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Services will be forever unmatched 27 Oct 2020

My husband and I adopted our rescue puppy, Ellie, about 9 months ago, after purchasing our first home in Weymouth. We always wanted a dog, but we knew we would need to find a reliable dog walking service first due to our busy and often changing work schedules. What we found was SO much more. We are so incredibly fortunate to have had Martin and Kathleen be a part of not only our lives, but more importantly our puppy’s life. Ellie is a little over a year old now, and recently we moved across the country to California. People keep asking us what is one of the hardest things about moving away, and honestly every single time we tell them: “leaving our dog walker”. We joke that we wish we could convince Martin and his family to move to LA and start a dog walking business here (there’s SO many dogs! Cough cough!) so that Ellie wouldn’t have to leave them. By now, you can definitely tell how much we loved and appreciated not only the services offered, but the love they gave to Ellie. Every time we ran into Martin or Kathleen at either our house or the local pet store/groomers The Daily Whisker, they would tell us how much they love her and were so complimentary of her. This time and time again reassured us that she was in the best of hands while we had to work, travel, etc. They never made us feel like a nuisance when we had to book last minute play dates or boarding due to my husband having to travel for work, and we were always put at ease and excited when we would get the notification that Martin picked Ellie up for her puppy play date. She was always so excited, jumping and running around when he would get to the house, and she would be running to the car to be with the other dogs. Every photo and video he would send us or post on their Instagram, she always had a big smile and was having such a great time. We are truly sad to be leaving such an amazing family and the service they provided will forever be unmatched. If we find someone in LA that provides even half of the love, care, and attention the Dogfather did, we will consider ourselves and Ellie lucky. We miss you all so much!! And Ellie loves you so much!! (The photo below was taken by them, of Ellie (on the left) and their dog Chloe (on the right). The best of friends!)

Love, love, love South Shore Dogfather! 01 Jan 2020

We have a 2 year old lab. She loves her walks with the South Shore Dogfather. She is a very active girl. She comes home from her walks and is exhausted which we love!!! We are planning to send her for a 5 night stay when we go on vacation. We would highly recommend the South Shore Dogfather.

Happy dog 14 Dec 2019

My dog enjoys South Shore Dogfather's Play Dates and walks so much that she does not want to leave Martin's truck when he brings her home! He is a kind wonderful man that has a true love for all dogs. Highly recommend THE SOUTH SHORE DOGFATHER!

LOVE South Shore Dogfather!! 20 Mar 2019

I could not recommend this business enough. Martin and Kathleen have made being a new "dog mom and dad" so much easier for my husband and I. They treat our dog Ren SO well and are incredibly friendly and easy to work with. From long walks to doggie play dates to in-house boarding, SSDF offers is all and we couldn't be more thankful to have found them!

Brandy loves South Shore Dogfather! 03 Feb 2018

Martin is a wonderful guy who was willing to take our dog for the weekend on short notice when we were in a pinch. Brandy loved it and Martin kept her exercised and well cared for, as well as keeping us informed on her stay. Will definitely be using his services again!