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Having someone like Brittany on my team is a treasure. 06 May 2020

My business has been transformed since I began collaborating with Brittany. The confidence that I now have in my posts is thanks to her–her editing and proofreading. And I can see how her work has improved my audience’s feedback because she excels at making sense of my thoughts and what I want to say. She makes it legible and easy to understand without losing my voice. It’s been a fun process because she is so easy to work with. She is flexible and willing to work with my style. She gives me different options to choose from and different ways of wording my work. It’s just been a pleasure. She’s a true genius at her craft and it’s nice to have someone to take care of those little details that have such a huge influence on the perception and professionalism of my business. Having someone like that on my team is a treasure.

I highly recommend working with Brittany 06 Oct 2020

Brittany edited my 200+ page doctoral dissertation incredibly well from both a technical and communicative perspective. She is thorough and has an eagle eye. What I appreciated most was her kind and thoughtful approach to communicating with me whenever she had questions. I highly recommend working with Brittany. Your work isn’t just copy to be corrected. As a writer herself, she understands that the process of creation is deeply personal, and she honors that throughout her revision process.