"I sail a 43' Beneteau on the Great Lakes and I bought my first peak sail 3 years ago. I had gotten quotes from most of the "Big" sail manufacturers and their prices made me consider using  my RAGS one more season.  Yes, It was the price that originally enticed me to buy but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality.  I have recommended Peak Sails to some of my best friends. Never been disappointed!"

"I ordered a new jib for my Hobie Cat 17. It’s no longer in production so i was pleased to find out about Peak Sails, although I was uncertain about what quality I would get and if the new jib would fit. No need for worries though, when received the fit was as it should be and the quality so far appears to be as expected as well. Since the price was very reasonable and the delivery time was as promised, I am happy to recommend Peak Sails, also when sails are needed for more uncommon boats like the HC17."

"I was completely happy with our mainsail purchase from you, It was above our expectations and was to our boats specifications. I have recommended your company to others that are in our sailing community."

"Sails arrived on time, in very good condition and with all specifications agreed. They were installed in an old 77’ Catalina 22, and now it looks pretty good. Sails fit perfectly to mast and boom. Genoa was installed with a new furling from CDI, everything is correct and 135% Genoa is perfect choice for this boat. I selected the ocean cruise main with 2 full batten and 2 reefing points, construction is better than expected, with all technical solutions anybody can expect from a very professional product. Same with Genoa, all reinforcements and details are very well made, just needed to install and go sailing. Finally I can say this was the best choice for having my new/old sailboat sailing again, very very satisfied and happy. Thanks a lot for your support, I am telling to other sailors my good experience with you.

"I was very impressed with the quality, workmanship and materials of my new mainsail. Peak Sails offers a high value product for those who can't spend a fortune replacing their 20-year-old sails."

"We purchased new Peak Sails for our 1971 Yankee 28.  The sails had to be made to custom dimensions and features. The process to communicate the specific dimensions and features was easy and the end product was great. The fit was perfect. We are very satisfied."

"It has been several seasons now since I purchased a new suit of sails for my daysailer from Peak.  The sails (main, jib and asymmetrical spinnaker) have held up very well and set perfectly.  The chute is a particular favorite, adding a splash of color and great fun to off-wind legs.  New life for my old boat, a 1977 American 16.  My original intention was only to replace the original suit (main and jib), but when I was told the prices, I couldn't help but splurge on the chute, it was all so affordable. I had assumed that procuring new sails for such an old, relatively obscure design was going to be an expensive challenge, but Peak had my boat's specs on file and offered the sails at prices that could not be beat.  The procurement process was made fast and easy by personable attention from staff.  Thank you, Peak!'

"I ordered a new custom mainsail and it was perfect! I will use Peak Sails for all my sailing needs!. Great communication and attention to detail! Thanks!"

"I ordered a tri-radial performance mainsail and genoa for my MacGregor 26M . The sails are extremely well made and hold their shape perfect under sail as you can see from the pictures below. They have great details like Velcro tabs that fold over the battens, two reef points, aluminum headboards and leech lines with aluminum cleats.  They were at a great price just slightly more than the cost of replacing those originally supplied by MacGregor but are made and perform much better than the original sails. While there were some hiccups in the delivery, the sails were worth the wait! I highly recommend checking out Peak Sails if you are in the need for new sails!"

"My Peak Sails mainsail has been fantastic and has been working great since I purchased it. We won fastest Catalina to finish in the Newport Beach to Ensenada race with the new main. Keep up the great work."

"I purchased new sails for my old boat and am very pleased with the quality and workmanship. They were affordable, yet the quality and fit to the specifications required were excellent.  I was surprised by the design of the batten sleeves and luff adjustments as these are typical features of much more expensive sails.  The overall performance of the boat has greatly improved, and I would buy another set from Peak Sails without hesitation!"

