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Re-upholstered two wing back chairs and a dining room chair.

I purchased my own material and he helped me to know exactly how much I needed and if the material was appropriate for residential use. He finished all the chairs in about a week and I requested that he hold on to them, until I was finished refinishing my floors and the mess was all cleaned. He did this without any issues. While he was holding onto my chairs, he placed them in his show room and clients offered many compliments. I very pleased with how everything turned out and so was he.

Built a custom-made love seat.

Mr. Yumak and his team did great work on a custom-made loveseat for my sitting room. I met with his designer to select a fabric and to browse through numerous photos of furniture styles to help me choose what I wanted. Before I knew it, he was calling to tell me the loveseat was completed -- 2 weeks ahead of schedule! It's a great piece that stands up to my kids (and dog) and looks beautiful as well.

I had a massive, seven foot long couch and a chaise recovered in white duck fabric

Because I do not drive, Miranda brought fabric samples to me at my home, which was a huge help. We had conferred about my tastes over the phone and via email before hand, and I knew what I wanted, so this was not too difficult. If I had needed more guidance I think she would have been most helpful. I had a budget which she helped me keep within. When the furniture was delivered the white couch got some dirt on it coming thru my front doorway. The owner of the company scheduled Airport ChemDry Cleaners to come and clean the couch at his expense and my convenience. He said that if the stains did not come out he would reupholster the entire couch again, at no cost. I was floored. Happily, Airport ChemDry did a miraculous job (I would use them again) and my white furniture is once again looking great.

They re-upholstered to wingback chairs for me. They also re-did the dining room chair for me.

I got him from Angie's List and he was excellent. They came out to give me the estimate because I could not take the chairs to them. They gave me a price for the labor because I had picked up materials from another company which did not bother him in the least. They were able to finish the work in a very short period of time and I was not ready for the chairs to come back yet, so, they kept them in the showroom window and a lot of people wanted to buy them. It really turned out be very beautiful. They could not match the fabric exactly for the dining room chair, but, it is so close that if they had not told me, I would not have noticed.