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Trading with Andre

Thank you so much for all you do!!! Your consistency as a trader and your commitment as a leader and mentor speaks beyond words. We know we can take your trade ideas with confidence! We are grateful to have you in our corner!!!


Wow, wow, wow....Andre is the SPX500 KING!! I feel so blessed to have found this platform. You have the opportunity to EARN & LEARN at the same time. My experience of Andre's trades have been BLUE, BLUE,BLUE,BLUE,BLUE!!!!! Thank you Andre.

Profits are better than wages

Comme toute compétence, le trading est une activité qui demande davantage de temps pour être maîtrisé. Néanmoins, grâce au système et aux outils en place ici, nous avons la chance de pouvoir apprendre et gagner en même temps aux côtés des professionnels tels que André. Ceci nous facilite la tâche énormément. Je tiens donc à leur remercier tous plus particulièrement André!

The best decision I ever made!!

I am so thankful and grateful that I am a part of this awesome platform. Learning a skillset that puts me in position to dictate what I can earn and not what someone else dictates for me is an awesome feeling. You are in the driver's seat of your finances, a sense of power and control. And this community is thee best!! Everyone wants to see everyone win! I implore anyone considering this opportunity, DO IT! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!

It Really Works!

I am beyond grateful for this trading platform. My profits have been consistent. Andre's trade ideas are always on point. Whenever he post a idea, I verify, use proper risk management, and enter the trade confidently. Thank you Andre!

A Strategy That Works!!

Just want to share that my experience in entering trade ideas post by Andre Campbell has been very good. His strategy works!!! Keep on impacting and changing lives

Grateful for Losses recovered..!

Just a small continuation from my previous post.. Lol.! I didnt fill in my details completely Thank u Andre..!!!

Losses Recovered

Meeehn what can i say.. Andre you are definitely good at what you do.. Once i see an alert on Telegram with your name on it.., i already know it is TP hit..*Big Grin* . Thank you for all you do for us.. I have started looking out for what you see when you analyse the charts for S&P 500 before you send in a trade idea.. I got a huge BLUE today.. Thank you once again.

SPX500 King!!!

Trade ideas are always on point! 1000+ pips weekly! I’ve made so much money with Andre!

King of Spx

I'm so grateful for your trades andre. I suffered from two blown accounts mainly due to my carelessness but i got everything back with profit. THANK YOU SO MUCH. If you're about to give up on trading, I'd say give it one last go with his trades.

Yes he’s a natural Blue

There’s a line in Finding Nemo where Dory says “Yes I’m a natural blue.” When I see that ping come across my notifications that’s what I think about. Mr Campbell brings the Blue. He cautions on risk management. Then creates Blue situations on screens that brings being a confidence to learning the skill. I appreciate you brother. Thank you many times over.


Ce projet m'a totalement changé a titre individuel et professionnel. En partant de 0 j'ai pu developper des compétences qui me serviront toute ma vie. Je tenais sincèrement a remercier le travail et les signaux envoyés par André. Le leadership et la simplicité apporté par André m'a permit d'aborder les marchés avec une grande facilité. C'est un réel plaisir d'avoir des trader performant et régulier et je suis ravis de pouvoir échanger et apprendre d'André et je tenais a te remercier. Mathis

Feeling Grateful

Thanks to this exciting opprtunity , I finally could reach financial freedom which I was dreamed about , since one year joining Im mastery academy , I am learning so many skills , and the best of the best , while I am learning I can make an income with help of top trader educator like André Campbell and BYOB strategy , this company is definetely a life changing .

formidable opportunité

Depuis que j'ai rejoins cette compagnie ma vie a radicalement changé , depuis longtemps j'ai été a la recherche d un systeme qui me rendrai financierement indépendant et c est ce qu'il s'est passé , sa m'a apporté l apprentissage de nouvelles compétences , et d avoir un revenu notemment grace a l'aide de super traders comme André Campbell ,


Le leadership que André nous donne est phénoménal, les trade Idea de Vibrata sont au point. Merci André pour tout le travaille que tu mets pour l’équipe. Tu nous apprend à Sauver du temps, de l’énergie et de l’argent.


