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Review 02 Feb 2021

My visit with Dr. Brown was very comfortable and informative. The staff took the time to answer all my questions and make me feel welcome. Thank you!

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Review 24 Dec 2020

Thanks to my Medicare Advantage plan I was forced to leave my hearing services provider of the past eight year in Lawrence. I researched the three providers offered by my new plan and found Kaw Valley was recommended as the best option based on my situation. Getting an appointment was quick and easy. Dr. Matt and Kira were great from the first visit and right through the fitting/fine tuning of the new hearing aids. They earned five stars from me for ease of care, listening to my needs, making a unit recommendation and getting my ears 'tuned' in one visit. Great investment and the new technology is incredible. No more batteries! ????

Review 04 Dec 2020

Dr. Brown started taking care of my hearing loss issues in 2017 & fitted me with my first set of hearing aids. On December 3, 2020 he helped me update my hearing aids with a new pair that are iPhone compatible. He took plenty of time to explain how they worked & programmed my cell phone that works as a remote control. He has always been professional & courteous as has his staff.

Review 09 Oct 2020

Matt and the staff were beyond professional and helpful. His top priority was getting the proper diagnosis for my mother not her budget. Once the diagnosis was made there were several hearing aids to choose from and we narrowed it down to one (based on her lifestyle and needs). I live out of state and am 1000% positive that I made the right choice for my mother who lives in Kansas. If you are looking for sincere care and service, this is the place.

Most Gratifying 30 Sep 2020

"From my initial consultation through the exam and finally receiving my hearing aids, my association with Dr. Brown has been excellent and most gratifying on my part for his professional concern. This opinion has been reinforced after my yearly check-up, and he discovered a growth that need to be evaluated by my primary care physician."

Custom #1: Mary
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Review 28 Jul 2020

It has been a great experience coming to Kaw Valley Hearing. I wish I would have found you sooner. It makes a huge difference in my life being able to hear better. THANK YOU!

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Review 12 Jul 2020

Dr. Matt was very thorough and helpful in his testing and recommendation for equipment. To help me hear better. A good experience!!!

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Review 02 Jul 2020

This is my 2nd set of hearing aids. These are so much better than my first set. Good folks to work with. Very pleased.

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Thank You For The Excellent Service 30 Jun 2020

The staff at both offices have provided exceptional service every time I have been there. They have even provided curb-side service during the COVID pandemic. Dr. Brown is very personable and knows a lot about all types of hearing loss and hearing aids. Thank You Kaw Valley Heairng.

Best Service 29 Jun 2020

"I appreciated the professional consulting and advise regarding my hearing. There has been significant and certain improvement in my hearing since the initial appointment at the clinic. I look forward to continued follow-ups."

Valued Patient 23 Jun 2020

"The visit went well. The staff were very nice and professional."

We value your feedback, thank you. 22 Jun 2020

"They are good people. They are easy to work with. I’m very pleased with my hearing aid purchase, and their commitment to ongoing customer service/patient care is very important for ones hearing well-being."

Review 23 Mar 2020

Excellent service and care.

Valued Patient 10 Oct 2019

"My husband and I started getting care from Dr. Brown several years ago after my husband attended an information session presented by Dr. Brown. We have both been pleased with the keep up Dr. Brown has given us and with the help his staff has provided. We recommend his services to anyone having hearing difficulties. When you find yourself having to ask people to repeat, it’s time to see Dr. Brown."

Thank you for your feedback. 10 Oct 2019

​"Dr. Brown has gone way beyond just helping with a check up at every visit. He’s taken extra time to answer many questions and offered suggestions, besides never rushing me."

Thank you for your feedback. 11 Sep 2019

"​At Kaw Valley Hearing, your hearing health is truly important. Dr. Brown has improved my hearing. With his knowledge of my hearing, he has actually stimulated my worst ear to where I hear better with the use of hearing aids. I would recommend you visit this wonderful staff. You don’t know what you’re missing, until you hear it."

We value your feedback, thank you. 29 Mar 2019

"I have been a patient with Kaw Valley Hearing for nearly four years. They have been great to deal with and very attentive to my needs. I can hear my grand kids speak and sing. I would recommend them without reservation to anyone that is in the need for hearing aids."

Thank you for your feedback. 26 Mar 2019

"The follow up has been terrific. Great concern shown for my improved hearing!"

Review 21 Nov 2018

Dr Brown and the staff at Kaw Valley Hearing have made my life more enjoyable by equipping me to hear so much that I was missing. They are friendly and professional, knowing the patient and options available.

Review 05 Oct 2018

I can’t believe that after years of dealing with hearing loss I will be getting hearing aids. Dr was awesome and gave me some options to be able to purchase my hearing aids. Thank you so much you have changed my life!!!!

