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Right Knee Replacement

Dr. Linschoten is an excellent doctor. He takes time to listen to my problems and made me feel like my thoughts and feelings counted. he did an excellent job on my knee surgery and I'm up and walking independently after 4 weeks. Thank you, Dr. Linschoten and thanks to all your staff as well for their suppport and encouragement on my journey to a better quality of life.

right knee replacement

Right Knee Replacement

Surgery and recovery went very well. I had left knee done in Houston about 4 years ago. Left knee is fine now but recovery took much longer, was more painful. It has been 4 weeks yesterday since my surgery and I am walking w/o a cane or walker. Excellent surgeon and medical staff at BROC.

Right Knee Replacement

Surgery and recovery went well. I had left knee done in Houston 4 years ago and while I am happy with that result, the recovery took several weeks longer and was much more painful.

Bilateral Knee Replacement

excellent job range of motion 120 degrees 36 days after surgfery Would highly recommend very profdessional staff


VERY PLEASED WITH THE OUTCOME. Doctor did an excellent jobt

A Tribute (Right Hip)

This experience was far greater than I could have imagined. Dr. Linschoten and his staff have been so supportive. The support is constant and you never feel alone. I can TOTALLY reccomend this procedure to anyone who needs it. I am now pain free and able to live life to the fullest! And most importantly, attend my son's out of state wedding!

Right Hip Replacement

After two years of trying different methods of reducing what I though was inflammation, none of which helped, I finally made an appointment to have my hip evaluated. I had no remaining cartilage and a bone spur, which made a total hip replacement my only option in order to live pain free. I was nervous about this, as I am 49 and I was concerned about the longevity of the replacement as well as recovery from the surgery. Dr. Linschoten and Camille were fantastic in answering all of my questions prior to surgery and at my follow up. I am thrilled that at 5 weeks post-op, I am walking independently and have no further restrictions. I cannot recommend Dr. Linschoten and his team enough. My only regret is that I did not do this sooner. I am looking forward to living pain free!

Right hip replacement

Because of my fear I put off having my hip replacement surgery. Dr. Linschoten told me that the pain that I was having from the arthritis in my hip would be so much better after surgery and he was right. I had been miserable for no reason. I put it off for no reason. Now, I feel so much better. I want to move around. I want to do things that I hadn't because of the pain it would cause. Look out world, at 57, I'm ready to live again.

total knee replacement - right knee

excellent surgeon, physician assistant, and surgical team, and office personnel. would travel any distance to be seen by this doctor and staff

Right Hip Replacement at 57.

Surgery Center staff was excellent. Dr. Linschoten was superb! 100% pleased with surgery and outcome.

Bilateral Knee Replacement

My experience with Dr. Linschoten and his assistant for my knee replacement journey has been awesome. I appreciate his patience and guidance through this process with me. On the day of my procedure he prayed with me and made me feel extremely comfortable. I wouldn't change anything and I highly recommend him.

Left Hip Replacement Surgery at 69

I was very leary and very upset at first when I heard I needed hip replacement! Dr. Linschoten and Camille assured me that with my active lifestyle (I play tennis) that I would be very pleased and happy with the results. Well, they were sure right! I am so delighted with the outcome and I feel like my old self again, with no pain for the first time in 1 1/2 years. I am very grateful to Dr. Linschoten for the excellent job he did on me, and my family is over the moon with my results. We cannot thank you and Baton Rouge Orthopedic Center for the excellent care and I had and the wonderful results. I would recommend that anyone who is ever told they need a hip replacement to not put it off!!

A third times a charm

This was the third surgery that Dr. Linschoten did on my hip over a period of 35 years. He has been one of the greatest doctors that ive ever had the privilege to know. After each surgery I was able to walk again correctly. 1992 was my first surgery, and after each surgery i can see a big improvement in physical abilities and i am still able to function at 79 doing the things we enjoy at life

Left Hip Replacement Surgery

My experience with Dr. Linschoten was the best medical experience I've ever had! I prayed for GOD to send me a doctor and HE sent me the best! Dr. Linschoten made the right diagnosis, explained it completely and spent time answering my questions! I would definitely use him again and recommend him highly! From start to finish with him and his medical team was an awesome experience! I am a very satisfied patient! Thank you Dr. Linschoten! I give you a five out of five star rating!

Wonderful experience with Dr. Linschoten & staff

Excellent outcome from my 1st knee replacement performed by Dr. Linschoten. He will definitely replace my right knee when the time is appropriate.


I think that he is the best

Great experience with Dr. Linschoten

I chose Dr. Linschoten because of his great reviews and because he used Mako robotic technology which made the surgery minimally invasive. During the visit, he told me I was a candidate to have both knee replacements done at the same time. I trusted his judgement and I am glad I did both at once. He had me standing the same day as the surgery. Before the surgery, I had a CT scan of both legs and that info was fed into the Mako robot. My arthritis was so bad that I had no cartilage all the way across and my legs had bowed. He fixed everything perfectly! My legs are straight and strong and bending! The pain after surgery was a lot less than my pain before surgery. I wouldn't go to anyone else for knee or hip replacement. Dr Linschoten and his team have given me my life back!

knee revision

DR Linschoten was a true blessing to my mother ...He gave her back her quality of life and we will forever be grateful!

Dr.Linschoten came highly recommended by several close friends. The entire surgery went very well. my family and I will always highly recommend Dr. Linschoten. A FIVE STAR SURGEON.

Dr. Linschoten was a perfect choice. his manner fit my personality. This was my first surgery in my life and I was glad it was with him and his staff.


