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KUDOS and endless thanks! 06 Jun 2016

My son is very active. (Yes, he saw a developmental pediatrician 4 times, and there's nothing wrong.) He's a normal, healthy kid. Ms. Kristia switched the activity, & the senses he used, so often. He was working to keep up with her. That kept his level of engagement so high! In 9 months, he moved from 1.5 years behind to the advanced table. And his growth kept him with the best in the class all year. Parents, you will also learn as much as your child. KUDOS & endless thanks!

Amazing Teaching and Teacher 19 Jul 2018

I love 5 Senses Learning! My daughter is 5 years old and is very stubborn when it comes to learning, but Mrs. Akins always has a way to make the lessons fun and engaging. I am so happy to have found her!