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The Mighty Hek 25 May 2020

Review 23 Apr 2020

Great quality service and the beats are Jamming. Very high quality beats

Exceptional Service, Formidable Beats 20 Feb 2020

With so many music producers occupying the digital audio production e-commerce landscape, it can be very difficult to differentiate between amateur "Get Rich Quick" musicians and legitimate professionals providing quality music. We are pleased to have Grizzly being one of the latter; his instrumental prices are unbeatable, and his standard licenses offer artists rights that other producers' premium options fail to include. There is no competition.

Album is BUSSING! 10 Feb 2020

An unforgettable experience.

Super-cool instrumentals at a great price 02 Feb 2020

Grizzly Beatz has been a great organization to gather instrumentals. I love the sounds of the beats, and since there are discounts and deals, downloading a full album worth of instrumentals is exceptionally affordable.

One of the Best Producers 13 Oct 2019

I knew Grizzlybeatz years ago in Soundlick and i really liked his Beats and many other Producers. He really takes care of his Production Quality, Marketing and Branding of his Business. I worked on a Collab with with Months ago and working with him is really fun and enjoyable. Artists that are looking for a Producer to work with try to reach him out and make a Hit! Anna Martirosian (Anushbeats)

Quality Instrumentals at a Ridiculously Good Price 11 Aug 2019

I like and love the sounds! I've only released one short album (9-tracks) entirely recorded on Grizzly Beatz instrumentals, though have leased a few more for future recordings. The best way to find out if the instrumentals are great for your work and records is to check them out. Play some Grizzly Beatz's instrumentals and hear how good they sound! The prices are fantastic, the quality is premium, and with bundling rates for instrumentals, you can easily download 16-20 tracks for a full-length album. I've not recorded much in the past couple years, though shall use Grizzly Beatz for when I release my next projects.

Addicted 07 Jul 2019

Great beats. I’m working on an 18 track album following my first EP ‘Relapse’ facing the struggles of addiction and not just surrounding drug habits but addiction to everything when it comes to life in general. Will be featuring Snoop Dogg.

Nightmare On Jumpstreet 22 Jun 2019

Best beats not only that but they really support the artists and u can’t beat that.

Great Service 22 Jun 2019

They provide great beats and have many selections to choose from.