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Thank you for your feedback. 22 Apr 2013

"My experience with Dr. Matthew Brown and Kaw Valley Hearing has been extremely positive. His office is spacious and relaxing. My appointments are always on time. His equipment is state-of-the-art and incorporates the latest digital and video technology, so you can actually see the problems on a big screen display as he explains his diagnosis and recommends treatment plan. The correction of my hearing loss makes a significant difference in my ability to understand words even in a noisy environment. Most importantly, my wife experienced immediate positive changes in our communications and now I seldom ask her to repeat things. Television volume is comfortable and understandable at one half the previous volume setting. I highly recommend Kaw Valley Hearing and Dr. Brown to anyone experiencing hearing problems."

Thank you for taking time to leave such valuable feedback. 04 May 2013

"When my husband received his hearing aids, I was totally amazed at his improved hearing. My hearing wasn't as poor, but I didn't want it to decrease, so I purchased hearing aids. Other compelling reasons for doing so, was my fear of missing out on social interactions and the potential for a lessening of cognitive abilities due to poor hearing." "Dr. Brown took a great deal of time explaining options to me. The professional testing certainly identified my hearing deficit. Dr. Brown assisted me in choosing the color of the hearing aids to match my hair! It is difficult for others to notice the hearing aids." "I was extremely pleased with the clinic - very personable staff. Dr. Brown is very professional and took the time to ensure that I was comfortable with my new hearing aids. I would highly recommend Kaw Valley Hearing!"

Review 12 Nov 2013

I have had hearing loss since early childhood. I believe this impairment hindered my learning in school. I fully recommend Kaw Valley Hearing.

Thank you for your feedback. 02 Dec 2013

"I have been to several hearing institutions and I never been treated like I get treated at Kaw Valley. I like Kaw Valley because your problems are their problems and you can tell the way he talks to you, he takes his work very serious."