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Blew my mind away 04 Apr 2023

I didnt even know it was possible to do things like this... but everything I was told was spot on about my health issues. The Protocol was very easy to follow, just needed to order a few supplements and take them like 4 or 5 times a day. I followed as recommended and have been adding them to a smoothie besides the zeolite. There's other holistic recommendations as well, like a crystal which I put under my pillow and another one to wear as bracelet. Its quite personalized and everything is explained thoroughly. I notice a huge improvement in my physical mental and emotional health from a year ago since I first started the consultations.

healed my gut!! 09 Feb 2023

Kyle told me exactly what to eat, and what to eliminate from my diet. I have had gut issues basically my entire life, and it's gotten progressively worse over time. Ive tried every "diet" there is, every type of fasting, some things helped for a bit, then didn't... Thanks Kyle for helping me get my health back!

Big improvement to my life 10 Jan 2023

The advice Kyle gave was a ton of helpful things. It was a bit much to do all of them at once and took me a few months to finally get it all going, as I wasn't well and could barely function at all. But after seeing the benefits in a few months from taking the supplements it motivated me to stay on track. My life has been significantly better from following the recommendations in my protocol. I've had 3 session so far over about a year and a half. Each time the protocol is changed , some things dropped and some new things added. Its been about the same amount of things but fixing some new issues over time. I'll definitely keep following up to get a new protocol and checkup a a few times a year, and recommend the testing to anyone with serious health issues I know.

Amazing psychic abilities 07 Dec 2022

Its quite suburb what Kyle can do, scanning anyone with a photo of them. Ive know a few people who do distance healing work and some who do muscle testing, but have never come across anyone as skilled as Kyle before. The testing breakdown was fascinating and Kyle told me things he had no way of knowing, where past injuries were, relationship issues with who specifically, a problem tooth, and much more. I'm used to taking a bunch of supplements so the protocol was pretty light to me, 7 supplements, a bach flower remedy, some EFT type therapies, some foods to add and eliminate, and a few other simple lifestyle changes. I'm definitely sold on the distance energy testing, and tell others to try it out! It seems like magic but so does a lot of technology. Ive learned we live in a holographic universe, and science has confirmed quantum physics, so I suppose this is quantum healing!

Helping my autistic son tremendously 18 Nov 2022

I so grateful I was told to reach out to Kyle from a friend to help with my son who has autism and is 10. Kyle is very familiar with autism and told me a bunch of therapies as well as a complete diet regimen to follow. I didn't know half of the things he mentioned which could all be harmful for my son, but I've made all the switches recommended, such as turning off the wifi at night, the power to his room, the anti parasitic herbs to take, how to properly detox, and a lot else. Just with the Future world healing CBD products alone I noticed such a difference in my son, he sleeps way better , is much calmer, and can speak so much better. Thanks Kyle so much for your help, I'm talk to you soon!