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I run an organization in Ohio with 28 teams and TBR events are second to none. I encourage all my teams to play in them. We played in all the other big events and they don't compare. Great Competition from all over, fair, runs smooth, nice fields and just nice events all the way around.

Best Tournaments By Far!

I cannot stress enough the quality of tournaments TBR has. We played in the TBR Elite World Series and the competition was insane. No games off. Our team had to be on our A game every game. We are a top team that has not faired well the last few years, but plan to take it down in 2024! We also like how they try their best to play in/through the rain.

TBR-Excellent Tournaments!

I have been to several TBR Tournaments over the years and will continue to return. At one tournament I did not think there was a chance we played ball. The field was completely under water. The majority of other tournaments cancelled that day and we were playing by noon and able to finish the tournament. Umps/communication/competition are always the best too! We just wish they offered more tournaments!

TBR Cooperstown

Our Rawlings Tigers team attended Cooperstown at Doubleday field and it was amazing for any team that couldn't attend Cooperstown due to COVID. Both our players and parents enjoyed the opportunity to play on such a historic field and attend the baseball Hall of Fame. Highly recommend any team check this tournament out. It is a once an a lifetime opportunity.

Great Tournament!

From my Experience I had with TBR, my takeaways are simple. Well organized, good communication, great facilities, high level competition with seasoned knowledgeable umpires. That's what I look for, that's what received. Thanks for a great event TBR

TBR Tournaments Are Top Notch!

One of the best tournaments we attended all season was the TBR National Championship in West Virginia. Great competition from numerous states and nice fields. Can't wait for the New York Longhorns to attend another TBR Tournament in 2024!

Well worth it!

Great concept and idea! Always willing to listen and they update the rankings fast. Travel baseball needed something like this.

Love TBR!

Love this website! I use it to research the quality of other teams we are playing. Last week I saw multiple coaches referring to the website and talking about it.  Cannot wait for the national rankings to come out!

Best Rankings!

Most accurate and up-to-date rankings!


Finally a travel baseball rankings website that doesn't just give preference to to teams that play in their Tourneys. The rankings are scary accurate... So many uses for this website.

Love this site!

Very open to changes that need to be made in the rankings. Unlike other rankings websites, these are accurate and up to date!

Baseball Dad

Best Rankings Website Around Bar None!