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Grateful 21 Mar 2023

My time in Assisi with Vinod and my other new friends was beautiful. Vinod is a very special man who is perfect to share the beauty and peace that is Assisi. I will carry the memories of my time there, all that I learned about myself and my practice in my heart always.

Magical Assisi 18 Jan 2023

Assisi has given me a lot of new insights. Vinod is a heartful teacher The way he combine inner wisdom of the teachings in sitting practise and careful choosen places of Assisi's rich culture and history , brings you into a higher understanding of spirituality in relation to yourself. I am thankful for this experience and will come back to Assisi.

Assisi casts a spell 15 Jan 2023

Assisi is a special, peaceful, beautiful place and I was extremely lucky to have spent Christmas on retreat there. Vinod was a wonderful leader, teacher, and guide - he is extremely kind, perceptive, and inspiring. His guided meditations somehow managed to hit just the right note every time. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone, don’t overthink it just go and let Assisi work it’s magic! I hope to be able to return someday myself. I arrived feeling weary and overwhelmed and left feeling hopeful and rejuvenated.

Lovely to spend the Christma in Assisi. 13 Jan 2023

This was my second time attending the Christmas Retreat at Assisi Retreat and I enjoyd it as much as the first time. What an beautiful way to spend the Christmas, and have a recharge. Thank You very much.

Assisi casts a spell 12 Jan 2023

Assisi is a special, peaceful, beautiful place and I was extremely lucky to have spent Christmas on retreat there. Vinod was a wonderful leader, teacher, and guide - he is extremely kind, perceptive, and inspiring. His guided meditations somehow managed to hit just the right note every time. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone, don’t overthink it just go and let Assisi work it’s magic! I hope to be able to return someday myself. I arrived feeling weary and overwhelmed and left feeling hopeful and rejuvenated.

Asissi 27.12.22-02.01.2023 11 Jan 2023

Angenehmen und schöne Landschaft sowie viel gelernt, Danke an Super Lehrer Vinod und Team, wiederholen sehr gerne

Joyous Assisi 10 Jan 2023

This was my second trip to the meditation retreat in Assisi. I specifically chose this time because I wanted to experience Assisi with the Natale activities and because Vinod was once again the meditation guide, both walking and seated. Vinod has a special and unique way of calming the soul. He also puts out extra effort if attendees arrive or depart on non-retreat days. This was very reassuring as a solo traveler who needed taxi numbers and the like. Assisi itself was bustling this time, but the essence of St. Francis and St. Clare was still present. Walking the quiet streets, nature paths and gardens still brought a sense of stillness. As Paul said, there’s a good chance of once again returning to ‘keep in touch’ with the spirit of Assisi.

Joyous Assisi 10 Jan 2023

This was my second trip to the meditation retreat in Assisi. I specifically chose this time because I wanted to experience Assisi with the Christmas activities and because Vinod was once again the meditation guide, both walking and seated. Vinod has a special and unique way of calming the soul. He also puts out extra effort if attendees arrive or depart on non-retreat days. This was very reassuring as a solo traveler who needed taxi numbers and the like. Assisi itself was bustling this time, but the essence of St. Francis and St. Clare was still present. Walking the quiet streets, nature paths and gardens still brought a sense of stillness. As Paul said, there’s a good chance of once again returning to ‘keep in touch’ with the spirit of Assisi.

Peace and Joy 05 Jan 2023

San Francesco made peace and joy his purpose, and though it is hard to explain rationally, I feel that in Assisi. A stunning Medieval city, with beautiful streets, alleys, basilica, churches and piazzas to explore, Assisi is welcoming. It truly feels like going home. The retreat is a wonderful mix of quiet contemplation, guided exploration and a chance to reflect on what Francesco can teach us, whether your preference is secular or religious, it doesn't matter. Life can be more oriented towards peace and joy, and this retreat, with the expert and loving guidance of Vinod as meditation leader and city guide, helps us get there. This was my second retreat in Assisi, and it will draw me back again. Completely irresistible!

To Assisi 30 Dec 2022

I shall arise and go now, to Assisi. For peace I’ll find there, dropping slow, like the mists over the valley. I wander like a hungry child, walking in the steps of Francis and Clare, looking for nourishment. Manna from heaven. In Porziuncola, I receive a pardon. All my sins forgiven, And peace descends, gentle and soft upon my soul. In San Damiano, I felt Clare there. In Santa Chiara, Sister Clare, You touched my heart. Oh! What a love like that can do! A simple life. And a love, pure and true. The bells! The bells! The bells! I have arrived. I have arrived. I have arrived.

Assisi Sunlight 27 Dec 2022

My greatest and most moving thoughts about Assisi are the presence of the light. I've never seen such clear, brilliant light. I walked for a week in the bright Italian sunlight in and out of forests, vineyards, olive plantations, small hamlets, and on the final day I reached the high elevation of my trek and looked down on my destination; the hilltop town of Assisi shining in the valley below. She appeared as a jewel against the forest and the fields surrounding Her. And of course there was always the light. The town was literally alive and aglow with light and energy. Not the reflected light of the stone buildings and streets but an inner glow much like the glowing embers of a wood fire. Throughout my week-long retreat that followed days of silent trekking through the forest and fields and small towns I returned to the Nuns and their cloistered chants and songs numerous times. Each morning I awoke to the brilliant sun rising in the mist outside my balcony window. I can't wait to return to Assisi and be on retreat with everyone that comes. Lou

Revitalised!! 06 Oct 2022

Assisi is full of history, beauty , tranquility and wholeness. Vinod our wonderful guide and meditation teacher took us on the most magical journey. Reciting stories of the region , gems of insightful guidance whilst meditating and a real pleasure to be with. Highly recommend.

