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Sweet Marley 06 Dec 2022

Marley was born 2/29/20, leap year pup, to Misha and serenity of White stone Goldens in Utica, New York. She is beautiful, every time I walk her when someone stops to say hello they comment on how stunning she is. She is sweet, loving and truly my best friend she loves people and all dogs, she loves snuggles and is always by my side. When my last golden passed away a little over 2 1/2 years ago I swore I would never get another dog, the heartbreak was awful, but when I started researching and saw the beautiful puppies and great reviews from White stone Goldens I decided that my heart needed to be made whole again. I am so happy Marley found me, I am grateful that I came across this website and I am so thankful to Anna for breeding such remarkable dogs. She takes such great care of all her dogs and puppies and she makes sure that every single one goes to a great home. She was always available during the whole process, via phone calls and texts etc. she even delivered the puppies to the Albany area where I live. Thank you Anna for my sweet Marley!

Great experience 07 Sep 2022

Getting a White Stone Golden was such a great experience from day one. Helpful and answered all questions - plus a puppy to take home! Definitely recommend.

Great! 05 Aug 2022

Our Max Is almost a year old already. Where has the time gone! Anna and I still keep in touch. She enjoys seeing pictures of Max. Great breeder and great experience!

Rooney Boy 18 Jul 2022

Rooney is our 3rd golden retriever. He is so eager to please and a very good puppy. We have had him for about a month and is doing very well. He gets along great with our 8 year old golden. He is show stopping cute. Probably the most famous being in our neighborhood. Working with Anna was a great experience. Reasonable price, always got back to me and you can tell she loves these pups.

Two times the fun 29 Dec 2021

We have had several dogs over the years, one of the last was an American Golden that we rescued. She was an amazing dog. So, when the time came we knew we were getting another Golden. We set out for 1 female but by the time we picked up we wanted one female and one male. Most folks thought we were insane for getting two. Everything from the messes to the expense was used as rational to not get two. The messes were minimal, only 5 #2 accidents in the house! We used a pee pad similar to what Anna uses, highly recommend that approach as they are are nearly trained by pick up time! It does require taking time to bond with and read the dogs too. These are not lazy dogs, they love to walk, run, play and require effort. They are very smart dogs, training is going well. Barking is rare and generally only when they need to go out or food/water dish is empty. They are very loving dogs and think they are lap dogs - we'll see how that goes as they get bigger. If you are looking for an amazing dog do not hesitate to call Anna. She does a great job.

These are Magnificent Dogs 25 Jun 2021

Our puppy, Piper, was born November 25, 2020 and she joined our family in late January, 2021. Besides being a gorgeous dog, she is sweet, smart, playful, quick to learn, easily house-trained, happy, terrific with children of all ages and easily socialized. The Whitestone group have chosen outstanding breeding parents for their dogs and we have yet to find even a slight quirk in Piper's behavior. We highly, highly recommend Whitestone and the English Cream (Golden Retriever) Breed that they provide without reservation. If you are looking for a sweet, family companion, look no further!

Great experience 19 Jun 2021

Best breeder out there! Her dogs are health tested and so beautiful, very very sweet pups. We had Lilly for a month she is already potty trained and so intelligent. I highly recommend Anna she really care for the puppies and she kept in touch to check up on how things were going. We are absolutely in love with Lilly and we cannot be more happy. Thank you Anna!

Sweet puppies! 28 Feb 2021

We had a great experience with White Stone Goldens. We highly recommend them! We have had our puppy Sally for 6 weeks now and she is such a joy. She is so sweet and smart. You can tell Anna really takes great care of the pups and she was great at communicating with us. She even messaged us after we got her to check up on how things were going and offered a few tips.

Amazing pups! 22 Jan 2021

We had the BEST experience with White Stone Goldens. We had heard about them from a friend who also had a great experience and can now confirm for ourselves. Our puppy Mickey (aka Mr. Green) has been home with us for 1 week and we are sooo beyond impressed. He is only 8.5 weeks old and is SO smart and loving! He already knows his name and is such a good listener. He is also almost potty trained! Throughout the process Anna was so responsive and worked with us to make sure we were fully prepared to bring our puppy home. Since taking him home she has already reached out to check on him and how he adjusting. I can not recommend them enough!

