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Review 30 Oct 2019

Mrs. Akins is a blessing her dedication shows in everything she does. If your child needs help this is the perfect place to go.

From hopeless to successful 25 Sep 2019

When we came to Ms. Akins, I was exhausted from all of the techniques and tutors I had tried to help my son learn to read. Within a few months of diligent work with her, he is now using grade level curriculum. It still takes him longer than average, but he can do it! Schools and even most tutors are just not teaching these foundational concepts that would help so many children learn to read. Thank you so much for your amazing work with my son and so many others!

Learning with Kristia Akins 21 Aug 2019

Kristia worked with our daughter, Laura, to help her with processing speed as well as language and reading skills. Laura has ADHD and ocular motor dysfunction which is like being dyslexic. Kristia was able to personalize lesson plans to fit Laura's needs. She worked with my daughter diligently and patiently. Kristia helped her learn skills that provided Laura with the tools to be successful in the classroom. Today Laura is a thriving high school freshmen! Kristia has the patience, dedication and love for her students needed to help them succeed!

Awesome 06 Nov 2018

We have been searching for a long time for somewhere like 5senses learning. My son has made so much progress with their help. They have a true passion for teaching.

Completely life changing 15 Oct 2018

I am convinced that God brought us to 5 senses learning at the perfect timing. Since being diagnosed and knowing what she is going through, I am now able to understand and help her. Her confidence has increased and school has improved tremendously!

Color Overlays Are Amazing!!! 15 Aug 2018

I was like most people to begin with when I heard about Irlen Syndrome and the Irlen Method, I thought it was a joke and there was no way it could help me, but boy was I wrong. I never was one to have troubles reading per say, but I have always had a hard time working on the computer for long hours. I would always get headaches, start to feel sick, and have to take frequent breaks. Kristia did the screening on me and found my colors about a month ago though, and I don't know how I ever managed without them. I have not had any headaches, sickness spells, or anything since starting to use my colors (I taped them onto my computer screen), and I can work on the computer for 10+ hours a day without needing to take a break. I love it! I've even looked at getting my everyday glasses tinted to my colors, since my screening results were deemed severe enough for it to be a benefit. I highly recommend that everyone does the questionnaire and gets screened if needed. You WILL NOT be disappointed and the changes WILL amaze you.