"I own two Peak Sails, a genoa and a mainsail, for my Newport 27. I noticed a nice pick-up in performance when I replaced the older sails with the new sails. I found the Peak Sails to be manufactured well and look great. The sail-ties say Peak Sails on them, which is a nice touch, and the sail bags look snappy too. Overall, I am a satisfied customer, and I would buy from them again, if the need arises."

"I purchased two head sails for my classic 1960 Pearson Electra 23'.  I am very happy with my new sails from Peak.  They have performed very well and set very nicely with minimal adjustments.  The quality of construction is great.  The fabric was just the right weight and sail panels designed beautifully.  I love my new sails.  I have passed the Peak name along to fellow sailors in my area.  I will continue to purchase from Peak Sails as the need arises.  Thanks for being so easy to work with and producing high quality sails!  Sincerely, Jim Davis"

"I purchased a Peak Sail for my Tanzer 22 and have been pleased from day one. Quality material and no adjustments were necessary, fit perfectly. This year the sail is still in brand new condition, nothing better than sailing with the right product. Fair winds, Jim"

"I ordered a new main and genoa. While I haven't used the boat much I have received compliments on fellow owners. I received the sails in a timely manner. I have sent others to look up Peak Sails and mentioned my satisfaction with your products on forums.  I would definitely do business again "

"I ordered 3 sets of sails for my Catalina 34 MKII and found them to be outstanding. The quality and workmanship were excellent. I’ve have many compliments and will definitely buy again."

"Great design and fabric at an amazing cost."

"Bought a main and jib and roller furling system. Sails fit great and very good quality. Very satisfied with the sails. Peak Sails was easy to work with."

"Within the previous eighteen months I have ordered a main sail and genoa for an Irwin 37 Ketch and mainsail and genoa for a Cape Dory 28. Both suits of sails were an exact fit, excellent quality and arrived on time at the price agreed. I will be ordering new sails later in the year from Peak Sails for an Aloha 32 I have just purchased. I can highly recommend Peak Sails to anyone in the market looking for quality and value for money."

"We bought a jib for our Hobie Getaway. We are very pleased with the product. Well cut, perfect workmanship plus the benefit of having a luff zipper which allows you to remove the sail when the boat is not in use. To sum up, this sail is much superior to Getaway jibs from other sailmakers that we have tried. "

"I have purchased 3 sails for my Cape Dory over the past few years.  A tri-radial mainsail, 135% genoa and a downwind Generator. We have been very happy with all three.  We completed the Mug Race in May..85 miles round trip and we performed middle of the pack..pretty good for a pokey Dory.  The sails are durable, well made, and were shipped in a timely manner.  We paid for them using their payment plan and this made the sails more affordable. I would recommend Peak Sails to anyone looking for a high quality and affordable sail."

"I couldn't be happier with my new main and jib for my Catalina 30. The price was more than competitive, workmanship and materials were very high quality and the delivery was fast via FedEX. I enthusiastically recommend Peak Sails to anyone who wants a great set of sails at a great price!"

""Have Peak Sails on my West Potter 19 that I purchased with no sails. I purchased the Bluewater version main and furling Lapper. They look good and quality seems good. They arrived timely for my spring launch. I did purchase a generator sail afterwards but have not try it yet."

"I purchased a mainsail for my 1964 O'day Mariner. It was an exact fit and they were able to copy my original Mariner Logo perfectly as well as add custom Tenara sail thread for greater durability. I was extremely pleased with the quality and fit of the sail. I was so pleased; I ordered a new Jib for my Catalina sailboat. I would use Peak Sails again and have referred them to all my friends.  Peak has figured out how to offer a very high-quality product at a fair price and that is a great combination! Keep up the great work!"

"I want to thank Peak Sails North America for the product and service I received. I have an unusual boat and they were able to make sails to original specs. It took a little time at first with the order, but they came through and I was completely satisfied. Keep up the good work."

"Love my new Peak mainsail and genoa. High quality at a reasonable price. Huge improvement in handling and performance. Great staff to work with. I will recommend Peak Sails to anyone in the market."