Merci André je viens de débuter dans l’académie je suis tes trade sur le spx500 et je suis que dans le positif good job 🤝

Pips Pay My Bills

I want to appreciate the leadership of Mr Andre and his consistency in carrying everyone along the path of profits... His trade ideas are awesome. I took his trades and boom!!! Am in profit. I encourage anyone who wants to live a life full of opportunities to join.

Best Decison I ever Made!

Thought I could learn this on my own! Boy was I wrong. I quickly learned that having access to someone like Andre Campbell and Im Academy, takes alot of the costly mistakes away. I honetly cant believe the success that this company and CM Profits gives. No words can explain, you just have to take the leap of faith. You need to be accountable. You need to be teachable. If you follow the simple, and I mean simple steps, you can literally be making money in 72 hours. Thank you Andre for actually being real and accessible.

Vibrata Trade Ideas are MONEY!!

I won 2 trades in a of 80 pips from your Trade Ideas!! Thanks bro!!

Thank You

Thank you so much for that BTC call you helped me a bill 🤑🤑😯😯

I am Blessed and Highly Favored

Eight months ago I almost turned down an amazing opportunity to learn and grow my bank account in a way I couldn't imagine at the time. I have been trading for literally eight months and twenty-five days and the time that I have been trading my team has been so supportive. It's made my learning and trading so much easier. I truly believe everyone should know about this skill especially the up and coming generation. I have a son and daughter that I am teaching this to so that they can use this for the rest of their life if they choose to.


I’ve been in 13 months now. I’m so excited that I found out about this opportunity from a very good girlfriend of mine. Intitially I did not want to share this opportunity with anyone other than my close family and friends but when I made $2400 in a few hours on a trade I said okay... God is going to punish me if I don’t share this with everyone. The money is real FOREX is real and you are crazy if you don’t get involved. Now I’m sharing this opportunity all over the world. Teaching people the skills to become financially wealthy!!! Welcome aboard I’m so excited to be in business with you!!!


This testimonial has been long overdue boy has it been an amazing journey with this business/company, it hasn’t been always all highs just like anything but it has been well worth is and very rewarding. I’ve been able to quit my job, help my family, buy myself new car which I never would have done without this business, Travel to many places. I have learnt a life changing skill that will pay me for the rest of my life... no I’m not the best I’m still learning but so are the top top earners, aim of the game is to be a student always and keep growing and learning AND EARNING along the way 🤩. I have been introduced to so many likeminded people that really want to change their situations (whether that be time or money) who have become my friends, you know what they say you become the average of the 5 people you hang around with, I can genuinely say I’m happy about the person I am, the person I’m becoming and I’m happy where I’m heading also excited about where we’re all going to be In the next 12 months 24 months and so forth🔥🔥. We’re not just a business we’re a family and I’ve received sooo much help and support from so many amazing leaders within the company who even though they’re 6/7 figure earners, they’re so humbled and helping, never have I ever seen or been part of anything like this...let me add that I never knew any of these people yet now we’re like a huge family all happy, serving one another and lastly making money together🤑. I look forward to helping serving thousands of other people with this amazing business. A TRUE BLESSING🙌🏽🙏🏽


Andre has helped me massively with his guidance on trading, I came in with no experience and now I'm taking profits every week. Thanks Andre!


I am an active member. For years I have wanted to learn Forex but the books I was purchasing was not helping. However since joining and with Andre’s guidance my thought process is changing. I am very greatful for Andre’s help. I can see my life is changing .


I'm a finance student living in Scotland. I joined 2 months ago and I don't regret joining!! I'm so happy to be in a platform that teaches me how to trade and make money through my smartphone. I can't thank Andre enough for the amazing signals he has been giving us!! I highly recommend you join, you wont be disappointed!!!


