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Couldn't have done this without Thuy!

I was looking to propose to my then girlfriend but I didn’t know what kind of ring to buy, how to properly ask, and when the perfect time is. I was browsing through Instagram and ran into Thuy Phan’s Instagram and after looking through her website I decided to contact her. I kid you not she got back to me within a few hours. I told her my plan and we decided to meet up a week later to choose a ring based on what I know. We found the perfect ring and talked over and over again via phone and in person for about a month and a half and decided to do the proposal in front of my family as well as Daisy’s family on my father’s 62nd birthday! The day finally came May 20th. We had to make it seem as if it was only a big birthday for my father and not a surprise engagement. I do not know how Thuy managed to coordinate everything from doing the dessert table, back drop for pictures, to coordinating when and how the proposal was going to happen, all the way to choosing a perfect ring. The proposal turned out perfectly. Daisy fell in love with the ring and was in tears as soon as I dropped onto one knee to grab her left hand! It was amazing. Daisy and I talked when the day ended and I called Thuy and told her I wanted to hire her to be our wedding planner for our entire wedding. All in all I would could not have done this without the help of Thuy Phan.

Real life Pinterest!

I reached out to Thuy Phan through her website and heard back from her within a day. I had so many ideas planning my sister’s surprise Engagement party, but really needed someone to visualize and bring my ideas to life. We emailed days prior back and fourth so Thuy would know what she needed the day of. I shared with her my Pinterest board so she would have an idea of what kind of party theme I was going for. I have a small house with more than 50+ guests attending and wanted this day to be special for my sister without anyone feeling claustrophobic. When Thuy came the day of, she knew exactly how the house and the yard should be set-up, what should go in and out doors while still utilizing all the decorations and backdrops I wanted for the party. My sister nearly cried when she walked in and it was like Pinterest was brought to life! Thuy made planning, set-up, and decor way less stressful than I had imagined.

Thuy was a dream to work with!

Thuy was a dream to work with! Both her and her sister Melanie (my makeup artist) were amazing! I hired Thuy at just about 2 weeks until my wedding to coordinate my ceremony.  Just about all vendors were booked and ready to go and last minute I decided I needed somebody to run the show so I wouldn’t have to think about a million things on the day of.  Hiring Thuy was the best decision I ever made! We corresponded via email about the details (mine was a destination wedding in San Francisco) and then we met about a week before the wedding to lock things in.  Thuy really made sure all of our bases were covered from all angles, and made me aware of things I hadn’t even thought of, she was very thorough and on the ball with all the details.  She really had my back, which I so appreciate. Thuy was really an integral part why my wedding ceremony was more than I could ever ask for. Most girls want their special day to be like a fairytale, Thuy really helped make mine a reality. All I had to do was be there at the ceremony and I didn’t have to think about anything else.  Everything I needed, Thuy was there for me and took care of all my requests very promptly.  On top of the fact that she is amazing at what she does, she is the sweetest! We got along instantly and I felt like I was working with a girlfriend. She became my confidante leading up to the wedding.  I think it’s really important to have a great relationship with the person who is coordinating your wedding.  I was very blessed, I felt like I got a wedding coordinator and a girlfriend with her! I can’t thank Thuy enough for all her hardwork, professionalism and for helping my vision come true on my special day, thank you Thuy!!! Xoxoxo Joy Rollon

Best Investment Ever!

I hired Thuy about two months before my wedding (I know super last minute!) I originally had asked a friend to help but soon realized the duties that needed to be done were far more than what I expected. I had talked to a few people and decided on finally hiring a wedding coordinator. I found Thuy through word of mouth. She was quick to respond to my e-mails & upon our first meeting I knew I made the right choice. We were able to contact each other through text which made communication easy. She always offered help and asked if there was anything that she could do to help my anxiety. Fast forward to the day of the wedding and I could have not have been any more happier. There was some mix ups with a vendor but I did not hear of anything because she had it handled. My reception was everything I wanted + more! All thanks to Thuy! I have received numerous comments about Thuy from my photographer, guests, and even the hotel sales manager. She is detailed oriented, professional, and organized. Most importantly, she had the sweetest heart and can tell she really loves what she does. She made sure I was stress free the day of and she delivered. Thuy was the best investment and you won't regret it! I am even planning on hiring her for my mom's retirement party =)