"I've had wonderful experiences with Peak. Great sails and well made. I have a set on my Hallberg Rassey 33 and my 25 ft racing boat at my home lake.  Buy with confidence."

"I ordered new sails (Main & Genoa) tri-radial warp drive for my Cal 27 III from Peak Sails. Not only was the price excellent, the quality of the product was exceptional! Shipped right to my front door!  The sails fit to a tee and the performance improvement to the boat was totally noticeable. Not only would I highly recommend Peak to friends and fellow sailors, I am now the proud owner of a new boat and looking to outfitting the boat with sails from Peak. I was skeptical ordering online, however Chris and his staff really delivered."

"I've ordered a number of Peak sails, and the quality and craftsmanship were always there. The only hiccups were on the administrative end -- there was confusion about billing, and the phone on the North American end took several days to receive an answer at times.Peak's white sails are just as good as you'll find anywhere, and are a bargain. Regarding their "Generator," it has to be one of the best deals for a "party sail" you'll find. I find a reaching sail  more useful than a spinnaker, and the workload is surely less. As I sail in an area where the summer winds are more often below 12 knots than above, it's a valuable addition to the quiver.Peak Sails is obviously a company that has been working some of the kinks out of the process, but I've found them to be a valuable resource. For the moment, I'll give four stars, with the hope that this company will grow into the other star."

"I'm impressed with my new jib for my Catalina 18.  It fit perfectly, performs well and I like the sunbrella edge.  I might have wished for the Sunbrella to be a little more traditional navy to match other items on boat better but overall, I'm very satisfied."

"Just wanted to say I've purchased two sails from your company for my Hunter 23.5 and both have worked perfectly. The sizes are accurate, the material is high quality and the ordering process went smoothly. I'd recommend Peak to anyone looking for a new set."

"The order taking process was great.  I talked to someone rather than just filling out a form.  The sails were delivered two weeks sooner than promised and I have no problems with it so far.  Thanks!"

"I purchased a new mainsail for my San Juan 26. The quality was excellent, and the sail shaped very well. I would gladly use Peak Sails for my next new sail"

"I am very pleased with the Peak mainsail and Generator that I purchased for my Compac 23. The quality is excellent, and they are just as I ordered. I also found the service excellent as well. Great products!"

"I purchased a new mainsail for our Hunter 23.5 last spring. We ordered the sail because of the excellent pricing and have been thrilled with the quality of the sail.  It is a perfect fit for our boat. When I need to replace my jib, I will be ordering a new one from Peak Sails."

"Very pleased with my new Peak Genoa. Looks great, performs well, good quality."

"I purchased a 135 headsail and mainsail for my 1993 O'Day 28. I had concerns ordering sails online but when I received the sails I was extremely surprised. The quality of the product was extremely high in regards to both material and attention to detail. The resulting improvement in boat performance has been significant. The combination of quality product and low price equal great value! I would recommend looking here for your next sail."

"During my search for a new sail for my MacGregor 26X I came across the very attractive offers of Peak Sails. Chris of Peak Sails Customer Service has been very reactive to my questions and advised me on the size I should take. The communication and payment plan once I placed the order was great and I received my new, well packaged Generator in about 6 weeks, which was faster then I had expected. Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase, as I sail often in light winds, for which the Generator is a great addition to the standard sails. When I will need a new sail, I will certainly check again the offers of Peak Sails.“

"Within the previous eighteen months I have ordered a mainsail and genoa for an Irwin 37 Ketch and mainsail and genoa for a Cape Dory 28. Both suits of sails were an exact fit, excellent quality and arrived on time at the price agreed. I will be ordering new sails later in the year from Peak Sails for an Aloha 32 I have just purchased. I can highly recommend Peak Sails to anyone in the market looking for quality and value for money."

