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Terry, Donnie and Wesley are absolute life savers! 08 Apr 2021

My wife and I had to reschedule our wedding at least 3 times, no thanks to Covid. When we finally settled on a date, we unfortunately lost our original DJ. We were appointed to Terry and thankfully him and Donnie were available, and they honored our original price! Incredible. They were extremely professional, asked questions about things I would have never thought about, helped me keep organized, and they have this awesome app called Vibo. Incredibly easy to use, simple, and extremely useful. You can invite others to help you pick songs, you can organize and change the order of events, add notes, and it even helps you look up songs if you're not quite sure what music you want played for a certain event. My favorite part is that you even have a "do not play" list. I am extremely grateful for Terry and his team, their level of professionalism is unprecedented and they're very down to earth and will put all doubts at ease. I would absolutely use their services again if the need arises. And just as Terry told me he hopes for in our meeting, we will certainly talk about them 5 years from now when we're talking about our wedding night. Thank you so much again Terry, Donnie and Wesley! Play That One Dj is the company you want at your event!!

Terry! 21 Feb 2021

I just wanted to say that Terry's DJ service was fantastic! One of my favorite thing about his services other than his personality..... is that he has this app called Vibo!!! The app let's you, your friends, family, Bridesmaids, etc join in on the app and help add music to your wedding Playlist. That was the coolest thing ever! Over all Mr. Terry puts on an amazing service. He goes above and beyond to make your day a day to remember. One of the last thing he said at one of our meetings was “ Our goal is for you and your guest to talk about us 5yrs from now... you know when you sitting around and someone says y’all’s Dj was Awesome” We will certainly be doing that! I definitely would hire him to any big events y'all have. Definitely worth it!! Thank you Terry and Play That One Dj!!!!

Best ever! 10 Jan 2021

I have known Terry for years - he Was the DJ at all of the dances when I was in high school. When I got engaged, there was no question who we wanted to DJ our wedding! I knew Terry would make everything SO MUCH FUN! The VIBO app he uses was so easy and helpful! We were able to choose songs we wanted him to play on the app so he would have them all! The app also gave suggestions on songs to play! It was super easy and helpful! Terry also helped my sister put together songs for her speech and it was beyond PERFECT! Terry is definitely the best! I would recommend him to anyone!

Best DJ Ever 06 Jan 2021

Terry was the DJ at all of my high school dances and countless parties throughout my life. When it came down to my wedding day there was no question as to who I would be contacting. Terry made the entire process effortless. He knew exactly what to do, what to say, and what to play for every second of our wedding day. He had me download this app called Vibo before the wedding where I could link all of the songs I wanted played for different parts of the day. From walking down the aisle to the final dance song, everything could be added in the app. So convenient! I could not have asked for anything better! Any idea we had he brought to life! He completely took the stress off of me and thought of even the tiniest detail to make our day effortless. 10/10 recommend!!!!!

BEST DJ OUT THERE!!!!! 08 Nov 2020

I went to my cousin's wedding about 6 years ago and Terry happened to be the DJ - I left that reception and was amazed at how fun it was (without alcohol as well may I add)! He was the life of the party and I told myself that whenever I got married, I wanted him to be our DJ! Fast forward 6 years and it was that time! I messaged my cousin and asked if she could send me his information and after searching for a few weeks, I found him!! Man, I don't have enough words to say about how amazing Terry is! If you are looking for a talented and affordable DJ, then he is your guy! From the first time I talked to him, he was professional and one of the nicest men I've dealt with! I threw him for a loop and asked if he could do a mixed song for me and my dad to do a "surprise" Father/Daughter dance. He had never done one of these before, but he was willing to try it and even after my edits, he kept on until it was perfect! He was always open to talk through things with me, had a very nifty app, VIBO.... that allowed us to choose which songs we wanted for each event of our wedding, and was overall an amazing choice! He went above and beyond at our wedding reception!!! I ordered up lighting from him and he basically doubled the amount of lighting that I purchased - he made our reception look unbelievable. In addition, whenever we had our meeting the week of our wedding, he told me that he was going to keep it interesting and man he did not disappoint! It was so exciting to see all of the fun ideas he had to get people interacting at our reception! From somehow collecting money for me and my husband to use on our honeymoon to choose which table got to get dinner first, to the bride/groom game, to tricking the garter catch into putting it on a guy's leg, playing the most up to date music, and just being a light in this dark time, he was AMAZING! I could go on and on about my experience with Terry but he is the best out there and I promise if you choose him, you will not be disappointed! Can't wait to use him for any of my future events that need a DJ! Thank you, Terry for making our special day better than we could have imagined!!! You are amazing!!!

