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I ordered bracelets from this site and they are amazing. I ordered a chakra bracelet for myself as well as a protection and abundance bracelet. I ordered a protection bracelet for each of my daughters. They are made with top of the line material the colors are so vibrant. They came cleansed and reiki charged a few days after I purchased. I have also done the aura cleansing and spiritual awakening which was an amazing experience for me and my children. Having negativity cleansed from head to toe has taken Immediate positive effects in our Lives. I have also participated in several tarot readings. They are well priced and SPOT ON. She is very spiritually inclined and intuned her gifts are accurate. I even tested her and she mentioned the test words. No way she could have known the things she told me about my life, relationship or present events. It was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE. She let's the cards speak for themselves and she interprets based on the energies that come forth. Thank you for all of your services I will be back very soon.

Seeking answers and got them

I have been feeling pulled to seek someone that can give me clarity and guidance with out knowing me from previous or judging me. Working with earth angel has really helped me see things clear and take steps to heal emotionally and spiritually. Through readings and input I have begun my journey to heal internally and follow my heart. Thank you! Life is a journey and sometimes we need a little guide.