Retreat full of love and kindness 05 Oct 2022

I have attended many retreats when I was younger but this experience was way beyond my expectations. The way Vinod scheduled the activity (meditation and meditation walk) was perfect. I felt no rush. Everything in perfect timing. I missed the nature walk. Even the rain can’t stop the immense joy I felt when we are in nature walk, I miss the music and sound of young children singing inside the church or at the side of the street, I miss the early morning vespers of franciscan priest and most especially I miss the surprise waiting for us at the end of a difficult walk. Vinod is so kind and full of love. His calmness is amazing. He guided us every step we make. I am so grateful for he walked with my friend (who is unwell) until she reached Eremo Delle carceri. The feeling of leaving Assisi is something I cannot put into words. It’s a mix of gratitude, happiness and satisfaction that I have never felt before. It will remain in my heart forever. Thank you Vinod for guiding me in this journey!

Magical retreat in a magical place 05 Oct 2022

From the moment I approached Assisi by train and saw the medieval town covered in mist, I knew this retreat would be special. It was better than I could have even imagined. Vinod is a fantastic meditation facilitator, and he thoughtfully incorporated our group’s interests into our daily walks so that the experience felt unique and personal. I plan to join him for another retreat in Assisi! For anyone considering this retreat, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Assisi is absolutely magical, and so was this program.

A Gift From My Sister 04 Oct 2022

My sister came to Assisi for retreat and told me what a wonderful experience she had at the retreat and in Assisi. I was jealous. I wanted the experience for myself. She wanted to go back so we came together. My first retreat, my first time to visit Assisi and an unbelievably wonderful experience. Vinod was such an caring leader. He has left within me a peace that came home with me. The Hotel room, food and staff were perfect for the visit to Assisi. A life affirming experience.

A very special experience 29 Sep 2022

Vinod asked how we found out about the Retreat and like others, for me, it was online and jumped out strongly as something I needed to do … and it was ! The whole experience was perfect . I loved every minute! The meditations twice a day, led by the wisest and most gentle teacher, created such peace and love as we made our way around beautiful Assisi, getting acquainted with the life of St Francis … and St Clare. Vinod held our hand throughout it all and as sole travellers on arrival, it did not take long to feel part of a special family. Also having a lot of laughter, fabulous food and significant moments of synchronicity! Assisi is not just a beautiful city with amazing views , churches and culture ….it is also the cleanest, quietest and most friendly place I have been to in a long time . I have been recommending this retreat to so many friends already and plan to return again sometime soon !

Finding inner peace and connection 15 Sep 2022

I remain deeply grateful for my time in the quiet of Assisi: inhabiting a centred space surrounded by beauty, history, spiritual connectedness and nourishing souls. Several months later I can go back to the deep heart, hear the bells and pigeons and continue to resonate with the peaceful space created by the experience. May other humans be blessed with the joy it brought me.

Everyone Needs this !!! 11 Sep 2022

A big thank you to the team for making this such a special trip for me and my dad. Vinod is such a special person/ teacher with a special gift. He was able to create a personal connection with everyone there. I believe everyone needs to experience this retreat in such a beautiful location.

Peace and Renewal 11 Sep 2022

Assisi is a place of magic and wonderful energy. The retreat was a beautiful blend of meditation practice bringing us into the moment, and life lessons from the odyssey of the great Francesco. No religion required to come away from this place feeling peaceful, renewed, having made some life-long friendships, and benefitted from the best meditation leader I have encountered, Vinod. I plan to repeat the experience 😊

A great experience 09 Aug 2022

The retreat in Assisi has been one of the best things I've done for myself. A week full of meditation, learning about St. Francis and St. Clare, walking in their footsteps and visiting sites where they have lived and died, has been a great experience. Thank you, Brenda, for facilitating such a wonderful week, and Ruth for organizing everything.

Anchoring Peace 08 Aug 2022

Thank you Dear Brenda, Bruce and Ruth for an amazing retreat. The journey "within" was beautiful. This was my second retreat in Assisi. I loved every moment of it. The meditations, our pilgrimage to various churches and the mountain were very enriching. There was lot of time for self reflection and connecting to my own self. The organization of the retreat was perfect and everything worked on time and on schedule. This time I also focused on St. Clare, an amazing and courageous woman. Thank you for sharing the wonderful books from your library and also your writings. Brenda with her knowledge of Hinduism and other spiritual paths gave us many pearls during our meditations. “Your goal is not to battle with the mind, but to witness the mind.” -- Swami Muktananda Brenda also shared with us the meaning of many Latin words. Pax et Bonum "Pax" as the Latin word for peace, while "bonum" means good. Both peace and goodness are strong elements in the life and spirituality of St. Francis. Thank you Brenda for sharing. Thanks to Ruth and Bruce for spreading peace and joy in our world May the Force be with you all Lots of love Chitra

Peace~glorious peace! 18 Jul 2022

My quest for peace...peace in my heart, peace in my mind, peace in my family, peace in the world, profound peace~and so, let it begin with me. Each day was a process of turning my life, my will, my thoughts, my desires and ambitions into God's hands, trusting in his mercy and everlasting love. I am grateful for our leader Brenda, who in her kind and wise way taught me the practice of meditation. This quantum shift has brought even more light and love into my life. She taught us the ways of St. Francis and St. Clare, we walked in their footsteps and followed their example of the all inclusive, unconditional love from the heart. I began to shed my story and chose to be present in this holy land of Assisi where I was reminded to love the woman God created me to be. God surrounded me with beautiful people on this journey. Our week was filled with silence, laughter, love and peace~glorious peace! The blessings of Assisi will remain in my heart to be cherished and shared. Peace and love, Madeline

