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Casa El Carajo 02 Sep 2021

Contracted Bradley when i purchased the house to perform renovations. Could not have been happier with there service and attention to detail. Continue to work with Bradley and his team as they are always there when you need them. Thanks for a great Job!

Great Builder....Great Friend 02 Sep 2021

Bradley Knowles totally renovated and added on to our Great Harbour home in 2012 and also built a two bedroom garage apartment in 2016. The quality of his work is outstanding and, as importantly, he is a great friend, family man and leader in the community. leader in the community.

Great Experience 08 Sep 2021

Bradley Knowles completed a house that had been started by another contractor in Great Harbour Cay and then built a second house for me. The experience was remarkable and the finishes were excellent. But the highest praise I could give Bradley is that he and I became as close as family, not many people can say that about their contractor.