"I received the new sails for my Pearson 27 and they are truly beautiful! As a lifelong sailor, I am very appreciative of good workmanship and the sails exceed my expectations. I was out in 12 plus knots of wind today and it was a pleasure to sail! You are to be congratulated for the quality of your sails."

"I had my Hunter 45's genoa sail shredded by Hurricane Mathew. I replaced it with an order through Peak Sails. The process was simple and easy. Delivery was prompt and the sail has proven very satisfactory. I will certainly use Peak Sails when I need another sail."

"I have purchased three sails for my Com-Pac 16. I painstakingly rebuilt the boat and put much thought into the sails I was going to bend on her. A few people in my boatyard had used Peak and were very happy with the results. I can echo this. The salesperson that I had spoken to about the sails had made the purchase great. Not only that, but he gave me the option of outfitting my new main with an extra set of reef points for very little extra cost. Very happy."

"Great sails. Bought a 170 for my Tanzer. Works like a charm. Has kept its shape through many sailings. Since we race the 170 it has proven it’s worth in light winds."

"Peak Sails prices were so affordable, I thought "this can't be true". I would have never been able to afford new sails for my old boat if it had not been for Peak Sails. The guys were so nice and were familiar with my boat even though it was a 1975 model. The sails came in on time and I couldn't be happier with the look, craftsmanship and performance of my Peak Sails. Win, win and I'll do it again if I ever need sails."

"I am very satisfied with my heavy Ocean Cruise main and 120% head sail.  They have performed beautifully and look. GREAT!"

"I purchased a new sail from Peak Sails for my Pearson 27. I researched sails on the internet and found Peak Sails to be priced about half what others wanted for the same sail.  I decided to try them. I received the sail and put it on the boat.  If fit perfectly and the quality was superb. The sail has held up very well, and we are regular sailors.  I have since recommended Peak to several friends at our marina. I would use them again! Very satisfied!"

"I received my Blue Water Cruise Mainsail for my 1985 Pearson 34. I found that the main sail exceeded my expectations in the weight of the cloth, stitching of the material and attention to detail. Upon further inspection, I noted that there was a small stain which was barely noticeable but was about the diameter of a penny. I immediately contacted Chris by email at Peak Sails and within a few hours I got a reply. Chris wrote back that a factory machine had dripped some machine oil on the cloth and that it could be easily cleaned. Although the stain was barely noticeable, Peak Sails offered to pay for the cleaning at a local sailmaker. I was very impressed with the customer service that I received with the sail right out of the box. I am more impressed by the performance of the sail. The sail still seems crisp and I find that my Pearson 34 is competitive in local PHRF and Oreez fleet racing.  More importantly, the sail performs well when reefed in winds over 18 knots. Since I had such a positive experience with my Blue Water Cruise Mainsail, I thought that I would order a Peak Generator sail to help with my downwind performance. It was fun to pick out two contrasting colors and design my own down wind sail for a lot less cost than a traditional Asymmetric Spinnaker. This sail was ordered and it arrived in about 4 weeks.  My Generator sail is used with a spinnaker sock and due to the shape of the Generator sail, I feel confident in flying it with my young family on board. The shape of the sail allows for a quick dowsing using the sock when the wind picks up suddenly. I also use this sail in local PHRF fleet racing and it is a safe and forgiving sail to fly downwind when shorthanded sailing. I do not hesitate to recommend Peak Sails for an affordable and well built cruising sail that can still perform around the buoys."

"I ordered 3 sets of sails for my Catalina 34 MKII and found them to be outstanding. The quality and workmanship were excellent. I’ve have many compliments and will definitely buy again."

"We bought a jib for our Hobie Getaway. We are very pleased with the product, well cut, perfect workmanship plus the benefit of having a luff zip which allows you to remove the sail when the boat is not in use. To sum up, this sail is much superior to Getaway jibs from other sailmakers that we have tried. "

"Within the previous eighteen months I have ordered a Mainsail and Genoa for an Irwin 37 Ketch and Mainsail and Genoa for a Cape Dory 28. Both suits of sails were an exact fit, excellent quality and arrived on time at the price agreed. I will be ordering new sails later in the year from Peak Sails for an Aloha 32 I have just purchased. I can highly recommend Peak Sails to anyone in the market looking for quality and value for money."