I am a big fan of Andre, whenever he puts out a trade, I put it in with confidence. No market is 100%. But his trades are for sure 85-95 % correct. Thank you


Free signals given away. Tripled my demo account, toook my college money and doubled my account within a few days... Thanks A LOT


Im a French student living in Scotland. I been trading since july. Doubled my demo account, used my college money to start my live account and since then things never been the same. I always had a vison of wealth in my life but those guys gave me a plan. No guarantee but don't be surprised if you double your account in a matter of days...


Hey Family I just pulled the trigger and I’m ready let’s Go so excited about being a part


I first started trading forex in 2009, I've tried many systems and many educators along the way none were able to give me the tools I needed to become a profitable trader. But I knew with the right tools the forex market could be life changing. Then it happened, Andre Campbell introduced me to this system. After about an hour of joining and diving into the tools and products that IM provides I said to myself this is it. After years of searching Andre has given me the tools,product and educators to become a successful trader. I can see the results in the growth of my account every week. Thanks Andre, you have been the answer to my prayers. GOD BLESS!!!


Hi my name is bobby i been working with andre campbell for a month on trading and went to 100 to 350 dollars. I love this company and is happy to be part of it


Hi everyone, my name is Foday Keran I live in the UK. I recently had the opportunity to work with Andre and I can honestly say that he’s trade ideas have helped me become a better forex trader and make money simultaneously . Since I started using his trades I haven’t had a loss yet which is very weird! Andre is an amazing person and mentor. I will advise everyone to take advantage of the opportunity Andre is offering if you want to change your financial situation.


In October 2018, a friend of mine introduced me to IML and I must say, it has changed my life completely. I was a recent university graduate stuck in a limbo contemplating my next move, now I can confidently say I made the right choice. I’m proud to be apart of this team where I’m able to learn and better myself looking back


When God puts something in your path that you have been waiting for, preparing for, didn't know what it was but always knew in your gut there was more.....Then you walk through the door of Opportunity. Winning on all levels with this company and beyond! I pit my Faith into Action with this company!!!! Amazing and Beautiful new world for me and my is just transported into a new Universe!!!!!!


We have always been seeking a way to better ourselves and have started and done very well in various business models but once we saw the potential of IM it just made since, the leadership and our upline marketing Partner Greg, and Mr. Andre Campbell has made the process of recruiting, building a team and building a sustainable business duplicatable! I am really looking forward to using IM to either decrease my hours at work or to retire altogether! With this company and the leadership, and also the skill set that I’m learning here can create wealth for me and my family! We are so grateful and thankful to be apart of this team!


I have been in the 100KDAY chat for over a month now and I do not feel I have the funds to participate in the trades going on in there at the moment. However I hope once I have an account larger than £1000 I will start taking into concideration the huge profitable and consistent trades Andre and others are posting!


I believe that God will only put blessings in your hands that your faith can accommodate.. this is the BIGGEST blessing on earth, to learn from the pros, those that have studied the craft of trading. You have to make a conscious effort to do something you have never done before. I did.. which is why I am here for it ALL. If you get the privilege to meet Andre C. you will find that he is about this life, humble and ready to get you to your best life! Andre is so skilled, that he often says he could teach a 9yr old to trade... and I know he can.. he keeps it simple and power packed!


Thank you Andre and team you guys are some making everyday people make money like the banks


Best Company Ever!


Before joining IM I was trading without any knowledge, didn't know anything even the basics. IM is an educational system where you get to learn all the basics, advanced, technical analysis etc. Learning and earning at the same time, which means in the long term you will not need to rely on anyone else's signals other than your own.


I must say my mind wasn't open to this opportunity at first, but I took a chance on it any ways. Now i so greatful for the people that have taught me the skills im learning from trading to invest into the future.


