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Chainmaille bra

Keith is extremely talented and custom made a chainmaille bra for me. He was very professional when taking measurements and made sure it was comfortable and fit well. I've bought jewelry from him as well, and all of his work is well crafted and durable. I've had some of his pieces for years and they've never broken. Highly recommend!!!

Scale maille bra

Keith made me a custom scale bra a few years ago. In addition to the typical struggles in fitting and comfort, he also re-engineered the structure of his original design to support my large breasts. Keith also included a little skirt of scales under each cup to cover my underboob. There are two vertical straps in the back to relieve much of the pressure from the halter on my neck. The chainmaille inside the cups is quite comfortable and has a beauty all its own. I know this piece was a challenge for the artist, and I’m so happy with the finished product. It’s a prized piece in my garb collection. Also, it’s blindingly shiny.