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Worth every penny 06 Apr 2019

The hip brace and prenatal cradle are lifesavers! It will change your pregnancy for the better. Decreased hip, lower back and SPD pain! I was able to work throughout my entire pregnancy thanks to these products. I highly recommend buying it if you’re on the fence about it. You won’t regret it!!!

Enables me to Function Again! 21 Oct 2021

I ordered the Prenatal Plus because I have painful vulvar varicosities. I also have three children under the age of 6 and needed to continue caring for them daily. I was becoming discouraged as I had to lay down a lot to relieve my pain. After discussing my woes with my midwife, she recommended I order this brace. The support it gives is as great as I imagined it to be! I have been able to feel fully functional again and able to care for my family! I cannot put a price tag on that! That being said, the slip fasteners on the back of the strap are plastic and after about 5 weeks of use, one of them broke. I temporarily fixed it with a metal paper clip and then the other side gave out. I am grateful to the company for replacing the item after I notified them of the damage. This was great customer service! While I followed all the directions of use before, this time I will take even more care to treat this part of the brace gingerly. With that in mind, I would recommend this product because of the assurance of good customer service that will back up the brace. Thank you!