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Sessions with Sarah - Wonderful & goes deep! 04 Jun 2024

I worked with Sarah in the beg. of Jan. It was GREAT, and the depths of my "issues" I knew were vast, so I knew pretty quick I wanted a 2nd session, which I had in March. Each session she was right on, on the stuff she picked up on. She goes into depth in removing them, and then works with source to replace them with positive qualities. She gets results! I highly recommend her! Thank you, Sarah,

Key Shift Felt Following Session: Immediatley after I felt like a ton of stuff had been cleared out of my hips & legs. I also felt a high level of Contentment. On the 11th day after my session, I felt another shift, like another blanket of weight had been peeled off me, which I didn't know was there until I felt so much lighter & free! Thank you.

Amazing Session 01 Jun 2024

I recently had a session with Sarah. She dug deep into what was a deeply rooted fear of scarcity. She always made sure to check in with me to see what I was feeling to ensure she covered every angle. I would highly recommend Sarah’s sessions - she is a calming presence and a wonderful guide. You can feel the energies shifting and things changing for you in just one session. Others including myself have worked on this issue but it still lingered. I truly finally feel the shift after my session with Sarah. She also worked deeply on how I have always felt at War and the anxiety of that. Sarah cleared fog and a detrimental agreement I had made. I truly appreciate the time and care Sarah took with me during our session. Thank you Sarah - you are a beautiful, guiding light in this world. I would highly recommend a session with Sarah.

Key Shift Felt Following Session: Fear of Scarcity


I first came across Sarah Massiah on Aimie Serafini's 'Happivize' podcast where she talked about removing shock from our body systems. Sarah does this by removing, with our agreement, crucial keys within our DNA that may have been corrupted by past-life shocking experiences but are not part of our original blueprint. These can then, with our consent, be replaced by keys that help our desired evolution. This is Sarah working with Melchizadek who works directly with Creator; one corrupted key removed can eradicate thousands of old stories that no longer serve and are holding us back from discovering who we really are and what we came to do. It really is exciting stuff! The story of how Melchizadek brought this through is all in Sarah's two books. This wonderful connection happened for Sarah after she had trained in Rahanni healing and been healing herself. She now teaches and attunes people to Rahanni which I have just done, and I can feel wonderful shifts happening! I haven't brought through Melchizadek (!) yet but do get to connect with him when I go to Sarah for 'Key work' which I am finding quite transformational! If you re wanting to be more of your true self and get help in removing thousands of old stories blocking you, then I recommend Sarah Massiah unreservedly. And if you want a simple but powerful new healing modality for yourself, and to pass on to others if you wish to take the training, then I don't think Sarah will disappoint. She is friendly, gentle and empowering! Thank you Sarah, Melchizadek, and all the other many Angels and Masters!

Key Shift Felt Following Session: 'Just' (!) Waking up more, really, and it's ongoing!


Rahanni is fantastic, gentle but powerful healing modality brought through some years ago by a lady called Carol. Taught clearly, simply and empoweringly: How it came to Carol for this time, Melchizadek and all the other angels and high Beings who are part of it, how to set up your heling space and conduct the healing. And we will continue to use it on ourselves before we reconvene again with Sarah. If you are interested in Rahanni healing I strongly recommend Sarah as your lovely, loving teacher who is clearly on her Path!

Key Shift Felt Following Session: I Felt some relief, as if a lot had moved, especially from the heart.

Great teaching 27 Jan 2024

I've been fortunate enough to have completed two courses with Sarah now and I have to say that she is both an excellent teacher & healer. My life will always be enhanced thanks to everything Sarah has taught me & I would recommend her to anyone else who wants to enhance their spiritual journey further.