Valued Patient 25 Jul 2018

"I was recently transferred to Kaw Valley Hearing from another hearing aid provider and am happier with Kaw Valley than my previous provider. The staff at Kaw Valley, both the female staff and Dr. Brown, are friendly and very helpful. They are attentive to my concerns, offering explanations that are clear, and answering questions patiently. Their knowledge and helpfulness are greatly appreciated."

Thank you for taking time to leave such valuable feedback. 23 May 2018

"Deaf for 20 years and in printing for 53 years. Have had hearing problems forever. My wife and I married for 58 1/2 years before she passed. Started about 10 years ago that my wife would say I would stop talking to her due to hearing loss. Volume on TV 100% before I had hearing aids. I'm very happy with the things I can hear with my new hearing aids. Dr. Brown and staff are great to work with! I have tried other hearing aids in past (from other establishments) with no luck."

Thank you for your feedback. 26 Apr 2018

"Dr. Brown and his assistant were both very personable and knowledgeable. Dr. Brown allowed me to try the hearing aids for a week as my hearing loss was not severe. He informed me of financial options as well. Very thorough! I give them a 10 out of 10!"

Thank you for taking time to leave such valuable feedback. 25 Apr 2018

"Fantastic! If I were to rate Kaw Valley Hearing, I would rate the service I have received at 5/5 stars. I could not ask for anything more from Kaw Valley Hearing and The Starkey Hear Now Foundation! If it wasn't for Kaw Valley Hearing and the Starkey Hear Now Foundation, I would not be able to afford hearing aids and would not be able to hear."

Review 27 Feb 2018

My husband and I recently purchased Starkey hearing aids from Dr. Brown. He has been entirely professional, accommodating, and spot-on in his evaluation and treatment of my hearing loss. I am enjoying the aids which have enabled me to hear clearly television, as well as people in my life. I like the care and effort Dr. Brown and his staff have invested in my comfort and satisfaction. If you have a hearing problem, please visit Kaw Valley Hearing. You won’t regret it.

Valued Patient 22 Nov 2016

"I found that the employees and doctor to be very friendly and helpful at all times. This was my first experience with hearing aids and it was all handled very professionally. I will continue to do business with Kaw Valley."

Thank you for taking time to leave such valuable feedback. 13 Oct 2016

"I LOVE Kaw Valley Hearing! Matthew fitted me with the best hearing aids I have owned in my 38 years of wearing them. I was replacing hearing aids that were only a year old from a different outfit and I was very unhappy with the quality of those aids. I have had my new aids for a year now & still am so very happy I came here. Whenever I have a question, they have been available that day & clean my aid & have me back on my way in less than 5 minutes. I highly recommend Kaw Valley Hearing & Matthew (the audiologist). This is the best experience I have had getting new devices & I can now hear little children (who I work with & have never been able to understand very well). THANK YOU, MATTHEW !!"

Thank you for taking time to leave such valuable feedback. 09 Sep 2016

"More than twelve years ago I started my experience with hearing difficulties and challenges. I would eventually be diagnosed with Meniere's disease, which leads to increasing hearing difficulties as the disease progresses. I connected with a local ENT office and would receive hearing instruments as my first step in meeting the challenges of progressive hearing loss. Doctor Brown was a younger graduate intern at that office and it was his recommendation that I use two instruments, one in each ear, giving the ears a chance to work together in establishing my best possible results with my remaining hearing. Those instruments would work just as he predicted for me over the next several years. Doctor Brown would move on to establish his own practice at Kaw Valley Hearing. But I never forgot his recommending for me this best possible solution. Now years later and after seeing a specialist in advanced hearing loss for years, my condition continued to decline yet options seemed limited. I was still wearing my first purchased hearing aids and struggling with my hearing loss. I sought out Doctor Brown because of his kindness to me years ago, and his thorough approach to hearing loss, to determine if other hearing options were even viable. I was glad to find him the same hearing professional I first met, thorough, knowledgeable and compassionate. We reviewed my hearing history, all my records with hearing doctors and my years of experience in hearing loss. As a result, he recommended I use new hearing instruments with amazing new technology. To say the very least, I find myself renewed by the opportunities this new technology provides for me. My journey has taken a turn for the better and I look forward to my continued relationship with Doctor Brown. We shall see what challenges are ahead of me but for now I am in the best possible situation I could imagine. Thanks Doctor Brown and Kaw Valley Hearing!"

Valued Patient 22 Feb 2016

"Dr. Brown's patient care and product knowledge are first class. He really puts the patient first. I just wish I had gone to him sooner!"