I started trading before, but when i joined these it opened me up to so much more information and knowledge that i had no idea about helping me because profitable! 100% recommend!


Can't wait to become a member of the Rich Girls Club! I'm a single mother been trying to find a way to success now to know that people still care about one another makes my heart melt, it's a blessing!


I have got started on my journey in July 2017, with absolutely no experience or knowledge in trading, but I was open minded and trusted those who showed me the concept and system. I plugged into the services and made sure I had a student mentality and from that point onwards I started to get better and better. I am now currently someone who knows what he is doing, but yet still I am still a student and will always be a student, as I believe that's the right mentality to have. I will never claim to be a "Forex Master" or "Forex Guru" but I'm just a guy who plugged into the system and services, remained like a sponge and absorbed the information to develop myself as a person. I feel blessed that I could also impact other people lives now also, just like how mine was impacted


This platform and training is phenomenal! Month after month I see my trading skill go up another notch. I love that I am not doing this alone but have this exceptional team, and leaders like Andre Campbell who by the way is a beast of a trader and shoots out the best trade idea signals. You won't be disappointed! Join us on to a wealth building mission for you and your family 😊


I feel so privileged to be part of a legendary company in the making, iM! I've seen other companies but they pale in comparison to the education, tools, and unlimited mentorship that iM Live provides. Learning how to trade Forex and Crypto is truly exhilarating and I don't even want to take a wink of sleep because it's just that good...I don't want to miss a thing! Trading has become a profitable passion that gifted me a skill that will pay me for the rest of my life and toward generations to come!


Im originally from Miami Florida now I reside in Atlanta Georgia. Im very proud to be a part of the Im family. And having great mentorship given to me by Andre Campbell and Greg White these two men have coached me into learning who to trade as well as build in this company. I had absolutely No knowledge at all about Forex nor Cryto Currency. IM has so many tools and a support team to help anyone to learn a skillset that will take care of you for the rest of your life.While im learning Im also earning and receiving a weekly residual income .Im has definitely been life changing for many if us over 120 countries. THANKS IM


Andrew bless your soul learning from you allowed me to experience a great pip accumulation. I really apreciate you sharing the knowledge.. Stay encouraged


I’ve had the privilege of learning from this company for 5 months now and honestly if you really want to go about trading the correct way with the use of proper risk management then you’re in the right place! I’m learning so much and the guidance I’m getting here is only going to take not only my trading game to the next level but everyone in the team! I’m forever grateful of the support from the team and look forward to a life changing year in 2019 with these guys!


Very professional, helpful and humble person. No other then the one and only Mr Andre Campbell.... Legend!!!!


I have been in IM for just over 4 months now. This platform has completely changed my life in many different ways including monetary, spiritually and completely shifted my paradigm. I am so grateful for all of the amazing leaders who support me every single day. Here’s to 2019, a year of pure growth.


Never thought I could learn how to trade forex or even make an income from my phone until this amazing platform got presented infront of me . Im apart of a worldwide group with people I have never met and they help me more than people I have known for years . This has changed my life and outlook I've only been here for 3 months , I look to what the future holds and thanks to Andre for his signals for placing trades 😊🙏 just amazing I feel blessed. This is a platform like no other earn whilst you learn .


I got involved just 4 months ago now and truly speaking this information changed my situation. I have not only grown my bank account but my mindset most importantly! The mentorship is out of this world which enables you to become what you desire. I just want to say thankyou to all of the incredible people I have met in this company and to what life is going to bring all of us. God bless us all!


Such a great way to get started in the business, so much training material right at your finger tips and condensed into one place. It’s definitely help me take my trading to a new level!


The walk at IM started very rocky but thanks to Andre Campbell for being persistent. He’s a true leader, I admire and respect this man much more than he can imagine. I feel finally I can see the light and financial freedom is at my finger tips. Thank you Andre God bless you and may prosperity continue to follow you


I got involved in this company 3 month ago and it literally change my life style, I met some amazing people, I am learning how to trade and thanks to the freedom that IM is giving me, I can also focus on my own little projects and spend time with my family and friends.


