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Light in Assisi 16 Dec 2017

We had a great time in Assisi.  It was a time of internal growing, sharing and relaxation. Brenda is excellent and the location amazing. I highly recommended it !!

A dream come true 17 Oct 2017

"Dear Ruth, David and our Assisi Retreat Team, I want to thank you for the incredible experience I had at Assisi Retreats. We had an outstanding retreat leader and guide, plus the entire week was a dream for me. I feel that the retreat transformed my way of thinking about myself and life and I am very grateful. I hope to return next year. Thank you so much for this wonderful treasure you are giving to people !!"

The spirit of St Francis 03 Jul 2017

Dear David, I wanted to take some time to thank you, you are wonderful, you carry within the best of every culture and the pure message of St Francis, Thank you for sharing all of this with us, for your guidance, love and your joy of living !!! You and Assisi will be always in my heart. May the spirit of Assisi be always be with you!

A place for your heart and soul 07 Oct 2016

I enjoyed every minute of my stay in this blessed place. The retreat leader, Brenda, was an angel. Peace and love can be found here. It is very difficult to describe my experience because it is in my heart and soul. I wish I could stay longer and I certainly will come back. I want to express my deep gratitude to Ruth & Bruce as well for their vision and inspiration.

Amazing Retreat 20 Sep 2016

My heart is overwhelmed with happiness finding this amazing retreat. David and Brenda guided with love and have wonderful stories of Francis and Clare... They helped us feel the spiritual beauty of Assisi which I will take home with me !!! I recommend this retreat to anyone seeking to discover the spiritual treasure of Assisi.

A wonderful experience 15 Aug 2016

Dearest Linda and David, It was such a wonderful experience to spend these days in your welcoming presence & retreat, in these amazing surroundings. Given that I normally do not really have (or make?) the time, I feel that this was such a great opportunity to slow down, to breath, and to do some real good soul searching. I feel that I was able here to reconnect with my soul, and I've gained some really important insights, like the things which really make me tick. This is not finished now and I will continue to search and connect and enjoy life to the fullest! A life in which I will ensure to incorporate morning meditation and yoga. I am sure that I will often think back to the peace of Assisi and your teachings in yoga and meditation.

Profound kindness 21 Jun 2016

It was the most fruitful and joyous retreat I have ever been on. The fact that it was held in Assisi at a beautiful family Pensione means that we could also go to the many spiritual centers within walking distance. We meditated at each center and the effect was overwhelming. You quickly learn that Assisi is one of the power spots of the world. Add in Linda & David's kindness, tailoring your experience and you have the ingredients for a most profound and life changing experience.

Finding peace 20 Apr 2016

I was in serious need of tranquility and peace. The process immediately started when I booked with Ruth Davis as she arranged the taxi for me and an additional night in a wonderful hotel called 'La Posta Panoramica' ~ Nothing was too much for Ruth. I enjoyed every moment walking through the quiet streets and all the nature calling you, the swallows, the Assisi bells, sitting under the old olive trees of San Damiano, watching butterflies, wasps, birds, cicadas, lizards, crickets – you name it. Time flies there by doing nothing. We stayed mostly silent or just whispered about relevant things. It was a great experience not having to talk about oneself or inquire on other people’s life. There came a time at the end of the week where we opened up. It was also a great lesson to learn not to judge people as you don’t know their back ground. Linda welcomed us with open arms and her wonderful smile. She led the meditations and yoga or movement meditations. She was also open for other suggestions like QiGong. Others enjoyed Linda’s healing hands during massages; for me it was bliss to receive an occasional hug. She radiates so much love and happiness. When David, the retreat leader, joined us on Wednesday the five of us had already built a strong bond. David joined the group with great care and wisdom. I enjoyed his mediations and tapping into his vast knowledge. I wished we had more time. I am not so much into religious aspect and had sometimes to distance myself from references to the Saints but it never disturbed my way of finding peace or getting into a meditative state of mind. Linda and David never preached anything. Linda and David… you are wonderful individuals and a great team. Bruce Davis’ books were very helpful for me and touched me. Coincidence – I don’t think so. Thank you Linda, David, Ruth and Bruce! Love and Peace to all people in the world.

Walking the back streets 08 Apr 2016

This is by far the most beautiful & exquisite experience I have had in a long time. Under the gentle, competent guidance of two dear fellow humans, Brenda and David, I was brought me back to my inner self. I will never forget the blissful hours of meditation and the walks through back streets and up to the Eremo of Assisi - the picture-book town where one feels embraced by the spirits of both St. Francis and St. Clare.

The pure joy of Assisi 10 May 2015

I was at a very low point in my life and for once I decided to do something for myself. I live in Toronto and yes there are many retreats in Canada, but I chose Italy because Italy is incredibly peaceful and people in Italy live for 'today' and not for tomorrow. They do not worry about tomorrow because it is not now. Ruth and Bruce Davis have created an incredibly wonderful space for people to transform in tranquility and solace. Through my many tears, laughter and peacefulness, I was transported to a place of clarity. God Bless you Ruth, Bruce, David & Brenda

Welcoming and beautiful 15 Apr 2015

We had a fantastic time at the Assisi Retreat. We look forward to coming back in the future. The place is beautiful, and we had plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds it! Everything is very welcoming and comfortable. ​ Our retreat leader was a huge support. Brenda guided us through our meditation sessions and meditative movement. She was always so incredible helpful and inspiring! All in all, I did enjoy this opportunity of enlightenment, and hope to live up to all the beautiful things I have learned with her. I will be sending you some pictures from our stay. Thank you very much !!

Assisi again and again 15 Aug 2013

I have enjoyed both my stays at Assisi retreat, the first at 2012 and the second in 2013. I went there to find connection to my inner self, enhance my meditation practice and simply to enjoy beatiful surroundings and silence. I was greeted with wonderful atmosphere and lovely surroundings. The peace that I experienced at the retreat stayed with me for a long time after.. I am looking forward to the day when I can return to Assisi again. At the end of the retreats people were requesting a possibility to stay longer and that is what I would have wanted to do as well.