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Amazing results! 16 Mar 2021

I have suffered from severe anxiety and depression to the point I cannot function, my mother kept on me to reach out and seek more help. I did that. I found Nicole and have had several sessions with her. I can proudly say that since her sessions, I have had no issues with my anxiety and depression. I have recently went through some things that would have easily set me into one of my episodes , but I didn’t ! I have one more session with her that I’m setting aside and waiting until I need it! I pray that I don’t , but she has helped me tremendously!!!

Holy CRAP this was awesome! 11 Feb 2021

Ok, so I was skeptical, but this lady knows her stuff! I haven't felt this good in ages! I'm stunned,. Seriously. Try this stuff.

Grad School and Anxiety 07 Dec 2020

I spoke to Nicole several times throughout my master's program and would tell her that when it came time for the residency, that I would need her. Well fast forward to November of this year, and only days before my first Ph.D. residency called a BAYR, I spoke to her, literally days before. I have always felt I carried something that didn't belong to me. I was one of four children, and always helped my working parents, but because of that, I took on more responsibility -putting my dolls away and helping with household chores. In life, I've always felt anxious, so much that it affects my self worth, I have to admit I carried a lot of shame with it. So many times throughout life, there were so many things I wanted to do but something interrupted it, it was that voice inside that said not good enough, can't do it. And as a consequence, I walked away. But now, I found that i was so determined to become a psychologist that I faced demons and the anxiety so many times, at times not even sure how. But when this time came, I reached out to Nicole, she was kind and nonjudgmental, and helped me find calm. I also learned something, I learned that similar to swiping something on your phone, as to delete it, that flicking motion is something I started to do, and whenever something negative would come to surpass, I would flick it. And yes, that would be gone. I feel free now and calm. My husband and children have told me that I'm different and that is okay with me. And during that residency at the BAYR? I would always wait to be the last person to go, but I would flick that nervous feeling away and I volunteered to go first. Every time. That residency came and went, and now I'm at the final one, only two weeks later, but I now have straight A's from all the classes up until now, except one that is still being processed. So I'm doing pretty good, but the best thing in my life right now is that I'm allowed to just be me, to be Tracey and the anxiety no longer controls me. Whenever negativity comes at me, I flick it away, and it goes away immediately. I so wish I had visited Nicole sooner.

Grad School and Anxiety 07 Dec 2020

I have to say that when I spoke to Nicole, it was over a long time that she and I would talk about the need I had, but in time, it came to surpass and I found that the anxiety was overwhelming me and getting too much for me to deal with on my own. I have always carried what I believe was more responsibility than what I feel I should have and I've carried that with me throughout life, I also feel that the anxiety I have is not feeling good enough, or that I will fail. I spoke to Nicole several times, and then had two sessions with her only days before what I have is called a Residency, where we have a skills lab via virtual (pandemic) and I had a huge fear of failing. I am working on my Ph. D. and it was a pass/fail. But after talking with her, I learned that I could flick my fingers, similar to pushing something away, and used that during my residency, and was able to overcome my fears, facing them head on. I would usually wait until last, but an overwhelming calm swept over me and I always volunteered to go first. That week came and went and to be honest, I was so very happy because as soon as I would become anxious, I would flick and all of a sudden, I promise this is true, I would flick that thought away. Sort of as she stated, if we want to delete something on our smartphones or the computer, more the phone, we flick it away, deleting it. So I deleted the unnecessary stress and have it still, but I manage this it no longer manages me. Truth be told, this pandemic helped a lot with the stress, in person would have been 10x's more stressful, but because of the limitations, I was able to do everything that was expected and was accounted for, now I have straight A's and waiting on one grade, I will use Nicole again and Hypnotic Wellness Methods because they were there in the moment I needed it most, just two days before my residency and during that time, I became calm enough to do my best because I was able to. Thank you, Nicole from the bottom of my heart.

Help by Hypnosis 27 Nov 2020

Thank you! Yes it is a wonderful feeling, I thought I’d never feel some of those feelings again to be honest. I thought I was stuck where I was emotionally, pretty much numb😢. I even cried a couple days ago, and don’t even know why. I wasn’t particularly sad, it just hit me and I don’t usually cry about much. When my momma passed away 4 years ago was the last time. So you have definitely changed something in me. I can’t thank you enough Nicole.

