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Our Isla simply couldn't get enough of your special edition Christmas cookie treats. Looking forward to letting her try the rest of your range!

Buzz❤️Pet treats

Such a huge range of yummy treats. Buzz loves them all but especially the hemp cookies. I have to hide them as she knows exactly where to find them every week we try a new treat as there are so many there


Mary enjoys getting treats, but she’s getting older and I like that I can get treats with Hemp Seeds because I feel like it’s also helping her


Lacey thinks she's human so she also thinks she should get a treat when my 2 little boys do. I like the Carob Peanut Clusters because I know they're safe for her, and my boys love to give her what they call puppy chocolates. It's special for them all.


Stoked to have two local shops who now stock your treats. One lucky Pooch!


Tucker loves a Vegan Veggie Pigs Ear. They take him a decent amount of time to chew through and keep him busy. He sometimes gets a rough tummy but these have been great and it's awesome we can pick them up now at our IGA