Review 11 Jan 2016

I have nothing but GREAT things to say about Dr. Brown and Kaw Valley Hearing. For most of my life, I have been wearing hearing aids and working with audiologist in the different parts of the country that I have lived. Matt is one of the BEST. He is SO knowledgeable about the various medical origins of hearing loss and about the newest technology in hearing aids. He was very generous with his time. He is extremely empathetic and has great people skills. He and I worked together to find the BEST fit for my hearing needs. And Kaw Valley Hearing provided me with a great product at a competitive price. If you're looking for a new audiologist to help you find a new set of hearing aids.... look no further! Thank you so much,Matt!!

Thank you for your feedback. 15 Sep 2015

"I have been wearing hearing aids for over 10 years. I had a problem with both my hearing aids. Dr. Brown repaired both of them in his office and the price was very reasonable. He is very knowledgeable about hearing loss and hearing aid repair. I would give Dr. Brown a five star rating. Thank you Dr. Brown"

Review 20 Aug 2015

"After all these years of not hearing, it was hard to believe the sounds I was missing and had forgotten. Now it's a completely different world. Kaw Valley did it right."

Valued Patient 11 Aug 2015

Say What? There once was a lady named Wynne, Had 20-dollar hearing...then a penny, She came back with a rally That was due to Kaw Valley And now she hears better than many.

Review 11 Aug 2015

From There to Hear There once was a gal with poor hearing, 'Twas something she found not endearing, Kaw Valley was aware And treated her with care And eased stress to her audio fearing.

We value your feedback, thank you. 26 Jul 2015

"I have had Starkey hearing aids for almost a year and am extremely pleased. Dr. Brown was extremely helpful in adjusting the devices for my hearing needs. He and his staff are very patient oriented and it is very appreciated."

Thank you for your feedback. 26 Jul 2015

"Dr. Brown diagnosed our son with hearing loss at the age of 4. He made the transition into wearing hearing aides for my son and our family very effortless. He has been very professional and compassionate throughout the whole process. My son is now 8 and we continue to consult with Dr. Brown. I would highly recommend Dr. Brown's services."

We value your feedback, thank you. 09 Mar 2014

"Dr.Brown and Kaw Valley Hearing have truly provided me with the most professional and ethical hearing experience I have ever had. Approximately a year after purchasing my hearing aids I began to experience reduced hearing in my right ear which I thought just needed some minor adjustment. When Dr. Brown retested my hearing we found a substantial decline in the right ear, the necessary adjustment would max out the hearing aid which would result in the need to purchase a more powerful aid. However, Dr. Brown recommended that I see an ear surgeon before we made any decisions. The surgeon found that I was in need of a Stapedectomy and after the successful surgery my right ear was back to the level when I first purchased my hearing aids. Dr. Brown cleaned and reset my aids and they are working like new. Dr. Brown and Kaw Valley Hearing are true professionals in caring for their patients."

Thank you for your feedback. 02 Dec 2013

"I have been to several hearing institutions and I never been treated like I get treated at Kaw Valley. I like Kaw Valley because your problems are their problems and you can tell the way he talks to you, he takes his work very serious."

Review 12 Nov 2013

I have had hearing loss since early childhood. I believe this impairment hindered my learning in school. I fully recommend Kaw Valley Hearing.

Thank you for taking time to leave such valuable feedback. 04 May 2013

"When my husband received his hearing aids, I was totally amazed at his improved hearing. My hearing wasn't as poor, but I didn't want it to decrease, so I purchased hearing aids. Other compelling reasons for doing so, was my fear of missing out on social interactions and the potential for a lessening of cognitive abilities due to poor hearing." "Dr. Brown took a great deal of time explaining options to me. The professional testing certainly identified my hearing deficit. Dr. Brown assisted me in choosing the color of the hearing aids to match my hair! It is difficult for others to notice the hearing aids." "I was extremely pleased with the clinic - very personable staff. Dr. Brown is very professional and took the time to ensure that I was comfortable with my new hearing aids. I would highly recommend Kaw Valley Hearing!"

Thank you for your feedback. 22 Apr 2013

"My experience with Dr. Matthew Brown and Kaw Valley Hearing has been extremely positive. His office is spacious and relaxing. My appointments are always on time. His equipment is state-of-the-art and incorporates the latest digital and video technology, so you can actually see the problems on a big screen display as he explains his diagnosis and recommends treatment plan. The correction of my hearing loss makes a significant difference in my ability to understand words even in a noisy environment. Most importantly, my wife experienced immediate positive changes in our communications and now I seldom ask her to repeat things. Television volume is comfortable and understandable at one half the previous volume setting. I highly recommend Kaw Valley Hearing and Dr. Brown to anyone experiencing hearing problems."