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Review 25 Jul 2021

We purchased a mini Aussie Doodle and could not be happier!!! From the cleanliness of the kennel, responsiveness from Aaron, and a happy and healthy pup, I would recommend this breeder to anyone considering a puppy. Our puppy did excellent on the long car ride home and began to show her playful personality soon after getting home. We can't go anywhere without getting compliments on her! She is an excellent puppy and I am so glad I came accoss Rockefellerdoodles!!

Happy Pups from Healthy Parents 03 Jul 2021

Rockefeller Doodles is a kennel with very nice facilities and great dogs. As the kennels groomer, I can say that all the adults have great temperaments, are given good veterinary care, are on a regular grooming schedule and are greatly cared for. The kennels are kept clean and the puppies are socialized well with children which helps them get a good start. Dog parents and pups are friendly and are given the best care possible. All dogs get regular haircuts, nail trims and ear cleanings. Aaron and his family are great people who take pride in their dogs and their care! If you are looking for a great pup don't hesitate to use Rockefeller Doodles!!!

Love đź’— my Rebyl Grey 11 Jun 2021

I purchased a mini Aussie doodle from Aaron Smucker in May 2021…..I visited once to pick a puppy and then again to pick up my puppy, I was warmly welcomed and the puppies were clean, healthy and happy…….I would definitely recommend the Smuckers if you are looking to adopt, want a healthy puppy and an all around awesome experience….

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy 30 May 2021

We purchased a cavalier puppy from Aaron in June 2020. We couldn’t be more satisfied with our experience. We are so in love with our pup! He’s one year old now and we haven’t had any health issues. We definitely recommend Aaron!

Review of puppy adoption experience 20 Apr 2021

My wife and I recently adopted a Shipoo puppy from Rockefeller doodles and Aaron Smucker. This is our third puppy in thirty years and we could not be more pleased. Pleased at the clean, professional and pleasant kennels, the obvious loving care by Aaron and his family and the wonderful little angel female Shipoo we call Millie (formerly Clara). Aaron is delightful for his easy going and calm demeanor, his obvious love for his pets, his love for his children and the top notch facility he runs. We highly recommend Rockefeller Doodles and especially Aaron Smucker for an exceptional puppy adoption experience.