I don't know why it works, but it really does! 05 Nov 2020

I've never been a big believer in this stuff, but honestly I tried everything to stop smoking. I mean EVERY THING. I thought this was going to be another failure, but I was willing to try anything. Seriously. I found Nicole through a mutual friend she had helped to loose weight, and she was raving about how good she felt, and tbh I told her she was crazy, but she dropped all kind of weight so I though maybe it couldn't hurt to call. I felt immediately at ease with Nicole. She's sweet, and she really knows her stuff! Even talking to her on the phone, Im not sure what happened, but I started to get really excited about being a non-smoker. I mean REALLY excited! I couldn't WAIT! When we started our work, I was actually hopeful, and I I actually DID IT! I'm SO PROUD OF MYSELF!! I've never felt better. So if you're on the fence, I'm telling you, it's totally worth it. I feel great. Thanks Nicole!!!

Changed my life! 08 Sep 2020

Nicole, I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve helped me with. I feel like I have a better control and confidence with myself that I never had before. To be honest I didn’t think it was working at first until my husband mentioned the differences in me. I was looking for a Big Bang change but it was such a natural progression that i didn’t even notice it until the day that I did. I can’t even believe it and I can’t thank you enough!

Kept healthy 25 Aug 2020

lost weight 28 Jul 2020

I love what you shared, especially what Lasting weight loss CAN be achieved through a combination of proper diet, exercise, an overall healthy lifestyle, and a commitment to taking small steps to lasting success, and a combination of what I'm doing.

Review 28 Feb 2020

Changed my life...may have saved my life

Review 05 Feb 2020

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Hypnosis helps you to access your inner guidance system that wants nothing but good health for you. It is a very helpful tool in guiding someone like me lose weight. I’m glad I did it!

Review 01 Feb 2020

Review 31 Jan 2020

Absolutely wonderful way to self empower giving ability to manage depression anxiety within ones own self to control. CRITICAL tools we all should be made aware of much sooner in life. Medication masks where this is more self help. Giving you tools and ability to manage within ones self. Excellent for children in my opinion

Review 16 Jan 2020

It was a great experience It has been several months since my initial appointment and the suggestions have Held on overall I feel much better and more relaxed Hope to see you in the future when life’s Schedule permits thank you very much for your help

Review 15 Jan 2020

Nicole was terrific and helped by giving me the tools with which I could address my compulsive behavior. Thank you for helping and I would highly recommend her!

Review 05 Jan 2020

Nicole helped me enormously with her gentle, yet very effective, hypnotic suggestions,. They were individualized to my specific issues concerning compulsive eating. She spent a lot of time with me and gave me good suggestions, and follow up tapes to reinforce suggestions at home. I've lost 52 pound, to date, and look forward to continuing my weight loss journey and reaching my final goal. I can highly recommend her services and really appreciate her kind and very caring manner as well. She is a lovely person, and a great hypnotist!

Review 05 Jan 2020

Nicole is great, and has helped me a lot. Very calm atmosphere. Non-judgmental environment as well.

Review 02 Jan 2020

Review 31 Dec 2019

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Review 30 Dec 2019

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Review 20 Dec 2019

Review 11 Dec 2019

I cannot say how this experience has changed my life. No more sugar addiction!! It really was amazing how impactful this can be after only a few sessions. Getting to know Nicole Jeffries CHt was an added bonus! She’s truly passionate about helping people and so easy to let into your life ❤️

Review 06 Jun 2019

I had an amazing breakthrough in my session with Nicole! I highly recommend Nicole without reservation. She is a superb hypnotist, very knowledgeable, skilled and ethical. She has a sincere desire to help other people. Blessings and many thanks to you Nicole!

Review 22 Jan 2019

I believe in the power of hypnosis. Hoping can help me.

Review 15 Jan 2019

"Definitely one of the best experience by far! She helped me conquer my fears and believe in myself!"

Review 10 Dec 2018

Nicole was very helpful in helping me overcome some of my emotional struggles and most importantly my fears to deliver baby vbac and recovering from my negative emotions from previous cesareans. She helped me change my mindset to be more positive and I was able to deliver baby all natural vbac. If you are struggling with anything, she is the one to help you. She knows the right words to say and has the best voice.

Review 05 Nov 2018

I wasn't sure what to expect, as I have never gone through this process before. It's not magic, and your issues won't all of the sudden disappear after one visit, but the differences you will experience are noticeable, and the mindset that it puts you in is something you can train yourself to do in a way as it pertains to other things you want to improve. I'm actually planning on setting up another visit in the future for something different.

