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An Incredible Book that Spoke to my Soul!

The Spiritual Path: How to Create Heaven on Earth by Lily Rose is an incredible book that really spoke to my soul. Lily, who is also known as Debbie Chutuk, graciously gifted me a personal copy of this gem--a whopping 700-something pages of pure wisdom and inspiration. Being a member of my Spirituality with Ranjit Facebook Group since early 2021, Lily's profound insights have always resonated with me. In the Spiritual Path, Lily takes us on a journey of self-discovery, teaching us how to find inner peace and create a heavenly existence right here on Earth. Her words are like a gentle guiding light, reminding us of the power of love, gratitude, and mindfulness. Through relatable stories and practical advice, she shows us how to align with higher consciousness and embrace spiritual growth. This book is a true companion for anyone seeking a deeper connection with the Divine, It's written in a way that feels like a heartfelt conversation with a wise friend. It's become a treasured addition to my spiritual library, and I highly recommend it to anyone on their own spiritual journey. Thank you, Lily (aka Debbie Chutuk), for sharing your wisdom and for being a valued member of our spiritual community. Your book has touched my life in profound ways, and I'm grateful for your contribution to our collective growth. 5 Star Review

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Lily is an amazing spiritual coach and healer! Very caring, understanding and empathic individual. And I purchased her book The Spiritual Path how to Create Heaven on Earth....incredible book!!!!