Excellent and helped relief all my pain in hip, by revision surgery and medication muscle relaxers.

Excellent surgeon

This is my second knee replacement with Dr. Linschoten...(first was 14 years ago with great results). The results to this point of 4 weeks post op, are even better. Dr. Linschoten as well as his PA Camile (sp), were as professional as any physician I've been involved with. His attentiveness to the patient, and skills as a physician are excellent....thus my good results so far.

great staff, love it

great one on one man of his word loved it


I felt like I was visiting with a close friend when I first met Dr. Linschoten. He was very kind and very informative concerning my hip replacement. He is very easy to talk to and I knew instantly that he was the right surgeon for me. I highly recommend him. His assistant Camille, and the rest of the staff are very warm and welcoming. Anyone seeking hip replacement surgery should definitely consider Dr. Linschoten. They are the best!

Third Time's the Charm

Due to hardware failure of my second knee replacement, it was necessary for me to have another revision. I was extremely reluctant to do this, as I had already undergone 7 procedures on my right knee. Dr. Linschoten explained in detail why it needed to be addressed and was extremely confident that he could repair and replace, so that my knee would be better than it currently was. My surgery experience was positive and at two weeks post-op I could already walk without any assistive device. Dr. Linschoten is a very honest, thorough, compassionate, and incredibly skilled surgeon. I highly recommend him, not only for a revision, but for any orthopedic issues he specializes in. So happy he was recommended to me!

Outstanding Professionalism

warm and supportive

Excellent Surgery!

Dr. Linschoten did an excellent job on my knee replacement surgery. He's the best!

Professional, friendly and personal

Made me feel extremely comfortable with procedure and aftercare was pleasant and quick!

Fantastic Results!

Dr. Linschoten has been awesome throughout this whole experience! He took time to answer all my questions and concerns especially since I like to know more detailed information about the whys and hows of surgery. He is so good at what he does! I can highly recommend him as an orthopedic surgeon. His staff is also great. Given how scary surgery can be, I was definitely put at ease about the procedure and had full confidence in Dr. Linschoten and his team.

Total Hip Replacement

Awesome experience with both he and his staff. Dr. Linschoten has done two hips for my husband and my first one and we were both very pleased. I was off the walker in 2 weeks!

Happy Experience

Great. Could not be more pleased

Your Rock the Knees

Excellent would be happy to recommend to others Will return if other knee needs similar love


always avail for any reason, excellent follow up, I could not have asked for better care or follow up

It was an amazing experience! We considered all precautionary action prior to deciding upon a hip replacement. From pre-surgery through post-surgery, recovery, and follow-up appointments have been outstanding. Care for people is at the paramount with Dr. Linschoten and his team of professionals. Thank you for getting me back on my feet!

Outstanding experience with excellent results

extremely personable with an exceptional fund of knowledge and outstanding bedside skills.

well taken care of

love Dr. Linschoten he takes care of your well being

highly recommend

i had a very good experience and would highly recommend him to anybody



awesome doctor friendly staff

awesome doctor, this is my second surgery with him and i love results and his personality

Wonderful Physician!

Great experience with Dr. Linschoten and staff. He is a very calm and gentle man who made me feel very comfortable during my consultation. Dr. Linschoten was very attentive to my needs and concerns. He explained in detail what I can expect if I did get surgery and if I didn't get surgery. I will see him again if I have to get surgery on the other hip.

very pleased

surgery went well and office visits were informative



Exemplary Care!

Exemplary in every way! I felt well prepared for the surgery and a tremendous support from Dr. Linschoten. Throughout the process my questions were always answered. Dr. Linschoten is an incredible surgeon and gifted with compassion for his patients. I am sorry it took me so long to muster up the courage to do this....should have done this years ago! I will be forever grateful!


Dr. Linschoten and his staff were wonderful and they made the experience having my hip replaced bearable. It was a pleasure to have been his patient.

Total Hip Replacement

Great experience and results. Dr. Linschoten explained procedure and outcomes well. Staff was friendly and professional.

accurate and caring

precise diagnosis great follow up



5/5 Experience

He is a wonderful doctor. He is very patient. I love his bedside manner. He is a good person all-around. I've heard so many people say these same things.

A great experience

My revision has healed faster with more mobility than my previous 2 TKR's and in faster time.

Great Service

Very good, turned out great for surgery!


Fabulous, very professional, from the MD to the office staff. Everyone is amazing! Thank you for such wonderful care.

Total Knee Replacement

Exceptional Overall Experience. Would highly recommend to others.

Outstanding Experience and Results

Dr. Linschoten treated my knee for three years before it became necessary for knee replacement. I trusted him completely and found his diagnoses and treatments to be accurate and helpful. When the time came for TKR he was clear in his explanations. The results have been better than I could have imagined. I was walking miles, biking, playing golf, and mowing the lawn within a matter of weeks post-op. Dr. Linschoten and his staff have helped me tremendously.

Best doctor that seemed to really care about me

excellent Came back for 2nd operation on hip


Dr. Linchoten was not only Very knowledgeable, but also attentive, caring, and always available to answer questions. It was an easy decision for me to put my well-being in the hands of Dr. Linchoten!

Totally awesome experience with Dr. Linschoten and his staff, very kind and professional

Thank you very much for the sencerity, and profesionalism, awesome job well done !!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Lin Is The BEST!!

Dr. Lin revised a hip replacement that was placed by "the best hip doctor in Houston". I could not be more satisfied. He is the best!!