I have always had interest in Forex but I didn't know who to turn to. There has been so much negative press about it and how people are only in to steal your money. I was introduced to IM this year February and all the negative press about forex has disappeared!! I have received so much help and advice to understand the charts and to make calculated decisions. IM are not just a team but a family of people who want to share knowledge and give people opportunity to learn a skill that you can earn and share.


Through IM I had the pleasure of meeting strong minded individuals who are winning and moving forward , the skill set that I have now is way above average, my mind set is elevated and above the sky is the limited. Mr. Andre Campbell and Mr. Greg White continues to work with me unselfishly and I am truly grateful , moving forward and only looking back to see have far I have progressed for I am a student thanks.

Testimonial #61

The Harmonic Scanner is all I use, I am on track to make a million dollars, I place two to three trades a day, and once I reach my daily target, I stop for the day, most days I reach my daily target before 1pm, after that I go into training. I have not recruited anyone in 5 months, and if I don't bring in another person, I'm good with that because I'm learning a skill that will pay me for the rest of my life!!!

Testimonial #59

To God be the Glory... To whom much is given, much is required. We thank the Lord each day for affording us the opportunity to assist and change other peoples lives as we ourselves become financially independent. We have an awesome team with an outstanding upline that care about the success of others. Im is an opportunity of a lifetime to accomplish your heart's desires and be that beacon of light to help others on this life's journey. We are so grateful to God because He can see farther down the road than we can. #prayersanswered...

Testimonial #58

Great leadership and training!!

Testimonial #57

We are honored to be a part of the IM family of traders and business builders, and we are privileged to work directly with Chairman Leader, Andre Campbell. We are changing lives in 120 countries around the world and we're certain we can make an impact in yours. Join the team, plug in to the system, attend the weekly and major training meetings, and watch your life transform in a relatively short amount of time. The program works if you will! Be blessed and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Testimonial #56

WOW is all I can say !!! I'm excited to have found this opportunity, because I really believe we have our hands something here. But more importantly, I'm grateful to be a part of this team. From the word go, I have had continuous support. I'm looking forward to the journey, thanks Andre for extending the olive branch!

Testimonial #55

I am making good money from trading under the leadership of Andre Campbell on not doing any for me but he has pointed to where I need to go and learn. Thanks bro for being as hard as you are on not working for me but showing me how it works. I have been able to help point a lot of people the same way and see the learn a life changing skill. Also because of that the company pays me about $2000 A MONTH THAT HELPS ME TO TRADE. THANK GOD FOR IM.

Testimonial #54

i am grateful to be apart of this amazing team! To be a part of Currency Movers is one opportunity i will not Trader!! Thanks to the leaders for your hard work and dedication to help change the lives of many of us!

Testimonial #51

I joined almost a month ago and it had changed my life for the better. You get so much support from the leaders and your team.

Testimonial #...

Even though i have only been a member for 2days now, i am already seeing progress with my trading. This progress is caused by the perfect online learning tools and the support i get from the best team possible.(team Holland!!!!!!!) i hope you will make the same choice that i made and start the best time of your life.

Testimonial #49

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. After only just a couple of week, I am seeing great results with my trading. The community is very helpful and friendly, this is what what's currency movers so special. I am truly blessed to be part of this.

Testimonial #50

Been looking into trading previously BUT always been lacking the support network....since joining IM I have progressed so much and know anytime any day I can ask questions or for help and it will always be given!

Testimonial #52

My name is Freek Bakker and I am proud to be a member of IM. Here we work together to achieve succes. IM is changing my life for the better!

Testimonial #53

Signals are fantastic. Learning how to trade with IM is absolutely invaluable.

