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I was able to connect with Lynna late at night. She was there for me to see me through this difficult time. I had spoken with psychics outside of her network. Things were not shifting. And Lynna not only confirmed from the spiritual space what the other psychics said, she confirmed things I needed to deeply hear. She is kind, thoughtful, thorough, and I am truly blessed to find her and begin to have this integral insight to help me as I come fully back into a healing space and step into the truth of my life.

I prefer chat readings bc I can always go back and review. It's hard to remember details when actually talking. I did a chat reading with Lynna. I've done alot of readings with advisors. (I need to stop that, lol) Although I didn't get detailed with her, the reading was inline with what most advisors have told me.

Thank you

She saw right into my situation. Easy to talk to and gives quick accurate responses. I would give her more than 5 stars if l could...she is just that great! Thank you so much for your insight and help! KJ

Always there

Lynna is always there for me when I need her. She has always looked deep into my situation and is ready to help me when I need it. Waiting for predictions to come to pass!

Saw right into my situation without me giving any info

She gave me all the answers without me relaying any information about whats going on. Saw right into it and told me in time what will happen. Prayers that it does. Thank you!