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thank you 12 Jan 2022

The details provided by Cinny were from my daughter who committed suicide. I no longer have a dark cloud hanging over me. My life has been restored with peace. Thank you again.

Review 17 Dec 2021

she's very psychic

I'm CONVINCED in your Medeumship to help me overcome what has been taking me down for so long!!!.... 05 Oct 2021

Hi my name is Manuel Jose Ramirez and I have just recently discovered about a year and half ago I have Extremely Rare Spiritual gifts that were inherited to me on the exact date of November 25 1989, the day I was born underneath an extremely rare & uncommon planet alignment which gave me Rare abilities that I've heard from several different psychics,medeums,astrologers and Very professionally skilled spiritual Educational Leaders from the era around 1930s and up.... And now I'm So CONVINCED in everything I've heard about Cindy that I've gotta try her amazing abilities out no questions asked! 🙏😇

Try the Jewelweed salve it is amazing. 17 Aug 2021

. I haven't used her spiritual services yet but I do use her natural holistic products that she makes herself! I got a chance to try her Jewelweed Salve Amazing little find. I was attack by killer mosquitoes🐜🐜😔 I rubbed my salve on the bites and the itching stopped and bites dried up next day. Also, my son came down with a mysterious rash all over his body, and I had nothing else to use but my salve. I rubbed him down, and the rash dried up the next day. Real Events. Thank you

Her reiki really helped me! 12 Aug 2021

I am studying to strengthen my natural abilities but have been feeling blocked by bad energy. I was referred to Cinny for a remote reiki session (which I didn't have a lot of knowledge about). Cinny is so helpful and caring. She went the extra mile and provided me tips and ways to deflect what I have been going through. Plus the reiki session was out of this world. It has opened my 3rd eye vision in ways I never thought possible. I feel stronger and prepared to move forward. Thank you forever. I will be joining her mediumship class soon.

Review 10 Aug 2021

I experienced wonderful messages that gave me relief.

Review 03 Aug 2021

She gave me peace of mind letting me know my deceased mother is still very much still apart of my life

Review 30 Jul 2021

The information provided by Cinny has changed my life for the better! Some of the details she gave me didn't resonate until AFTER several days she is truly amazing and caring. Highly recommend

Review 25 Jun 2021

I’m so grateful for Cinny!! She brought me so much needed healing, because I had the chance to communicate and hear from my deceased loved of which was a relative who caused me great anguish in my childhood seeking forgiveness!! I didn’t even think that was possible! I’m no longer weighted with the feeling of unworthiness. Nor am I walking around with a heart full of unforgiveness and pain....I have found peace! Thank you Cinny for bringing me healing! I will definitely be reusing her for hard questions!!

Review 23 Jun 2021

Review 20 May 2021

I had a wonderful reading from Cinny. I experienced many points of validation and enjoyed the messages from my loved ones.

She makes alternative medicine too 05 May 2021

My name is Justin Hayes. I am a customer. Long story short, I was having some problems with my gums bleeding that went on entirely too long. Seeing as I don't trust dentists I was looking for a more natural remedy for my problem. She recommended I use a certain product of hers, when the 1st bottle didn't quite do the trick, she was quick to send me a 2nd bottle FOR FREE...and guess what? The 2nd bottle was all I needed to knock out close to 20 years of bleeding gums! She is the real deal, and I stand behind her products 1000000%. If you have a health problem, before you go to a doctor and take a bunch of prescription garbage, bring your problem to her and more than likely she has something that will help you!! I would recommend her products to ANYONE!!!

Review 12 Apr 2021

Cinny Rowe is a highly intuitive professional. She helped me with a long term issue and was able to help me align with my life path. I now wake up excited about my day and the goals I have outlined for my life. I highly recommend her.