A gift! 14 Jul 2022

This was my first time attending a meditation retreat. I must confess that the beauty of Assisi was a strong reason for me to give it a try. I did not expect at all the strong emotions while meditating. I guess it was the first time that I was really open to the idea to hear my spirit and quiet my ego. Brenda, our leader, was so open and welcoming since day one. She certainly made me feel welcome( as a newbie)and at ease since most of my peers had previous experiences similar to this one. The whole experience was challenging but very positive. I left Assisi with a strong desire and commitment to continue to cultivate a strong , authentic spiritual life. At the time of signing up for the retreat, I did not know this would be such a gift to me! Fondly, Jimena.

A magic place and great retreat 11 Jul 2022

For the seventh time I have visited the magical place Assisi. There are few places on earth that contain so much beauty and silence. Assisi is one of these. The retreat I was able to follow this time with one of my best friends was fantastic. Under the inspiring and extremely pleasant leadership of Brenda, we were able to experience the silence and inspiration with a beautiful, small group. It is very special to get to know Assisi in this way. It definitely gives an extra dimension to the stay. I can therefore recommend everyone to take this moment for yourself. I hope to come back again to experience all the beauty of Assisi again! Love, Erik

Life Altering Journey 09 Jul 2022

I am forever grateful to Eva Spoof, my lifelong friend (since 60 years!) for inviting me to join her in Assisi, a place of beauty and peace , which I now consider a(one) Home for my heart.. i enjoyed deeply every moment every single day during my stay. I am grateful to Ruth and Bruce for making the journey possible and I am forever grateful (and so appreciative) to Brenda, who actually allowed (facilitated) the personal journey to happen, by providing and sharing her wisdom and guidance from her own heart, experience and knowledge., all of which resonated with me with intensity and all of which has made a deep impact in how I see myself in the world and all of which will hopefully continue guiding me in my spiritual path forward , so that I will be able to always carry with me and cultivate the “simple peace” from within wherever I will go. I would definitely want to return to Assisi, hopefully on a regular basis from now on, in order to cultivate and further enrich my heart and inner light.. I am Forever grateful to all who has made this life altering journey possible..🙏🙏🙏

I was called to Assisi and this retreat by St Francis' spirit! 03 Jul 2022

When I heard about Assisi Retreats where  St Francis was born, my heart felt pulled to go there. When I heard St. Francis’s simple prayer” Lord, make me instrument of your peace …..” tears ran down my face. I knew I had to be there. The whole week was an unforgettable experience. Experiencing Assisi through the life journey of St Francis was so beautiful and powerful. Each day passing by, I felt closer to God, and closer to every beautiful soul around me. I felt so much peace and love within and without. Thank you Brenda our special leader and everyone.  You all made this retreat so special. Sia Wang - UK

So grateful for the peace and presence this experience has brought into my everyday life!! 27 Jun 2022

My experience attending the Assisi Retreat was profound! I felt such peace and presence - it was wonderful! After returning home, I fell back into being "busy", but within a week or two realized "no way"!! I want to bring that peace and presence that I experienced every day in Assisi back into my daily life. I want to be the in state of "being" while I am "doing". I want to thank Brenda and everyone in our group. I truly internalized that state of "being" in our daily meditations and journeys every day in Assisi. I have to say - it does take practice and patience and presence - but I am finding it so worth it. I finished "Simple Peace - The Spiritual Life of St. Francis of Assisi" once, and I am now reading it again. It brings back the feeling of St. Francis all around me throughout my day. I am so grateful!! Thank you for this incredible blessing in my life!!

A fantastic experience 19 Jun 2022

Dear Bruce and Ruth, I am back home in France. I am totally at peace. I am very grateful to both of you. You let me rediscover Assisi under a different light, I will never forget it and it will all stay in my heart forever. I came at the perfect moment in my life and you were both the perfect guides into the beauty and simple peace of Assisi. I will come back with my family sometime during the next year to let them savor the peace and the beauty. I will be back for a retreat too !!!  Much love and peace to you both, Salvatore

Solitude and silence 14 Jun 2022

I had the opportunity to go on retreat with a wonderful group of people from around the world. I visited Assisi briefly in 2014 and knew I had to come back. And no better way to be nourished by Assisi then by spending a week in solitude and silence on a retreat.  It was so life giving and exactly what I needed at this point in my life. I am 70 years old and would do it again. You will not disappointed.

pace e bene... 09 Jun 2022

We wanted to express our deep appreciation for Brenda's wonderful guidance for our May retreat in beautiful Assisi. It was truly lovely, the thoughts and peace we shared, the guided-mediation sessions Brenda led, the wonderful treks to so many sacred sites, with thoughtful walking and prayerful reflections on each of the special places. We loved every minute of it; Brenda guided us beautifully, and the group was so dear and supportive, thanks be.

Peace 02 Jun 2022

Assisi is the perfect place to take the time to take care of yourself and connect with God in a new and transformative way. Brenda provided the perfect combination of heart and mind. I loved her leader ship and I loved the breakfasts and dinners together. A place where you can meet a diverse group of people and feel a unity of spirit. It was an experience I will never forget. I would also be remiss if I did not thank the hotel staff for all they did to make us physically comfortable which enabled me available to spend the time with God that much more available. Loved it all!

