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Review 01 Aug 2018

When I called in I was a little confused, by the end of the call I was extremely relieved and informed. Their activation specialist are very knowledgeable, friendly and patient. They took their time explaining exactly how the policy works and all the benefits of having my home covered. I had no idea there was this type of service available. Two months after signing up for the policy, I had a huge plumbing issue that cause my water heater to go out. They complete replaced the water heater and fixed the plumbing issue and the only thing I paid was $65. I cant believe I ever went without this service. I highly recommend this company to all homeowners.

Fantastic customer service!! 24 May 2019

Christine B. gave outstanding professional and pleasant services. She helped me have a better understanding of the plan I had chosen and why the payments were calculated the way they are. She also helped me restructure my payment plan which really makes a difference in my monthly fixed income. She was great!!