Testimonial #48

Amazing positive group to be a part of. True route to making dreams come true. Proof is in the pudding :)

Testimonial #47

The signals provided are just spot on you can't go wrong with it. They give signals that are so easy to just input on the app and watch it grow in profits. Highly recommended.

Testimonial #45

This system is amazing, can't wait to lear and earn alot,with help from the masters!!

Testimonial #43

Best signals for trading forex

Testimonial #42

Currency Movers are the best!! Shout out to Ahmed Jama for his fantastic leadership and Andre Campbell for his accurate signals, made real good pips out of those!

Testimonial #41

Small stop loss, big take profit, amazing signals

Testimonial #40

Grateful for this wonderful opportunity! Truly life changing!! I’ve been here for a couple weeks but it’s looking very promising. Glad I joined the movement!!

Testimonial #39

These guys are legends can make some seriously good money with this company. Plenty of help and resources available.

Testimonial #38

I have been part of the team for about 2 months now. And it has been absolutely amazing. Everybody is great towards one another we support each other. Share our experiences and knowledge. I feel like i have been adopted into a massive family.

Testimonial #36

Signals are perfect and spot on!

Testimonial #35

Amazing! Step 1 My succes in the future

Testimonial #32

I've been in iml for a couple weeks and it has been a great journey so far all the help and support and Andre signals have been perfect

Testimonial #31

Live changing

Testimonial #28

This business is changing my life and the lives of the people around me. Thank you so much for this opportunity, keep up the amazing work!

Testimonial #27

IML changes lives literally, thank you Andre for all that you do

Testimonial #30

There is no better place to break free from the system. IM has the best learning program and the best motivators that support you and help you with everything!

Testimonial #33

When I wake up each morning, I do so with great excitement and anticipation of turning profits. I learned a long time ago from the legendary, Jim Rohn, that "Profits Are Better Than Wages," and that everyone needed to find a vehicle (business or investment opportunity) that could take them places that traditional employment could not. I am thrilled to say with the Im opportunity, I am able to create profits from my cell phone everyday. For those that are willing to learn the skill of trading, and those who are willing to do the work of sharing the opportunity with others, this is the vehicle to build and create fortune. I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to team with IM, Andre Campbell, our local, regional and national leadership teams to bring this opportunity to the masses.

Testimonial #34

This system the U.K team and off course my own team the netherlands we on fire and all because of currencymovers and IM

Testimonial #37

Joining currency movers has been a blessing. Also a fantastic opportunity to work with amazing people and leaders within the IM family. I was skeptical at first when my friend approached me. But looking back. I’m truly grateful for this opportunity. If I could turn back time I would of joined without thinking twice!! Life changing!!!!

Testimonial #44

My name is Curran, and I wanna make this testimonial special. A few months ago I used to work at Chickfila and a friend told me about iM and trading, I thought it was to good to be true but I decided well you just gotta go see for yourself. A few weeks later I joined iM and that day was like a starting point of a new life, I felt something different and there definitely was a difference. I stopped working for OTHER people and started working for myself, I used the products and services that iM has to offer as well as the signals you get, nothing but steady profit these last few months. I've made more money than what I used to pull every month! It's not just about the money as well, I've met so many great people all over the world through iM and trading, my team isn't just a team were more of a family and it's awesome to see people willingly want to help each other out. I have to say, not joining iM would of been my biggest regret in my whole life as they brought me to a new level of thinking and philosophy of life. Thank you so much to the team Currency Movers and all staff in iM! We love you!! ❤️

Testimonial #26

I'm really thankful for IML, this is last life changing opportunity, to fire your boss, and live your dream life

Testimonial #25

WONDERFUL COMPANY!! Thanks Andre, I appreciate you champ!!