Yet more miracles at an Assisi Retreat 31 May 2022

I have just returned home from my 5th Simple Peace retreat in Assisi and yet again the retreat totally exceeded my very high expectations. Brenda our retreat leader was so kind, supportive and joyful that every day of the retreat unfolded perfectly. I am still filled with the beautiful energy from Assisi and I know it will stay with me for a long, long time!

Love Assisi and Assisi Retreats 29 May 2022

Adding Assisi and Assisi Retreats to the end of two month solo journey through Italy must have been put into my head and heart by St. Francis. It was just what I needed before I went home again. I love the people that I attended the retreat with and Brenda was an amazing leader. Seeing Assisi through the eyes of St. Francis was beautiful. I love the sites of Assisi but exploring them during our retreat made them much more impactful and meaningful. Pax et Bonum.

We are being guided 13 May 2022

I very much enjoyed and benefited personally from this retreat. Assisi is a wondrous place to travel to, explore, learn about past faith practices, and to journey within through meditation. The hotel is comfortable and quiet with an inspiring view of the area. The staff work hard to care well for its guests. The meditation room that is set apart for the retreat is spacious, amply furnished and allows the group to learn and practice. The format of the retreat is designed to guide one further in their practice of meditation. Brenda was an informative and approachable leader who balanced teaching us about the history of the area and about the practice of meditation while also joining with the group on the journey. The daily excursions are interesting, fun and provide another opportunity for meditation. My favorite part of the retreat is all the guidance and opportunity given to develop one's meditation practice. I highly recommend this retreat.

The beauty of peace 13 May 2022

Our time in Assisi was a wonderful gift. Brenda provided gentle and helpful guidance with a mix of disciplined meditation along with some levity and lots of joy. Our meal times were meaningful and filled with interesting conversation. The space was a luxury - having access 24-hours a day to the meditation space was so appreciated and added to the experience. Our hikes/walks were loaded with spiritual energy, especially the visit to the places of prayer for Saint Frances and others. That memory will be revisited often. I liked the balance of particularity and expansiveness in the presentation of Francis as a follower of Jesus and the focus on the divine/kingdom of God within us. We left with greater peace, new friendships, a clearer awareness of God and our connection with one another, and a good measure of healing. The books in the library were a big help as well. Thank you for this extravagant offering of grace!

To Come Home 27 Apr 2022

What a unique experience, so inspring in many ways.  Meditating in the olive trees, or on the mountain top, the gentle kindness of everyone in the group.  It touched me deeply and  I look forward to coming back.  I have stayed in touch with Vinod a heartwarming guide to the peace of Assisi. 

Embodiment of Peace and Clarity 27 Apr 2022

I had a wonderful retreat in March 2022 with Vinod. The week brought me further in meditation and helped me bring peace and clarity that transitioned back to "regular life" with me. Assisi is the perfect location to step away from the hustle and grind of everyday life and sit peacefully with your mind. I plan to come again and highly recommend to others.

Just what my heart needed 26 Apr 2022

 This was an amazing experience. I met such wonderful people and felt such a sense of peace, community, and kindness throughout the week. I loved the combination of daily meditations and walks, and the breakfasts and dinners shared together. Nothing about the experience felt too much or lacking, it was just what my heart needed. Vinod the leader was amazing as well! And the setting of Assisi and opportunity to learn about Saint Francis and Saint Clare added so much to it too.

Beautiful Experience 26 Apr 2022

I hadn't considered doing a meditation retreat before I was invited to join a friend to this one. I'm so glad I took her up on the offer, as it was a life-changing experience! I absolutely loved every minute of the retreat. It was the perfect balance of structure and free time. I learned so much from our amazing guide, Vinod, about everything from improving my meditative practices to the fascinating history of Saints Francis and Clare.

Unforgettable Experience 24 Apr 2022

What a wonderful week I spent in Assisi. I have been introduced to meditation for several years and have even seen Assisi before, but I have never experienced anything like the warmth, friendship, love and presence of our time at this retreat. Within a very short time our meditation group, led by our generous and knowledgeable guide Vinod, became very close and I felt like we had shared something very profound and intimate in this beautiful place of Saints Francis and Clare. The hotel was extremely comfortable and the personnel were accommodating to our desires. The view from my room's balcony of the land below Assisi was gorgeous. I am already considering returning to do this retreat again.

Meditation for Health and Healing 24 Apr 2022

I was new to meditation prior to joining the retreat in Assisi. My notion about meditation changed completely thanks to our teacher/guide, Vinod P. His twice daily guided meditations were wonderful visualizations that assisted the mind to focus on the moment. What I really loved were our walking meditations throughout Assisi. This retreat was a perfect combination of the two practices. Now I’m implementing them into my daily life. I will go back to Assisi where the spirit of Sanit Francis and Saint Clare are felt in the heart. Thank you.

Amazing peace and friendships 02 Apr 2022

I saw Assisi through new eyes. The meditations were so comforting and relaxing. But what made it special were the bonds formed almost immediately with others in the group. I was challenged by some of the walks but everyone was supportive and encouraging as I tried things I never thought I could do. And we had the sign of peace when two doves visited the statue of St Francis inside the church of Danta Maria degli Angeli.

I cannot recommend this retreat enough 23 Mar 2022

This retreat was one of the most loving, kindhearted and beautiful places I’ve ever been to. I was looking for a retreat that would offer a meditation practice without any dogma and that’s exactly what I found. In addition to that, Assisi is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in real life and the hotel and food were amazing. If it sounds to good to be true, I get it, but trust me, it will surpass all expectations.

