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Great Program 06 Sep 2017

My daughter is a part of their after school program, STEAM Scholars, and she loves it! You can tell the staff is committed to making this a great experience for the kids. So far, my daughter tells me that they have learned about coding, rockets and gravity. I am amazed at her enthusiasm and love for what she is learning!

My kids love it! 06 Oct 2017

I had the pleasure of sending my kids to this summer camp coding program this year, which they absolutely loved. The camp is very hands on, the instructors provided a lot of one on one time with students as well. They provided lunch and snacks throughout the day which I loved. The programs that are being taught are not only innovative; they are the same programs being used out in the field. My son who is in high school has now expressed interest in going into this type of field for his career; which is great because he has a basic understanding of how coding works and the programs. They were many leadership opportunities, students are expected to not only learn the programs, but to be able to teach other students how to use them. And demonstrate them in front of the class, which I think helped my kids be able to build confidence in learning and their leadership skills.