Testimonial #24

I've been looking for an additional stream of income. The 2 GREATEST things that this provides for me are 1. It is a REAL product! The industry is Recession Proof! and 2. I LOVE learning and the nice thing about learning Forex at the age of 58 is...there is NO Retirement Age! I can literally do this til the day I die. I am beyond humbled to be a part of Currency Movers! Having crossed paths with Andre Campbell a few years back, I have ALWAYS known him to be hardworking and honest. Anytime I've ever asked him for something he has answered and come through. I am really, really looking forward to Houston! I cannot wait to meet up and enjoy the experience. Sincerely, Tommy

Testimonial #23

I am openly acknowledging the power of trading with currency movers has given me an opportunity to be able to increase my profolio economically and here's the proof of the pudding just yesterday I decided to invest and I invested $500 and within 24 hours I increased my investment by $300 way to go I mail thank you so much Mr. Alan Holt hold for bringing me on your team thank you Mr. Andre Campbell to being the super leader that you are and we're just going to make this thing rock and roll and I am no one of the biggest fans of the IM process thank you guys I appreciate it much love.

Testimonial #22

Easy & powerful platform that anyone can use it. My first week in iml trader and the experienced expertor make me 603 pips. So very happy And thanks Andre Campbell and team for the help. Cheers, Accion & Success.

Testimonial #20

This is one of the best movements I've ever been a part of! The education from IML is priceless. The SwipeTrades and especially the Currency Movers Signals group consistently add large chunks to my trading account. Also, the level of organization, communication and professionalism is above top-notch with this group!!! I love it!

Pleasantly Surprised!

I just have to say that I'm completely blown away and super excited about the results I'm getting with iM and Currency Movers! I've been for two weeks, but just went live this week. In this week alone, I made more money than I've made with money sitting in a savings account for 20 plus years! That's amazing! I am most impressed by Trading and looking forward to continued gains. The Swipe Trades and Andre's Signals pay for themselves! Took me a year of following Andre and Greg White and I am now a believer!! I will advocate and champion for iM to anyone who'll listen! Continued success and blessings to us all!! #freedom #abundance #prosperity

Testimonial #19

This is the first time I have been in loved in a MLM and forex company.. since the first day trading the support I have had from the management and fellow trader is ama zing. Fusion trader andre single and SwipeTrades are the best .. never felt so welcomed and comparable with a global organisation

Testimonial #18

Hello Guy's! I joined Currency Movers this Monday. Today I tried Mr. Andre Campbell signals - which generated €1300 profit in 4 hours. I was so moved by it - as outside of Forex it takes me 50-60 hours hard work to earn this money. It's so amazing feeling when You Hit - I'm touched moved and inspired by this awesome Person. If You are reading this feedback , than You are looking for financial freedom, and Andre's signals = Financial Freedom = Live a Life You Love!!! Join To Create

Testimonial #17

Finally tried one of Andre Campbell's signals and the first signal I took made me £100 in less than 30 minutes which is more than my daily wage. Truly amazing signals, can't wait for the next one lol !

Testimonial #15

I have been in multiple MLM companies before. The last company I was involved with was also a Forex/MLM but NEVER in my life have I felt at home in a company this much! The Currency Movers team welcomed me as family from the moment I signed up. We have AMAZING leaders going above and beyond to make sure every single member is taken care of and making money! And I am NOT lying when I say that I already made more money in my first 3 weeks in IM than I have made in the 8 months that I was active in the previous company I was in. And ALL because of the leadership that is provided everyday by the Currency Movers leaders. On top of the fantastic products IM has to offer we have exclusive access to mr. Andre Campbell's signal group.. For everyone that wants to join our team, I have one thing to say. Better bring an umbrella because it's RAINING PIPS OVER HERE!!! ☔️

Testimonial #13

I have been involved in forex MLM for 5 years now and decided to see what Currency Movers can offer, as I am always willing to learn to improve and I can honestly say that I've been pleasantly surprised, the incredible leadership, the accuracy of the products and the fact that I can ethically bring my team/friends/people who trust me into an amazing environment like this with people who are looking to help you lear and earn at the same time. I've made over 700 within my first few weeks after joining and this is just the start... the future is bright the further is Currency Movers Thank you again

Testimonial #14

I've never met such a support and driven group of people before it's an absolute pleasure to be on this journey with them all. IM has defied my beliefs and is making me the same if not more money then my job in terms of trading and Signal Traders. Never looking back

Testimonial #11

My aim is to become a professional and profitable forex trader. With currency movers in my first week I have been able to catch crazy amount of pips. I have been using the products iML has to offer; swipe trades and harmonic scanner have been my favorite as it allowed me to look at a trade from a different prospective that I normally didn't see. Really educational. Love currency mover and iM and would highly recommend both.