Day 3 and so in love. 21 Jan 2021

We welcomed our new fur baby home 3 days ago and we could not be more in love with him. It was so great watching him grow with the pictures Anna posted each week. She was able and available to answer all of the questions we had throughout the process. The Buying Process on the website is exactly how the process went. She was great with setting up a location and day to meet. We had our vet check today and they said he has A+ across the board. They loved him and had so much fun with him. He is adjusting well to his new home. We are still in contact with Anna sending her pictures and asking her questions.

Love our puppy!! 04 Dec 2020

We welcomed our puppy home in early October and she’s adjusted wonderfully. Very loving, cuddly and playful. She has been a great addition to the family. Anna was great with posting pictures and arranging pick up times and let us meet her before picking. We love our little Sophie!! Thank you again. :)

Pure joyfulness 29 Nov 2020

LeahPeaches adjusted so well to our home (with our two cats). Anna does an amazing job raising her puppies. Ever since we started talking with Anna about puppies, she made it a smooth and easy process, always available to answer any questions. Our little puppy was very well socialized when we brought her home and she adjusted very well to sleeping at night by the third night. It didn't even take her a week! She learns quick and training has been going very well. Our vet says she is the perfect puppy and healthy, with a great temperament. She is very loving, cuddling, and playful puppy. I highly recommend going to Anna for anyone looking for a loving and healthy puppy! Anna is someone you can trust. Thank you so much Anna for all you do! Our little angel has brought so much joy to our home! She's the best puppy!

My love of my life, BRUCE! 24 Nov 2020

Can’t even begin to think of a better dog than Bruce. I am so happy and blessed that Anna could give me someone like him! He has the sweetest heart and loves to cuddle his mama and daddy. He is mans best friend and girls best friend too. Anna was such an easy person to handle this process with and I’d recommend 100 times over. Thanks again for bringing me my best bud!

Couldn’t be happier 29 Oct 2020

It’s just short of a month and the pitter patter of little paws has completed our home. We are so in love with our puppy, and forever thankful to Anna and her expertise . He is happy healthy and growing before our eyes , so easy to train and easy to love!! We highly recommend White Stone Golden’s .

Sweet Marley ???? 18 Oct 2020

After having lost my 13 year old golden in January of this year, I reached out to Anna to fill the hole in my heart. She was a pleasure to work with and her Dogs are beautiful and healthy! Marley is now 8 months old, so sweet, absolutely beautiful, loves all dogs and everyone she meets. She is always by my side, so happy I decided to bring this blessing into my home. Thank you Anna,!

We are smitten! 18 Oct 2020

We are so grateful to have gotten our puppy from Whitestone Goldens. Our girl is absolutely adorable and very smart. Training is going well at 8 weeks and she has transitioned beautifully into our home. We pinch ourselves at what a well-mannered puppy she is. Anna does an amazing job and you can tell she cares deeply for all her pups. Anna gave us advice ahead of time for all the necessities. Can’t imagine life without our little one!

Wonderful puppy and easy process! 12 Oct 2020

We are so happy with our puppy. He is very calm and excellent with children. Throughout the process, all of my questions were quickly answered and I felt very confident about the care that my puppy was given before we picked him up. Anna checked in to see how the first night was and helped me with some potty training tips. Very happy and will consider coming back for a brother or sister for our puppy in the future.

Perfect puppy! 22 Aug 2020

We are thoroughly pleased with our new puppy! My wife and I were both breeders in our previous lives, and had very high expectations. Lacey has exceeded those expectations, and has transitioned into our home beautifully. She is such a smart and affectionate pup! She has adjusted well to our boating life, and also our motocross. She plays well with our adult Labs. She brings great joy to our home daily. We cannot say enough about her! We are simply elated with our pick! Anna was amazing during the entire process of purchasing our puppy. I would highly recommend her as a breeder.