Wedding 04 Nov 2020

We used Play that one DJ (Terry) Friday oct. 2nd for our rehearsal dinner and Saturday oct. 3rd for our wedding day. He was absolutely amazing both days! He was the LIFE of the party and really made my guests feel involved and welcome to get down and dirty! We had such a blast both nights and are soo grateful that we went with them to do our DJ services. He helped us play a couple of pranks on family members and gave us soo many options from lights to fog machine! They really added to the feel. I have recommended him to EVERYONE that I have spoke to about DJs. I will also definitely be using him again down the road. I am so impressed with his professionalism and ability to have a good time consecutively. So pleased with all of the compliments I have received about my wedding and especially the music and DJ! Thanks so much Terry for an unforgettable night! You rock!!

Terry is the best!! 03 Nov 2020

My new husband and I got married on 8-29-2020 at Cape Fear Winery. We could not have asked for a better DJ throughout our wedding weekend. Terry was awesome to work with leading up to our wedding. He arranged for us to meet a few weeks prior to our big day, where we were able to pick out all of our songs, talk about the timeline, and for him to get a better idea of the style music we were wanting. Terry was such a pleasure to work with and he also provided an app so we could add songs ourselves. This made the process run very smoothly with playlists because we were also able to share the app with our friends so they could also add songs. Terry provided his honest opinion with anything we asked him, which was so helpful in planning. Throughout our wedding, Terry did a great job playing music that kept the crowd dancing and having fun all night. He did a great job with announcing our wedding party and parents. We had the best time and we received awesome feedback from our guests about how great he was. We would highly recommend him for any of your DJ'ing needs!

BEST DJ EVER!!!! 03 Nov 2020

Terry (Play that One DJ) went above and beyond to make sure that our big day went as smoothly and perfectly as possible. Terry made sure that every musical detail(and even a lot of details that most would not consider to be “their job”) was taken care of and exactly what we wanted! Terry made the whole atmosphere of the wedding one that was nothing but happy, upbeat, and comfortable for everyone! We will ALWAYS be using Terry/“Play that One DJ” for all of our DJ needs!

Best DJ around! 07 Oct 2020

Thank you so much for going above and beyond to make sure everything was right! If anyone needs a DJ playthatonedj is the best around.... they won't disappoint you! I high recommend them to anyone for any event! From the music to, to the photo booth, the lighting, and the hospitality! They make sure it is perfect! We loved the Vibo App!!!! The ease of use and the ability to add music anytime was awesome! I can't say enough about Terry and his team. Donnie Coleman, Shae Rogers and Paige Burney!!!!

Allen and Candace Bracey (wedding) 29 Sep 2020

Our experience was nothing short of spectacular! PlayThatOneDJ created the special moments with heartfelt music, made for romantic dance, and kept the party rocking!! Hands down the best DJ company in the state of N.C., no question! If you’ve made it to this page in your search for a DJ, quit searching! You’ve found the right company for the job! We also had fun with games facilitated by our DJ (Terry Basobas) and he kept our guest laughing, dancing and leaving with big smiles... and the Vibo app was amazing. We could not have found a Dj that went above and beyond our expectations 


Thank you so much Terry Basobas. You are so awesome and the wedding was a tremendous success. We give you 5 stars for being so kind, fun and exciting. Thank you again!