I could not believe that I found Assisi Retreats just by googling! 16 Jan 2022

Maybe it is the love of Saint Francis and Saint Clare lingering there. I had come to the right place due to the peace and joy I had in my heart. Even now, while editing the video, I felt it so so intensely. Thank you.

Magical journey 28 Oct 2021

This magical journey was beyond my expectation, everything perfectly set up and had deep impact on me, one of the best thing that I have done for me - listen to your soul and enjoy the silent :) Have the wise woman Brenda leeding the group was so much inspiration as Rumi said " Travel brings power and love back into your life " NAMASTE

Positive energy 01 Oct 2021

It was wonderful to experience the Retreat in Assisi. Such a beautiful place. It was more than I expected.

Assisi keeps giving 18 Sep 2021

This September I returned to Assisi to do my second retreat after two years. How wonderful to see the beautiful hillside town in the heart of Italy. Ruth and Bruce, the retreat leaders are my spiritual parents - so I keep telling them. :-) Every day we sit in silence, walk in silence to sacred places where we get to experience the peace and the love Saint Francis and Saint Clare are teaching us. The amazing tasting italian food reminds us how to nourish our inner temple. All is pouring into our souls in the quiet. We stop spending time in our heads we stop listening to our ego whipspering to us in our on voice. We travel into our hearts where a vast space opens up and expands. The beauty of it is that we share this with our little group of beautiful souls and the love multipiles! We are in the present moment, tapping into an unsuspected Source that keeps giving and we carry it home with us to our families, friends, people who are seeking or are not even born yet. My heart is filled with gratitude! Looking forward to going back!!!

In the river of peace and unconditional love 17 Sep 2021

Did spend a week in the river of peace with my dear teachers Bruce and Ruth. In places like San Damiano, I experienced a radiant energy of love I never felt before. Saint Francis and Saint Clare have taught me that we experience miracles when we are offering everything we have inside. I just feel supercharged of unconditional love after this week with beautiful souls from USA, Germany, Hungary, and Sweden. This is a retreat if you want to be an instrument of peace for yourself and others.

I loved heartfulness meditation 17 Feb 2020

Dear Friends, I had the best time with Didi. (Her kindness, wisdom, humour and guidance made the retreat perfect!) Didi was patient in teaching me meditation - I loved the heartfulness method she taught me - that she learned from you! It is such a blessing in my life. Although this was my third visit to Assisi, she showed me so much I'd never seen before. (We visited a little museum with wooden Mary sculptures. I bought one to remind me to go to my heart when I get stressed. We went back the next day so I could get two more!) I loved the painting in that tiny museum of Mary and Baby Jesus - The Mother of the Tenderness. It brought me to tears, it was so beautiful. In fact, I did a lot of crying that week - healing tears - a good thing! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gifts I received during my retreat with Didi. I definitely hope to return for another. Warmly, Linda

A Spiritual Experience 18 Nov 2019

My wife and I spent the week with Didi in Assisi and I feel my meditation and faith have been brought to a higher level. Assisi is such a special holy place. When we arrived back in Rome we really appreciated how special Assisi is. Didi is a person of strong faith and she led us through a week of meditation and touring Assisi. She is very special and I will never forget her. If you are looking for a spiritual retreat and a life changing experience you should travel to Assisi and join this retreat. I also will say that the hotel was outstanding. It is simple but so is all of Assisi. The owners are special people who made us feel like members of their family. The food was outstanding and the discussions at the dinner table were a highlight of the trip. I will never forget this trip and my wife and I are so grateful that we are able to experience this type of retreat. We are also grateful that in this crazy world people like Ruth and Didi are out there trying to do their part to make our lives better. Thank you Ruth and Didi. Have a blessed day. Mike

Peace and joy, stars and moon 15 Nov 2019

A way to bring peace into your life and heart. DiDi helped us to find this peace. She walked with us on our journey of St. Frances and St. Clare. From mountains and forests to farmland valleys and the silent beauty of churches. I found the peace I've been looking for through heart centered meditation techniques, something I can bring home to continue to use in my everyday life.

Transformational 25 Oct 2019

It was a truly transformational week for me in Assisi. Andrea, our guide, is the true embodiment of Simple Peace. Her gentle nature, her beautiful voice and accent, and her wise and touching words; together, it was all so deeply touching. Many a tear did flow in our group, just from the sheer beauty and depth of her meditations that gently, yet deeply, touched emotions. I am a certified Mindfulness/meditation Instructor and I have experienced many wonderful teachers, but Andrea has an exceptional gift. I am so very grateful that she was our guide, both spiritually and around the sacred sites of Assisi. The city truly is full of spirit magic. Every sacred site we visited was so rich with history, beauty, and presence that touched me deeply. I will definitely return! I just wanted to say how grateful I am for this gift of Simple Peace that you offer. It may seem simple, but I came back to the US with a palpable feeling of transformation. I have been duly inspired in many ways. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

A Lasting Wonderful Journey 21 Oct 2019

My wife and I were greatly moved by our time in Assisi. Our leader David artfully allowed us to move into the Peace and Joy that permeates the silence, the light and the wind. All we need is to be peacefully present. We are left in complete gratitude and awe. Our hearts have been expanded. Our compassion and empathy for others is strengthened. We are more content and expansive in our living. Thank you for helping us to see.