Thank you for our wonderful puppy! 27 Jul 2020

I can not say enough about how pleased we are with Whitestone Goldens, and Anna as a breeder. We brought our beautiful little girl home a week ago , and she is from the Chealse-Misha litter born 5/20/20. She is absolutely perfect and we are so in love with her. She is beautiful, extremely smart, so calm and has been very easy to train. She has such a sweet personality, and it’s very evident she has been socialized and loved on since birth. “Betty Rubble” is our 5th golden retriever we’ve had as a family, and hands down the best puppy. It’s very evident that Anna loves these dogs and gives them excellent care. The discharge instructions show how committed Anna is to placing them in good homes and how concerned she is for their welfare. I highly recommend Whitestone Goldens. We couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you Anna!

Thank you for our wonderful puppy! 24 Jul 2020

I can not say enough about how pleased we are with Whitestone Goldens, and Anna as a breeder. We brought our beautiful little girl home a week ago , and she is from the Chealse-Misha litter born 5/20/20. She is absolutely perfect and we are so in love with her. She is beautiful, extremely smart, so calm and has been very easy to train. She has such a sweet personality, and it’s very evident she has been socialized and loved on since birth. “Betty Rubble” is our 5th golden retriever we’ve had as a family, and hands down the best puppy. It’s very evident that Anna loves these dogs and gives them excellent care. The discharge instructions show how committed Anna is to placing them in good homes and how concerned she is for their welfare. I highly recommend Whitestone Goldens. We couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you Anna!

Incredible!!!! 20 Jul 2020

Absolutely the best breeder out there!!!!! Truly what a good dog lover and breeder should be! Her dogs are health tested and well taken care of but also stunningly beautiful and incredibly sweet! Our puppy is only home a few days and already he is the best puppy we have ever owned!!! He is smart, sweet, hilarious and almost fully potty trained at just 8.5 weeks old! Absolutely in love!!!! Thank you for taking your time Anna to truly create such amazing dogs and putting your entire heart into it! We are in love and oh so happy! If you’re looking for a Golden in the US... look no further!!! Best breeder out there hands down!!!

Our newest form of happiness, Bruce! 06 Jul 2020

I am so satisfied with the care and buying process of my puppy! Anna is such a great, caring breeder who is very helpful and always readily available for questions! Whitestone Goldens truly care about their pups. I am so in love with our baby, Bruce! He is the sweetest boy around. He has a very relaxed temperament and is still very loving. I am so happy with our purchase and I would recommend!

Best dogs and breeders!! 13 Jun 2020

White Stone Golden dogs are healthy, great genes, and friendly. We bought a puppy from them and have been overly satisfied. Anna was more than happy to send additional pictures, communicated well, and yLked us through every step of the way. Our girl, Lucy, has been such a great dog. The vet said she was very healthy and came from a very good breeder. A+++ RECOMMENDATION!! You cannot go wrong with a White Stone Golden puppy.

Sweetest and smartest puppy!! 02 May 2020

Out 4 month old, Saber, is a strong, healthy, happy, smart boy! He is exactly what we were hoping for in a family dog. Anna was extremely easy to work with and made the whole process go so smoothly! We are so happy we chose White Stone Goldens and would recommend them to anyone looking for a Golden to add to their family!

The best girl! 09 Mar 2020

We are thankful for Anna for raising our Ms. Pink (Luna). Luna is one of the girls born to Lexie on 12/29/2019. She’s super sweet and friendly, happy to make new friends (with both human and doggies) and very eager to please. She’s gotten so much complements since day one we brought her home and we are so in love with her! Anna is very patient and easy to talk to. She made sure answering all our questions at her best knowledge. We communicated very well through out the entire 7-months of inquiry, waiting and buying process. Anna made it stress-free! Thank you again!

We just in love 29 Feb 2020

Mr Purple (now Gus) is just the sweetest. He has had no trouble transitioning and we are over the moon in love with him.