Testimonial #12

Absolutely amazed by what iM has to offer. I have been involved in forex MLM for a while now and moved over here a short while ago, and I can honestly say that I'm nothing short of astounded by all of the products on offer, the incredible leadership, the accuracy of the products and the fact that I can ethically bring my team/friends/people who trust me into an environment like this. You're missing out if you're not a part of the action!

Testimonial #10

I have joined less than a week ago and it has been amazing so far, really excited for this journey. The team is taking amazing care of you, the product variety is awesome, so much experience to learn from. Signals and autotraders are great. No reason not to join this journey.

Testimonial #9

I joined the group last month and must say its been a pleasure working with everyone. So much knowledge, experience and energy in one building. A few months ago a friend of mine introduced me to forex trading but I was not making a whole lot of money. Since joining currency movers its been amazing how much I have profited already. What an awesome team.

Denis .

I have been in this group for about a week and I have to say that it is excellent. Signals are top class and the commentary on the signals as the day progresses is invaluable

Testimonial #7

The private chat provided by Currency Movers is nothing short of amazing!!!  Every week there are consistent winning trade signals given where everyone on the team can make money.  It doesn't matter if you have a little or a lot of money on your account if you're patient and follow the signals Andre gives you will make money.  I've made over $200 in literally less than 2hrs off of just one trade signal.  This is where the money is!!!

Testimonial #6

I absolutely love this team & the Amazing Leadership. Learn while you earn & help others do the same, that's what it's all about. There's no ceiling here, you simply go as far as you choose to grow but it's up to you. Mo Money! Mo Money! Mo Money! Thank You Leaders for your sacrifice!

Testimonial #5

People like Andre, Derrick, Michael, Carmel and so many others of the CurrencyMovers team, have been a priceless addition in my life.. I cannot thank them enough for motivating me to leap in, take risk, learn big EARN BIG! and most of all to fully commit and help others succeed along the way. Amazing results with over $200 earned within a week! I am more than satisfied and grateful that I have an opportunity to become wealthy with such real people. T.E.A.M Together, Each Achieves More!!


We are having so much fun in the the trade room (Telegram) We are making money baby! If you follow instructions then you cannot not helped but to rise from the shadows!.. I was a skeptical but now I am fully a believer to the end baby!! THANK GOD and THANK YOU Andre!!!

Testimonial #5

 I'm am soooo blessed to be a part of a wealth transferring movement using #Forex and having connections with a dynamic company and all the benefits that come with my membership, such as the educational platform bar non, the BOMB Signals and leadership of my Friend....My Business Partner.....My Mentor Mr. Andre Campbell and I cant't forget the entire #CURRENCYMOVERS TEAM! I'M LOVIN IT!

Testimonial #2

I Joined at the beginning of this Year. In 3 Months, Trading VERY Conservatively, I Quadrupled my Trading Account!! Ask your Bank if they offer 400% Interest in 3 Months!!(lol) The Community and Leadership of, together with the company make an UNBEATABLE Combination!!

Loving this company

I am so... unbelievably happy that I joined. I've joined other business before, but I must say hands down this is where I stay. With the support that you receive and training it's an unbelievable deal. I must say may thanks to the CEO for putting this business together. Thumbs up! Andre Campbell many thanks for the information and trades. Since I've joined I've learnt a huge amount, and it's getting better. So happy!