Peace Peace Perfect Peace 12 Oct 2019

I have been drawn to Assisi for years and the Simple Peace Retreat gave me just what I was looking for and much more. Time slowed down and I found peace, peace perfect peace!  My retreat leader Andrea is a loving, kind & gentle soul. With her guidance I was filled with peace & great joy during daily meditations, our moments of silence and our visits to all the sacred places in Assisi.  The retreat center at the Hotel Posta Panormaica is in a perfect location close to the town center with a wonderful host family that sends you off with hugs. I look forward to my next retreat!

A poem 12 Aug 2019

The gift of life.... Drink it in, drink it in.The beauty of life ....  Drink it in, drink it inThe love of life ..... Drink it in, drink it in.The peace deep inside.....  Drink it in By Willeke

A life-transforming retreat 12 Aug 2019

I have just returned home to the UK from a week long retreat in Assisi with Ruth and Bruce Davis. Words cannot begin to describe the miraculous nature of this retreat. Not only did I receive a deep healing for a very old emotional wound, but I also felt incredible love, peace and joy flooding my heart. I am now filled with so much gratitude to Assisi and to Ruth Bruce and Diedre who looked after us all with such unconditional love and meticulous practical care. I cannot wait to return to another out of this world Simple Peace retreat in the near future.

Inside journey 25 Jul 2019

I am full of gratitude as I carry in my heart the light I experienced Assisi - every day. You feel a PRESCENCE when you are in Assisi and it becomes a part of you. I have always expected people, places and things to give me love, satisfaction, joy, success, you name it, but I kept feeling this void in me ever since I was a child and tried to fill it with whatever I could from the outside. The pain became unbearable.  Then I started to look inside and discovered the most fulfilling loving Source within me, in my heart. The Assisi Retreat was a milestone in this journey. Ruth and Bruce showed me & our wonderful group, the most loving path to the TRUE SELF.  They were/are endless channels of light. I have never traveled so deep with self love. My mind was blocking me with pathological fears on the surface. There is a great freedom and joy to this and healing SILENCE. The journey of Saint Francis and Saint Clare, the meditative walks with our lovely guides, the beauty of nature...white doves literally following us into meditation! The hotel, the food, were superb, felt like family. It is also great that after returning home I continue to receive guidance from Ruth and Bruce to be able to practice the presence of NOW, keep the light in my everyday life with self care.  It is challenging but works if you are willing to open your heart for it...

Pure Peace 09 Jul 2019

There’s so much more than living in our own heads. I have just returned from my first visit to Assisi and brought the peace back with me which was the biggest revelation.It exceeded all of my expectations in every way and I felt gently guided by my retreat leader David. I enjoyed the company of my fellow ‘retreatee’ Anthony. I understand why people return and now I too will be one of them..

Pure Joy 13 Jun 2019

Everything about this retreat was pure joy. The rooms were modest with a breathtaking panoramic view of Assisi. The meals at the hotel were delicious and there are plenty of wonderful restaurants and cafes nearby. The retreat schedule was perfectly balanced with meditation time and time to explore Assisi. The program includes daily tours of the historic and most sacred parts of this beautiful town. Our tours were informative and fun and led by our exceptional retreat leader David. The meditation sessions led by David were divine and helped me deepen my meditation practice. The entire experience really shifted my spirit more towards joy. Assisi is a special place and this retreat is a special program. I loved every minute of it and hope to return again very soon.

Another Wonderful Retreat 28 May 2019

I have just returned from my fourth Assisi Retreat. Each time we go to the same sacred sites, but my experiences are always totally fresh and miraculous. This time, David led us in some incredibly heart-opening meditations and I experienced my heart gently opening more and more to experience love and peace deep within me and all around me. I cannot wait to return to Assisi for another Simple Peace Retreat this August!

Amazing experience 06 May 2019

My wife and I did the retreat in Assisi on the week of my birthday and it was an amazing experience. It was great for me to deepen my meditation practice and really connect to Assisi, a very peaceful and beautiful place. The retreat leader David not only guided our meditation, but shared with us his love for Assisi in beautiful daily pilgrimages to the city sacred sites beyond the religious content. I highly recommend this retreat for everyone, specially those new to meditation looking for a retreat experience that is joyful and relaxed.

Profound kindness 20 Apr 2019

It was the most fruitful and joyous retreat I have ever been on. The fact that it was held in Assisi at a beautiful family Pensione means that we could also go to the many spiritual centers within walking distance. We meditated at each center and the effect was overwhelming. You quickly learn that Assisi is one of the power spots of the world. Add in David's kindness, tailoring your experience and you have the ingredients for a most profound and life changing experience.

A spiritual pilgrimage, even for those who aren't religious! 16 Apr 2019

What a powerful experience in Assisi. The hotel was quaint and very clean, with the most amazing views and friendly owners, and near the town square. The meditation room was simple and conducive to meditation. David was divine as the retreat leader and meditation (and travel) guide. We were a group of 5, each coming from diverse backgrounds. It was a good size group- not too large, allowing for intimacy. The days were full enough for visits to various shrines, and opportunities to meditate at each, but with time on our own, and flexibility within the group. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was, for me, a sacred experience in a miraculous and storied city! I’ll do it again. pace e bene!

