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Thanks 05 May 2018

Great service

Thank you! 04 May 2018

Thank y'all for all y'alls help, we appreciate it very much

Professional 04 May 2018

Professional, responsive, and respectful of my time.

Thank You Very Much! 16 Oct 2017

Divorce is a very difficult decision that nobody wants to make. Rebecca and the mediation team were very sincere, understanding and fair. Emotions can run high when faced with lawyers and court hearings. I did not have to deal with any of that which was less stressful. They were very speedy but sensitive through out the whole process. I would highly recommend the Sossi mediation team to anyone that is in need of a divorce. Thank you very much. M. G.

The Transitions Mediation team worked hard 17 Apr 2017

The Transitions Mediation team worked hard to help mediate my divorce. The sessions went smoothly, albeit a bit slow, as it took longer for my ex to process the changes. We were able to work in separate spaces, as together would not have been productive. An agreement was reached within 4 weeks and the trip to the courthouse went smoothly. Thanks for all the help. -jdf

Transitions Mediation Center helped me 10 Mar 2017

Transitions Mediation Center assisted me in achieving a settled agreement in the least possible amount of time and for the lowest possible cost in a contested case. There were many areas of conflict that I was unaware of at the outset that could have easily escalated in a court hearing. By navigating these areas privately, I feel that I was able to minimize the overall impact of the divorce proceedings on my children. It is important for new clients to understand that mediation services are offered within the overall context of Texas law and the divorce process itself. This begins with a divorce filing. It is also helpful to consider the Texas standard orders as the starting point for negotiation. For me, this was best done outside of the office in order to digest the material. I was not prepared for divorce, but Transitions Mediation Center helped me to understand my best options with the goal of safeguarding my children. B. F.