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GlowMother and GlowFather

Fantastic custom-made guitars. There was always something that didn't suit me about off-the-shelf guitars... and the colors were always the same... Goncalo always implemented my "crazy" ideas superbly. Short scale length – no problem. Glow in the Dark – No problem, etc. I especially liked that I was given photos before every important step so I could have a say in everything. This is how “GlowMother” and “GlowFather” came about and everything is as I imagined it – just a little better.

Amazing instrument

I got two weeks ago my GF Guitar and, what can I say, its an amazing instrument. Plays like heaven and the look its just astonishing. The attention for details of Gonzalo its top, he provided info all the way and include really nice "goodies" in the package, jointly with the guitar. I attached the first of many videos that I am sure I will record with this beauty. thanks a lot GF Guitar for making such an amazing instruments!.

7 string Ziel

What an amazing and unique instrument! I own some whacky guitars such as an original Strandberg Boden 7 and an Ernie Ball Family Reserve JP6, and this guitar stands tall right beside those guitars. I love the attention to detail put into this instrument which helps it stand out from any other guitar on the market. The playability is insane, and it is a joy to pick up everyday. I am very happy I decided to pull the trigger on the Ziel and it has already made me question buying a guitar from a big company again. I can tell that Goncalo put his heart and soul into this instrument. He was also super easy to work with in getting it shipped and it arrived safe and sound with some extra goodies and a hand written letter from the man himself. Thank you for such a beautiful and beastly guitar, it will be a main stay in my house. You work is refreshing and unique and you deserve to be just as well known as any of the big custom guitar companies!

Great guitar and great contact

I just received the guitar a couple of hours ago, it is everything I wanted and more! Gonçalo definitely knows his kraft and it shows he loves what he does. But a good looks is not all, the playability is off the charts, it has an amazing neck and the pick ups have a great sound. If you are thinking about getting a GF guitar, do it, you won't regret it. Gonzalo goes through the process with you and answers all the question you have. Keep on the good work!

True Art in a form of Guitar

The moment I opened the box I saw an art, and I'm not exaggerating. The gloss top, natural wood binding, and the satin finished sides makes this guitar look like an art in glass / wood frame. When I was waiting in line for my build to start, boy I did tons of research on tone woods. Then as I'm reading Gocalo's posts on his Facebook and numerous conversations we had through email, I felt the same honesty and pride I feel from my customers. (I sell high end Japanese wood working tools). F&ck it, I asked Goncalo to choose the woods for me. I mean why not, he's an artist, let him have fun with his imagination. The result was stunning, not only this guitar is beautiful it sounds amazing. Highly resonant instruments can be created only by a truly skilled craftsman, yes once in a while we do find a good guitar by mass producing guitar companies, but that's rare. The inlay on the fretboard is picture perfect as well, his original design referencing my Japanese back ground. Gocalo I can't thank you more than enough, this is the guitar I'm spending my remaining life with. So about securing my spot for second GF guitar next year.... :)

A bloodthirsty beast

I've met Gonçalo for a couple of years and I can say I've been following his work since the first guitar he made. Hearing my "Falcata" for the first time was an overwhelming experience, the robust tone, the amazing sustain, just brilliant... The visuals, well it's just breathtaking, a violently tempered axe, lightweight and very comfortable to play with. Um grande abraço, keep up the good work

Ragnar Ronda

I discovered GF Guitars by chance and fell in love at first sight with one of his guitars ... It will be a few weeks since I received my Ragnar Ronda guitar, built by Gonçalo, and I thank him for having met him. He built this special guitar for me that is not only a beautiful piece of art, but also has a clean, crystalline, thick and blunt sound. A spectacular touch, really comfortable and fun. I can only have good words for her, the truth is that when the work is done with the heart the result is incredible. Infinite thanks Gonçalo!

A trusted guitar builder.

From the start goncalo had an idea for what kind of guitar he will build me. He built it with much love and answered my questions. Goncalo is a trusted builder that needs recognition to create more guitars

Great handcrafted guitars made by a fellow musician

Gonçalo (Luthier) goes the extra mile to provide instruments that are tailored to the musician's preferences, both aesthetic and technical. The customer journey is excellent and it's still hard to believe these outstanding handcrafted guitars are so affordable.

Very nice work with very nice people !

I followed Gonçalo's work on internet since a few months and I was very impressed by his hand build craftsmanship. I had the chance to start a project with GF guitars and the result is as amazing as we can imagine about high quality guitars ! Gonçalo is very attentive to our wishes and provide good advices to improve sound, appareance or feeling of the instrument. It was my first custom guitar order and I invite everybody to support small guitar's builders. For a similar price as production's guitars you'll be able to dream about a unique instrument made with passion respecting every specification you like on a guitar !

GF custom guitar: especial and unique!

Could I ever imagine that owning a guitar could mean the same as having a piece of art? Well maybe not, until I met Gonçalo and his incredible work. To have a GF custom guitar is the opposite of buying an off the shelf guitar. I'm sure that every GF guitar is an extension of each one of us printed on our own guitar. This is my especial and unique “Milvus“!


I trusted GF Guitars to build my very first custom guitar, Euler. I was in love with his previous projects and then I contacted Gonçalo, the hands and the soul behind GF Guitars. Communications were always quick, professional and he was always willing to care about my real needs about sound, playability and aesthetics. And then comes the magic, Gonçalo built for me a dream guitar, with amazing details such the Sputnik inlay. The sound of the guitar is amazing and resonance is just sublime, with remarkable crystalline cleans.

The Perfect Guitar

The order turned out perfectly! I cannot say how happy i am with this guitar. The communication during the build process was very good. GF Custom Guitars managed to create my request and make it look and sound much better than i could ever have imagined.

Great craftsmansip!

I went to GF Custom Guitars because I wanted an unique instrument. My needs were well understood, everything was delivered right and on time. If you're also looking for something different and well made, give GF Custom Guitars a try! Already purchased them two guitars. Probably not the last.


Ordered a custom build from GF Custom Guitars. Excellent communication with Gonçalo, owner of this one man workshop. He really knows his stuff. Was able to give advises by knowing what kind of sound I was looking for. He kept me constantly updated with relevant pictures taken during the built and the waiting has been more than worth it. Excellent build quality and all hand made! The attention to every single detail is amazing and the look and sound from this incredible instrument is at the top. If I would need in future to buy another guitar, I wouldn’t think twice. I would just go for another GF guitar!

Modus Vivendi Atlantica - Warm and quick response

I usually do not play 7 strings but I needed one sometimes live and in the studio. So Goncalo from GF guitars sent me The Atlantica.Stunning look,quick response,friendly neck and good agressive pickups. The mahagony softens the harmonics,so is not only for Djent or trash metal.The only one minus are the tuners. I will change them a.s.a.p.Overall very good guitar.Thankzz guys

Best bass

I've owned quite a few high end basses in the past and as a collector and my main bass is a gf custom built 5 string PJ bass equipped with nordstrand pickups and sadowsky preamp. It's my main bass wherever I play