Memories for a lifetime 30 Dec 2018

What an incredible experience! I was part of a small group over the Christmas of 2018. Each one of us came to Assisi for different reasons, different backgrounds, different countries and various meditation practices. But we all shared our thirst for a spiritual experience that will allow us to discover more about ouselves via this journey. And our incredible guide, David, was exactly the leader we needed for the week. We strolled the streets of this quaint beautiful town under his expert guidance, gently meditated with him in various holy places, and enjoyed peace and quiet time togeher that helped us heal and grow. David is a true spiritual leader, a wise man, a gentle soul and funny and delightful person to spend time with. I’m incredibly thankful to Ruth and David for an unforgettable journey that just ended, but in so many ways has only just begun...Thank you and I will be back - see you soon

A retreat into the heart 22 Nov 2018

Urvashi had learnt St Francis' prayer as a child and since then she had harboured a deep desire to visit Assisi. Finally the opportunity arose this October, on her 60th birthday! We discovered the Retreat by chance and what a wonderful find it was. Our 5 day stay in Assisi was the highlight of our marvellous trip to Italy. The Hotel Posta Panoramica is most conveniently located and dinner on its terrace while enjoying the sunset is wonderful. The Assisi Retreat Center is located just off a quiet garden (in the Hotel) which is dedicated to the retreat participants only.  The space has a feeling of peace and sacredness. Our guide was Brenda, a wonderful, warm and gentle soul who lead us through meditation in the morning and evening and guided us through Assisi bringing the spirit and message of St Francis alive. Assisi is wonderful. Its centuries-old buildings and narrow paved paths seem frozen in time and each place linked with St Francis has been lovingly preserved and radiates the love of St Francis and the devotion of the millions of pilgrims who have come here. Being here in the retreat with Brenda and the wonderful group of co-pilgrims who had come for the retreat was a very special experience that will remain with us for a long time. We would love to return and bathe once more in the joy and beauty of Assisi. Rupin and Urvashi Mumbai

Bridges to Heaven 21 Nov 2018

About 10 years ago I visited Assisi for the first time in search of a deeper Retreat experience. During the retreat I visited San Damiano and it's evening Vespers. As I started walking down to this sacred site I experienced a type of meditation. Every stone gate I passed felt like an inner gate leading me into deeper meditation - I felt a blessing upon me - As I passed the olive trees and entered the monastery garden I came even deeper into this space. I felt somehow time was outside of this space and was full of loving beautiful beings. Since then San Damiano has been the place of ultimate love for me - every stone of it is made if love. I am so thankful for the retreats of Bruce and Ruth that helped embed in me this deeply touching experience. Thank you so much !

Transformational week 21 Oct 2018

This week was an amazing time of sharing, listening, reflecting, and expanding inner and outer awareness of the divine. Our guide, Brenda, so gently and wonderfully shepherded our little cohort of spiritual practitioners in Assisi. The impact of this brief but amazing week leaves a mark, a necessary mark, a mark that beckons our deepest and true selves to return to the time of silent reflection so that such a spirit might permeate our lives more and more with each breath, not simply those we breathe in our practice. The twice-a-day practice was great and something Penny and I had been wanting to do but had not incorporated at that time. The close ties formed by our group will last long into the future, and Brenda’s spiritual acumen is largely to thank for that. A big shout out to Savita, our gentle and healing masseuse. Don’t miss this opportunity to take this journey in Assisi.

the ultimate gift for your soul 03 Oct 2018

I am so honored and blessed to write this review of my perfect pilgrimage from the fall of 2017. Now that it is almost one year later, the profound and the subtle insights continue to unfold and also accelerate for the rest of my life. Assisi embraces you and then merges within your heart as I live to love God. Regarding Spirit as priority, our angelic and holy tour guide Brenda had said to me, "what else is there?" You see, Francis and Clare have become like my breath, and this cherished trip was clearly my destiny. How I pray that it will be the same for you as devotion becomes the only truly happy way to measure our days!

A 5 Star Retreat 05 Sep 2018

Our retreat leader, David was a sensitive, receptive, and wonderful guide. He takes you by the heart into a deep, personal journey that only meditation can regard, with humility and patience. No dogmas, all dogmas, his door is open to infinite perspective. He takes us onto a great open flight and we are free to choose the destination… He is also a great tour guide on the trace of Saint Francis and Saint Claire, Assisi’s history, its poignant stories… Mystical figures come alive, with all of their passion as he walks and talks us through and through. Our lodging was at Hotel Posta Panoramica which is a 2-minute stroll from the center with the most stunning view I have ever had. Simple, comfortable and clean, remarkable service, adorable, loving staff. A real family run hotel. This retreat was the opportunity to dive into the joys of life, into the boundless potential it has to offer! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I will be back!

A place for your heart and soul 03 Sep 2018

I enjoyed every minute of my stay in this blessed place. The retreat leader, Brenda, was an angel. Peace and love can be found here. It is very difficult to describe my experience because it is in my heart and soul. I wish I could stay longer and I certainly will come back. I want to express my deep gratitude to Ruth & Bruce as well for their vision and inspiration.

Welcoming and beautiful 03 Sep 2018

We had a fantastic time at the Assisi Retreat. We look forward to coming back in the future. Everything is very welcoming and comfortable. ​ Our retreat leader was a huge support. Brenda guided us through our meditation sessions and meditations in the sacred sites. She was always so incredible helpful and inspiring! All in all, I did enjoy this opportunity of enlightenment, and hope to live up to all the beautiful things I have learned with her. I will be sending you some pictures from our stay. Thank you very much !!

Amazing time 13 Aug 2018

I had lost my way in this world, the retreat experience in Assisi helped me get closer to myself. Thank you Rob and David for this fantastic time and your warm words that will always be remembered.

A beautiful time in a beautiful place 17 Jul 2018

We attended an Assisi Retreat in July, led by Rob and David. I was a complete beginner in meditation, and was ably looked after by all. Assisi is really a stunning location, with amazing energy, and the retreat combined time for reflection along with experiencing the amazing sites - we were particularly taken by San Damiano and Eremo. Thank you to all involved - inspiring.