"I have been very pleased with the 2 sails I purchased from Peak Sails-a jib and a main. They arrived within 2 weeks of my order and the quality more than met my expectations. They are well constructed and perform very well on my 20 foot racing keel-boat. I would definitely purchase another sail from Peak when I am next in the market."

"I am very pleased with the Peak mainsail and Generator that I purchased for my Compac 23. The quality is excellent, and they are just as I ordered. I also found the service excellent as well. Great products!"

"I was very happy with the sails that I purchased from Peak Sails. I bought a mainsail and a 150 Genoa. The only complaint I would have is the lack of communication about the progress of my sails and the difficulty in getting a hold of somebody. The product itself is fine."

"Our sails we received from Peak Sails have had a dramatic effect on the way our boat sails. We are pleased with the purchase and would consider coming back for additional purchases."

"I ordered a Peak Sails mainsail for my Catalina 30 Tall Rig. The price was low and, I admit, I was skeptical. What a surprise when the sail arrived. The quality was outstanding! It fit perfectly. Everything promised was delivered: great material, battens, double and triple stitching where appropriate, heavy duty headboard, metal grommets for reefing points, and on time delivery.  I am very satisfied with the product received and will replace my 150 Genoa next season.  Thanks Peak Sails."

"I’ve made two orders to Peak Sails for three sails on two different boats. All these sails were made well and fit the measurements I provided. All these sails have also served well in the rigors of Alaskan conditions. I appreciate the quality of your sail making and your affordable prices."

"The mainsail and gennaker we ordered were both well-made and fit as expected and were delivered on time.  I have recommended Peak Sails to others when they ask about our new sails. The sails were affordable and of very good quality."

"This is the fourth sail I've ordered from Peak sails and, like the others, it is flawless. A friend of mine, who repairs sails, was very impressed with the quality."

"I have bought two sets of sails. The staff was always professional and easy to work with. Communication was prompt and timely. My sails were perfect each order. Shipping was impeccable. Sail quality was as excellent and exactly as advertised. Will order again for my other boats."

"I received the new main sail within a few days of the promised date and was very pleased with the quality. After shopping several sail makers, I found Peak Sails prices to be competitive with the rest.  I am considering purchasing a 125% Genoa and if I do, I will contact Peak Sails first. "

"We ordered a tri-radial jib for our Hunter 260.  It was nice to be able to simply select the sail and order for this production boat.  The tri-radial is a more complicated cut and it turned out to be fantastic.  It was spot on for the dimensions.  We are getting ready to order our main for the same vessel & it will be a Peak Sail”

"I cannot say enough good things about Peak Sails. To date, I have purchased four sails from Peak Sails and every experience has been pleasant. The sails are well made (confirmed by competitor sail maker) and the price is right. I tell everyone to give Peak Sails a try before going anywhere else. Would I buy from Peak Sails again? Most certainly...!"

"I recently purchased a new main, tri-radial, for my Catalina 30. The speed and performance is great. I am so pleased that I am about to order a new laminate main for my Hunter legend 40.5. The wait was a bit long as I ordered to close to the Chinese new year’s holiday. I won’t make that mistake again. In all, the prices are almost half what my local sail makers can build sails for, so it is a no brainer. I highly suggest giving the team at Peak your business."

"I purchased a new Tri-Radial mainsail and 150 Genoa for my Catalina 30 three years ago. Both sails have held up extremely well and still look brand new. The value of these sails is amazing. I’ve purchased several other large name brand sails in the past and frankly can’t tell a difference (except the higher price of the other brands). I would highly recommend Peak Sails and will definitely purchase from them again.'