Thank you 10 Dec 2019

Thank you, Anna, for providing our family with our wonderful golden retriever puppy, Khaleesi. Now eights months old, she continues to bring us so much joy. Everywhere we take her we get compliments on her temperament and looks. She loves to meet people and go on adventures, and she is also happy to cuddle with her family at home. Thank you for being just a phone call or text away anytime we’ve had questions. Your advice and experience have been so helpful. We especially appreciate the holistic suggestions you have given us regarding supplements and nutrition. While we had looked at breeders in many states, we found you locally, and we’re so glad we did. Thank you for loving your dogs and sharing your puppies with us. Forever grateful, K Paul

Thank you White Stone Goldens 10 Sep 2019

Anna, Thank you so much for raising our healthy Oakley (Mr. Green) born 7/14/19. He has only been with our family for a couple of days and we are already so in love with his friendly temperament. We are blessed to have had such an easy buying process, as this is our first puppy. We highly recommend White Stone Golden’s for anyone looking for a true companion.

Thank You -- Great Puppy 02 Jul 2019

Our female from the Ella and Misha litter -- Poppy (Miss Purple) has been great. Thanks Anna for all your help / info in working through the process. Good quick responses / info -- always helpful!

Thank you White Stone Goldens 17 Jun 2019

We want to thank White Stone Goldens for the care of their amazing pups. We got Archie on May 25th 2019 from Ella and Misha's litter. Archie is such a joy! He is playful and so lovable. These Goldens are the most beautiful dogs. Anna was so easy to work with. You can tell the love and care she puts into these dogs. She answered all our questions before and still after we brought Archie home. It was instant love once we met Archie! We couldn't be happier

Thank you White Stone Goldens 13 Jun 2019

We are so in love with our boy Bodee aka Mr Red from Misha /Lexi litter born 10/4/18. Bodee is everything we wanted in a dog. He is loving, smart, faithful, happy and healthy. We are so grateful to Anna and we recommend White Stone Goldens for anyone looking for a breeder. There are so many breeders available and it is an overwhelming process trying to decide which one to choose but after looking at many breeders, we kept coming back to White Stone Goldens. Anna provided pictures and videos and information on each of the puppies we were able to choose from and she helped us make the decision for the pup that fit our lifestyle the best. Anna is still available to me and answers any questions I have and we send her updates on Bodee.

Review 11 Jun 2019

We picked up our Saylor (Mr. Gray) from Misha and Ella’s litter a little over 2 weeks ago. He is already so lovable and smart, not to mention the most adorable little guy :). At 10 weeks he is almost potty trained and knows come, sit, shake, lay down and we almost have roll over! The buying process was very smooth and Anna was able to answer all of our questions. We will be back in the future to get Saylor a little brother or sister! Highly recommend White Stone!

Love our little Luna 05 May 2019

Such a great experience with Anna and White Stone Goldens. Luna is such a healthy and happy girl. We are looking forward to many years with her. We did a lot of looking around and we are so happy with our breeder choice. Very professional and you can tell Anna really cares greatly for her Mom’s, Dad’s and the litters. Highly recommend White Stone.

Review 30 Apr 2019

We got our Percy last Monday from White Stone! We love him so much already! He is so smart and sweet and loves people and other dogs. We can’t imagine having any other dog. I would totally recommend white stones for anyone looking for a Golden retriever! Anna was awesome to work with. Anna updated every week with photos and videos. She even checked in days after to make sure Percy was doing well.

Review 30 Apr 2019

We picked up our pup this past Saturday (April 27th) and we couldn’t be more happy with her. She has a huge personality and has already grown to show her love and happiness for her new home! Anna was a pleasure to work with and provided us with all the information we needed. Thank you!!

Review 29 Apr 2019

My Zane only came home two days ago and i am beyond in love with him, he’s super sweet and is doing so well with training. he just wants to be friends with everyone and at eight weeks (and three days) already is doing amazing with potty training and has already learned sit and down and is getting the hang of paw and stay. i’m super proud of him and Anna was so easy to work with. i couldn’t imagine having any other pup.