Another Miraculous Retreat in Assisi 22 May 2018

I have just returned from my second retreat in Assisi with David Nowe. Words cannot really convey how miraculous it is to stay right at the centre of this incredibly powerful spiritual hotspot. After just a day or two of meditating in the hotel's beautiful new practice room, my heart just opened wide and I experienced unconditional love pouring through me. The veil of illusion between this illusionary world of endless suffering and the real world of perfect love and perfect peace is so thin in Assisi that we all experienced miracles happening around every corner. For example, I shared a miraculous moment of unconditional love with an albino donkey on the path from the Hermitage back into Assisi!! With heartfelt thanks to David and Ruth and all the beautiful souls who attended this retreat during which true spiritual awakening and renewal happened so effortlessly. .

Light in Assisi 16 Dec 2017

We had a great time in Assisi.  It was a time of internal growing, sharing and relaxation. Brenda is excellent and the location amazing. I highly recommended it !!

A dream come true 17 Oct 2017

"Dear Ruth, David and our Assisi Retreat Team, I want to thank you for the incredible experience I had at Assisi Retreats. We had an outstanding retreat leader and guide, plus the entire week was a dream for me. I feel that the retreat transformed my way of thinking about myself and life and I am very grateful. I hope to return next year. Thank you so much for this wonderful treasure you are giving to people !!"

The spirit of St Francis 03 Jul 2017

Dear David, I wanted to take some time to thank you, you are wonderful, you carry within the best of every culture and the pure message of St Francis, Thank you for sharing all of this with us, for your guidance, love and your joy of living !!! You and Assisi will be always in my heart. May the spirit of Assisi be always be with you!

Amazing Retreat 20 Sep 2016

My heart is overwhelmed with happiness finding this amazing retreat. David and Brenda guided with love and have wonderful stories of Francis and Clare... They helped us feel the spiritual beauty of Assisi which I will take home with me !!! I recommend this retreat to anyone seeking to discover the spiritual treasure of Assisi.

A wonderful experience 15 Aug 2016

Dearest Linda and David, It was such a wonderful experience to spend these days in your welcoming presence & retreat, in these amazing surroundings. Given that I normally do not really have (or make?) the time, I feel that this was such a great opportunity to slow down, to breath, and to do some real good soul searching. I feel that I was able here to reconnect with my soul, and I've gained some really important insights, like the things which really make me tick. This is not finished now and I will continue to search and connect and enjoy life to the fullest! A life in which I will ensure to incorporate morning meditation and yoga. I am sure that I will often think back to the peace of Assisi and your teachings in yoga and meditation.

Finding peace 20 Apr 2016

I was in serious need of tranquility and peace. The process immediately started when I booked with Ruth Davis as she arranged the taxi for me and an additional night in a wonderful hotel called 'La Posta Panoramica' ~ Nothing was too much for Ruth. I enjoyed every moment walking through the quiet streets and all the nature calling you, the swallows, the Assisi bells, sitting under the old olive trees of San Damiano, watching butterflies, wasps, birds, cicadas, lizards, crickets – you name it. Time flies there by doing nothing. We stayed mostly silent or just whispered about relevant things. It was a great experience not having to talk about oneself or inquire on other people’s life. There came a time at the end of the week where we opened up. It was also a great lesson to learn not to judge people as you don’t know their back ground. Linda welcomed us with open arms and her wonderful smile. She led the meditations and yoga or movement meditations. She was also open for other suggestions like QiGong. Others enjoyed Linda’s healing hands during massages; for me it was bliss to receive an occasional hug. She radiates so much love and happiness. When David, the retreat leader, joined us on Wednesday the five of us had already built a strong bond. David joined the group with great care and wisdom. I enjoyed his mediations and tapping into his vast knowledge. I wished we had more time. I am not so much into religious aspect and had sometimes to distance myself from references to the Saints but it never disturbed my way of finding peace or getting into a meditative state of mind. Linda and David never preached anything. Linda and David… you are wonderful individuals and a great team. Bruce Davis’ books were very helpful for me and touched me. Coincidence – I don’t think so. Thank you Linda, David, Ruth and Bruce! Love and Peace to all people in the world.

Walking the back streets 08 Apr 2016

This is by far the most beautiful & exquisite experience I have had in a long time. Under the gentle, competent guidance of two dear fellow humans, Brenda and David, I was brought me back to my inner self. I will never forget the blissful hours of meditation and the walks through back streets and up to the Eremo of Assisi - the picture-book town where one feels embraced by the spirits of both St. Francis and St. Clare.

The pure joy of Assisi 10 May 2015

I was at a very low point in my life and for once I decided to do something for myself. I live in Toronto and yes there are many retreats in Canada, but I chose Italy because Italy is incredibly peaceful and people in Italy live for 'today' and not for tomorrow. They do not worry about tomorrow because it is not now. Ruth and Bruce Davis have created an incredibly wonderful space for people to transform in tranquility and solace. Through my many tears, laughter and peacefulness, I was transported to a place of clarity. God Bless you Ruth, Bruce, David & Brenda

Assisi again and again 15 Aug 2013

I have enjoyed both my stays at Assisi retreat, the first at 2012 and the second in 2013. I went there to find connection to my inner self, enhance my meditation practice and simply to enjoy beatiful surroundings and silence. I was greeted with wonderful atmosphere and lovely surroundings. The peace that I experienced at the retreat stayed with me for a long time after.. I am looking forward to the day when I can return to Assisi again. At the end of the retreats people were requesting a possibility to stay longer and that is what I would have wanted to do as well.