"I have purchased a few jibs from Peak Sails and have never had any issues with them. They make a fine sail which performs well, and the ordering process is great."

"I have purchased a main and two genoas for my 14' Pintail from Peak sails. The sails are great and I have noticed a marked increase in boat performance since I have been using them. I have referred Peak Sails to both my Pintail Class Association members and to our local CreekFleet Sailing Club. Finding a sailmaker that will work with daysailers is hard to find. Thank you Peak for supporting us and our boats!"

"I must say I am very pleased. The sails were delivered in the time stated and at a very reasonable price. The sails are well made an durable. My boats performance has been greatly improved using your sails."

"I bought a Peak Sails 150 Generator for my 2006 Catalina 22 Sport.  What a great sail!  It moves my boat along in light winds when others are drifting and setting still on the water.  After passing one friend on a near windless day, flying his 170 (not a Peak Sail), he ordered the same sail as mine. He is now a happier sailor being able to keep up with me."

"I could not be happier with my Peak Sail. The communication after purchase was a bit lax and there was a delay in the delivery (there was a hurricane), but the sail itself is of the highest quality. and I've been extremely happy with it after 2 years of regular use. When time comes to replace the main, I'll go with Peak again."

"Replaced my original “ripping rags” of sails on my Seaward 25 with Peak tri-radial performance ocean racing grade main and genoa and added a colorful generator sail all for less than $2,000 Peak added the class logo and boat number that were  not on the original sail at no extra cost.  The radial seams and modified batten system is a remarkable improvement in the sails ability to hold their shape and better performance is obvious. The material and construction did increase the bulk and required a new sail cover so I purchased a sail cradle which has also improved our sailing experience. We just drop the sail and zipper it up. It was an investment in better sailing."

"We bought a "new to us" boat that needed work to get her into the water, and we learned that the sails were 30 years old would need to be replaced soon. We were distressed thinking that sails would be a sizeable investment we couldn't afford. But, after researching our options, we found we could afford new sails by working with Peak Sails! In year 2 of our boat ownership, we purchased a brand-new main sail - which significantly upgraded how our boat handled, especially upwind. So, in year 3, we bought a new genoa sail. And now we're really cruising! The boat is great, the sails are great. Very happy to have worked with Peak Sails!"

"I am totaly happy with the sail I purchased from Peak Sails."

"Peak Sails was great! I purchased a genoa for a MacGregor26.  The high-quality sail arrived right on time for the summer sailing season, as promised.  he price was quite reasonable.  I couldn't be more pleased."

"We purchased the Tri-Radial Performance type for our main and 135% jib this year. Very happy with the performance we get from these sails. Last year we purchased the Generator, also happy with its use."

"I contacted Peak Sails as recommended by a friend.  I offered to send the dimensions, but Peak said they already had the sail dimensions in their database. I ordered the 115 percent head sail for my 323 Beneteau. Upon receipt of the sail, I was pleasantly surprised to see they had installed the foam battens forward and used a high quality Dacron. Sail bag was included. I could not have received a higher quality sail anywhere and the price was 25 percent less than any quote I had received from 2 other sailmakers. I highly recommend Peak above any other sailmaker."

"I purchased Peak Sails "The Generator" for our Cal 20. We've used it as a very light air jib and what would be called, in big boat terms, a fractional code zero. I've been very satisfied with the sail. Well designed and made.as well as with the service from the company.The price was very good and color choices wide. The sail was delivered as promised and I've not had any issues with it."

"I purchased a new mainsail for my Catalina 22 at the beginning of summer 2019 and have been extremely happy with the end product. The items that came with it such as the sail bag and strap are of a great quality as well. We are really a big fan of the new website as well. It makes planning our next purchase (new jib) very easy. Overall a great experience!"

"I was surprised and pleased by the quality of the new main for my Cape Dory Typhoon and was thoroughly satisfied with the turnaround time. The sail is well made and sails very well. Can't do better for the price. Would definitely order another and have already recommended to friends."