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Cleaning concentrates made easy. 28 Dec 2019

I have been using a gold magic to process my gold concentrates for quite a while and like it. I would almost always find gold hung up in the magnetite in gold magic wheel and getting the gold out of the magnetite in the pan was not that easy either. I met Mike Robinson at LDMA Stanton Camp a couple years ago and he said he could help me with that. I ran my concentrates through his MagZip and then the Gold Magic and could not believe the difference. Had to have one. I don’t find gold trapped in the Gold Magic wheel anymore and panning is easy and fast. After using it for quite some time, I brought a small amount of concentrates home one day and decided to just run them in the Gold Magic, you kind of forget what it was like, what a pain. I would recommend this product to any dry miner. I added a vibra-bucket to the mix this year and really like it too. It all makes prospecting easier for me and that makes it more fun.