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Double C Farm - Our FAVORITE Pony Playground!

The environment and coaching at the IMTCA Course in Clarksburg are outstanding! The course offers something for everyone...from the timid rider gaining confidence in their partnership to the skilled teams working on advanced turns and maneuvers on the obstacles. There is truly something for everyone here and Cridder knows how to push you just past your comfort zone to build that confidence! A " must do" for any equestrians in the area, as all disciplines are welcome!!

A truly amazing experience!!!

The confidence that my horse and I have developed by working with Cridder and Double C Farm is immeasurable! This course is unlike any other!!

Can't compliment cridder enough

As soon as you step out of your truck and unload your horse you feel welcomed and made at home. I can't express enough what a great confident builder our lesson was for my horse and myself. I learned how to be a better partner with my horse by reading her needs and this made us a better team. Cridder was so patient with us but at the same time seem to know exactly when to push a little out of my comfort zone. I think Abby was smiling as much as I was. We both really enjoyed it.