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Facts !!!!! 04 Dec 2020

We decided that it was necessary that our grandsun be apart of this amazing learning platform while learning our history .When he was attending traditional school it literary was a nightmare .Now he enjoys his teachers he enjoys his classmates and excited about learning about our history and the other fundamentals of growing into a black young youth .Although we teach it at home there’s nothing like learning from others that look like you.We thank you for the phenomenal skills that u all have with the babies and allowing them to be there selfs.Ase

So Grateful! 17 Mar 2021

We were blessed to be referred to UA as a last resort. My daughter was on the verge of failing. The Pandemic and the online platform offered by her traditional high school was literally attacking her spirit. In 3 months I can not name all of the positive changes I have seen in her. Oh the beautiful smile that has returned to her face was enough for me. But her grade are great. She has new friends. She enjoys her instructors. It's all so amazing. Thank you so much to all of our new UA family.