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Great Help for First Time Author

I was looking to publish my first journal article and she was a great resource for trying to interpret the author instructions. She offered invaluable insights into cleaning up my writing for clarity, brevity, and professional language.

Letter of Recommendation

Scitech is a professional proofreading writing company. Susan can improve my writing skills with substantial rewriting suggestions for clarity, meaning, and flow. I thank you for this company because they provide a good writing service.

Proofreading Grant Proposal

Susan helped edited our grant proposal. She was kind and great to work with. She was very efficient and clear with her editing suggestions. The process was easy and helped improve our proposal greatly.

Professional & precise

Susan is an excellent copy editor and proof reader. She has accommodated my last minute requests, promptly responded to my queries despite time zone differences and perfected manuscripts to an excellent level. She offers that sense of security that your work has been seen by an expert eye and that no stone is left unturned. Thank you, Susan - I look forward to our ongoing collaborations!

surprisingly Satisfied experience

I am very glad to give it a try on editing service by Susan. She is very professional, responsive and responsible. There is no doubt that I will ask her for help again in the near future. Thank you, Susan! best, Guomin Zhu


My professional paper was sent back related to grammer. Susan corrected my grammer. I had my paper back within 24 hours. I resubmitted with the recommended changes and it was accepted.

Senior Editor and Contributor at SciFiPulse

I was hired to write a six-thousand-word article. After spending too much time on this project, I needed another pair-of-eyes to give me some feedback. Wiedner took time from her schedule to proofread this document. Her feedback not only spotted simple typos that I overlooked, but illuminated structural weaknesses I had not foreseen and – more importantly – provided suggestions on how to correct them. Further, some feedback highlighted to me opportunities to revisit certain sections and expand them into other documents in the future; which is feedback that will help my career. Overall, Wiedner is a fantastic proofreader who can enhance any form of writing.

Freelance Proofreader at Peer Proofread

I was worried my new business website didn't look professional. When Susan at SciTech Proofreading worked on my page, I couldn't believe the mistakes she caught! She made my site look so much better. I'm very glad I used her.