure it out on your own. When I came across Annette's content, I immediately thought, "I wish she had been one of my teachers/curriculum designers when I was in school." Annette has a kind, yet assertive approach to setting boundaries & policies, and making these conversations with clients a lot less scary. And as a person (even though we've never met in person), Annette is so kind & supportive. She has kindly been a sounding board for a few unusual massage related situations I found myself in. By helping MTs communicate & confidently set boundaries, I have no doubt that Annette is not only improving the lives & businesses of individual massage therapists, but also shaping the entire industry for the better. You rock Annette! Thanks for doing what you do 💕

Annette is a LifeSaver! 13 Jun 2022

So grateful to have found Annette on Instagram awhile back. Not only does she frequently post things to make me think outside of the box and better my practice, she has helped me with scripts for reviews from my own clients, policies, and helped me to set work boundaries :) i would be lost without her! Thanks Annette!

Annette is amazing! 20 Apr 2022

Annette is a true professional both as a massage therapist and an educator! We have used her courses for our business and it has been amazing! I think it is relevant and adaptable to many service providers professions, not just massage therapists! Thank you!

Business Guru 18 Apr 2022

I've been doing massage for 15 years, but I didn't really think of myself as a "business owner". I started taking Annette's online classes and following her on IG and she has really changed how I view what I do. I'm pretty sure I've hired her for every service she offers, and she has always blown my mind. She takes things I've struggled with for MONTHS and makes them so simple. She's brilliant!!!

Inspiring Policies 12 Apr 2022

I knew I needed some help creating boundaries when I was feeling some anger about no-shows and cancellations. But nobody had ever showed me how to have these kinds of conversations with clients before! I didn’t know that policies could be your new BFF as a business owner until Annette. Thank you so much! I now feel like a confident small business owner. Not a frustrated RMT.

Love every conversation 12 Apr 2022

Every interaction with Annette is either helpful or fun. She always gives you her thoughts or answers your questions to the best of her knowledge. Always answering you with the best intentions and you can feel it ! So happy to have connected with her.

Boundaries for Days! 12 Apr 2022

Annette has been so great with helping me and so many other massage therapists set boundaries without coming off as mean or harsh. She has a great way with words and makes communicating with clients super easy and has made it easier to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Maui girl living in a coconut world 12 Apr 2022

I’m soooo glad I came across Annette’s IG. Annette has such amazing content and offers so much help for island girls like myself with the correct verbiage to use when addressing certain situations in my massage practice. Annette needs to be protected at all costs. Mahalo nui for everything!

Annette is a gem! 12 Apr 2022

Annette is super helpful, friendly, and easy to interact with. Her approach to working with clients is direct, honest, and professional. I find great value in all of her content, and I feel like a better businesswoman when using her methods to enact boundaries and policies.

Raising rates 11 Apr 2022

This course was exactly the boost of confidence that I needed. All my questions were answered and I knew if I had anymore Annette was just a click away. The examples and scripts were so helpful and the encouragement along the way! Thank you so much for creating this :))

Fresh Approach and Effective Coaching 29 Mar 2022

Annette is such a breath of fresh air for the massage industry! Her approachable, down to earth style of coaching is phenomenal. She is definitely filling a need in this corner of the wellness industry and doing what she does best: uplifting others.

Beyond Amazed 22 Mar 2022

Annette is an amazing wordsmith, creator of policies, and much more! In the past I have purchased a script from Annette and recently purchased her Policy Bundle. The Policy Bundle was beautifully & professionally written, and it was is very easy to incorporate into my website, social media, and client documents. Putting together those policies would have taken me months to write! If you are a MT I highly recommend the Policy Bundle to spruce up your policies! Or if you are in need of a script to assist you with difficult clients... contacting Annette is a MUST!

lovely to talk to! 21 Mar 2022

Was struggling with a difficult conversation & she helped me work through mindset and create a script I felt confident delivering.