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"...Envision Brand Marketing is a step above the others." 09 Jun 2020

"Davaughnu Banks and the company he has created with Envision Brand Marketing is a step above the others. Davaughnu and his team took our brand and not only modernized it, but also put a story behind the name by re-branding it to the what the future holds. Davaughnu is open-minded, well versed in the changing consumer trends and economical development both in your area as well as other's in the country that would be comparable to your territory. He does his research to offer up new alternatives to traditional marketing while also keeping a close eye on your ROI. Davaughnu works diligently to ensure his clients are more than satisfied by ensuring his creative and your target audience are on point. He thinks next level and outside the box when assisting you with reaching your target audience. Davaughnu and Team rebuilt our brand from its name, to all the office materials, signage on the property, vehicle graphics, promotional materials, website, billboards, social media, newsprint. radio copy, digital ads; you name it, his team did it. The relationship we built with Davaughnu over the 2 years working together was very open and honest with feedback both given and received extremely well."

"Envision met the needs of our project perfectly." 18 Jan 2021

"They brought the right scope, level of experience and sophistication to enable a fruitful, manageable and affordable relationship. Davaughnu is a true professional who is a joy to partner with. I hope to use them again in a new venture."