Review 06 Mar 2019

Anna was so easy to work with. The process went well from picking out the Bobbie (Miss Purple) to picking her up. Anna even had a set up where I could make an online downpayment through PayPal. She takes such good care of her dogs! I was impressed with the set up she had. Bobbie was born on December 28th 2018. She is almost 10 weeks old and is just about potty trained. I just look at her and wonder how God could put this much love in my heart to love an animal? White Stone Goldens are very love-able and will love you back. Bobbie is always under my feet and goes everywhere I go. Thank you Anna for raising great dogs!!

Review 04 Mar 2019

We adopted Bailey Aka ms brown from Anna on Feb 23rd 2019. Bailey is the sweetest girl and is already learning how to sit and lay down. She is almost throu potty training and she’s only 9 weeks and 3 days old. She is so loved by everyone who’s met her and will soon be going into puppy training classes and hopefully Agility classes. Can’t wait to take her swimming this summer! Can’t say enough good things about Anna. Not only did she answer all of my questions but even after we had Bailey withus for a week she reached out to see how things where going.

Review 04 Mar 2019

We want to thank Anna for a great dog. Sadie is loving and very smart. She is everything that we wanted.

Great Experience 03 Mar 2019

Just wanted to thank Anna for the great puppy we just picked up last week. Having had 2 Golden’s previously I knew exactly what I was looking for and Logan has not disappointed. Anna is very professional and answered all of my questions. Highly recommend White Stone Golden’s.

Bailey Beautiful 20 Feb 2019

We are so in love with her. She was almost potty trained when we got her. 5 accidents and done. Bailey is so intelligent and easy to train in about 5 to 10 minutes she has it down and doesn't forget. She loves everybody and everything. At 4 months old she knows sit, lay down, shake each paw and both, roll over, off, leave it, spit it out. We are now working with stay for extended time and does well on a lead. She will finish her training as a therapy dog for us. Anna is amazing and does a excellent job on the puppies. Our vet is amazed with her being so beautiful and calm at 4 months old. She even gives hugs and lays her head on your shoulder and paw on chest. We are so in love with her. We will be back for another one in about a year if I can wait that long. Amazing dogs and pride in their work. I would give 100 stars. Excellent communication through the whole process and photo's weekly. We even had a call to let us know she was on her plane and a call to make sure she arrived and we were happy. Thank you for helping to heal our hearts from our Golden Triscuit that passed. God bless you. Excellent dogs

Beautiful "Burgundy Girl" 17 Feb 2019

We are totally smitten with our Rosie, aka Burgundy Girl, from Whitestone Goldens breeder. Our puppy is now almost 11 months old. She is an extremely smart and loving girl A true blessing for our family. Kimi and Ralph Cohen

Golden Puppy 09 Feb 2019

We bought our golden Murphy from Anna in Feb. 2016. He is so calm loving and gentle. I couldn’t be happier with how he turned out. Anna was helpful and answered all of our questions.

Beautiful and Great Tempermant 13 Nov 2018

We adopted our Piper from Anna in 2017 and she has been a wonderful addition to our family. She’s always happy and fantastic with our one year old granddaughter. So sweet and well behaved and a gorgeous dog! Very happy with our experience! Piper is one and a half years old now and is awesome!

Amazing Dogs 11 Nov 2018

Anna saved our lives by bringing us Milo and Rudy- we had just lost our Goldens 3 mos apart and we were shattered - Milo and Rudy are so beautiful, mellow and SMART! They have given us hope and a renewed spirit - they are healthy and gorgeous and have given us a brand new chapter begins ! Thank you Anna !

Beautiful and calm puppy 14 Oct 2018

We bought our puppy, Alex, from Anna this summer. She answered all of our questions and he was everything she described to us. We were very impressed how calm he was. Our vet even commented on his calm temperment and that he was a very nice looking pup.

Lily 21 Aug 2018

Our girl Lily is an amazing addition to our family. She was born 2/22/18 and is the best puppy! We had a great experience with White Stone Goldens and would recommend to anyone!

Ryker aka red boy DOB 3/30/2018 22 Jul 2018

Ryker aka red born 3/30/2018, is a big sweet heart. He plays great with my other dogs yet very gentle with my 2 year grandson. He is a fast learner and always wanting to please. Anna was wonderful to work with and very patient with all my questions. Thank you Anna and White Stone!!