Review 24 Oct 2018

Nicole is such a sweet caring human being. She helped me release past issues I thought I had already released. I went for weight release, I was able to release 15 lbs. in 3 months. I have not been doing the recommended homework from Nicole, and have since added some of the weight. I would love a "tune up." Thank you, Nicole You are the best.

Review 13 Oct 2018

I've always expected wonderful things from Nicole because she has always carried herself with impeccable integrity and let's face it...the woman has some really good hair, lol. The thing is, it never occurred to me just how much I stood to gain by having her work with me. When I received my audio and listened the world melted away and it was me time all the way. The meditation is completely personalized! It's amazing! I have been raving about it to anyone who will listen. Just the next day I noticed a marked difference in my awareness and being truly present with others. Thank you so much Nicole for holding space to live my best life :)

Review 13 Sep 2018

Nicole really helped me to resolve several issues both current and past events. Thank you so much!!!

Review 04 Sep 2018

Hypnotherapy is a type of therapy that requires comfort, care and empathy by the therapist to ideally achieve success...and I received that at Hypnotic Wellness Methods. Nicole Jeffries helped me through incidences from my past that were causing blockages to increasing my self confidence. I was worried that I would not be able to relax enough to be placed under hypnosis but Nicole was warm and caring and helped me feel safe which equaled success. I am so happy I chose Hypnotic Wellness Methods and would recommend to anyone that needs to make a change, get help and overcome conditions, events or things in their lives.

Review 27 Aug 2018

"I have been given tools that have worked. looking for and wanting help Nicole is the person. Nice, and willing to work with you in all matters. Totally a 5 on the high scale."

Review 03 Aug 2018

Nicole is truly a God send! I have suffered from severe depression and anxiety my entire life. There are no words to describe what an angel she is and how she changed my life in so many positive ways! I have talked with many counselors and she is the absolute best in every way! I just wish I would have found her years ago, as my life would have been much, much better! But, it is never too late! Just talking with her is the best, most comforting therapy, much less her hypnotherapy!! I love her happy, positive attitude!!!!! She truly is the sweetest, most comfortable, effective person I have ever been so blessed to meet!!!! I even stopped smoking after 40 years of being a smoker. Nicole, please don't ever leave our area!

Review 26 Jul 2018

Before hypnosis I bit my nails and picked my lips until they bled. After the 1st session I felt relief & was not picking or biting near as much-after my second session I was to a point where I rarely even looked at my nails to bite & wasn't picking either. I have learned to cope with emotions to better help w/ biting & picking. Going into it I didn't know if it was actually going to work to help what was going on- but now I'm a total believer in it & could not be in a better place regarding how to cope w/ emotions but w/out picking my lip & biting my nails.

Review 18 May 2018

Nicole was very helpful in helping me overcome some of my emotional struggles and most importantly my fears to deliver baby vbac and recovering from my negative emotions from previous cesareans. She helped me change my mindset to be more positive and I was able to deliver baby all natural vbac. If you are struggling with anything, she is the one to help you. She knows the right words to say and has the best voice.

Review 02 May 2018

Had a wonderful experience with Nicole. She is a warm, caring person who has a welcoming presence. I definitely recommend her services.

Review 08 Feb 2018

Nicole was so great! I went to her as a cigarette smoker and an emotional eater. After only one visit, I quit smoking(one month tomorrow), and I have given up drinking soda pop. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to resolve bad habits/emotional issues,,,,,etc.

Review 04 Jan 2018

Nicole is amazing and loving and caring! She's the best!

Review 23 Dec 2017

I was hesitant about contacting a hypnotist about my situation, but I was desperate. Nothing else worked. After the first session, I felt so much better! I knew I had finally made the right choice, and am so happy I decided to do it. She took the time to help me to feel comfortable, and gave me really easy and helpful tips to help me through. She took time, and gave attention I haven't seen anywhere else. Through the process she checked in on me, sent me tips, and guidance. She taught me a lot about myself, and things have gotten so much better for me since. I love hypnosis, and use my self-hypnosis regularly too. Thanks, Nicole!

Review 13 Nov 2017

Nicole has been my guiding light. A wonderful woman with a heart that wants to help those in need. I have overcome so many obstacles, habits, with the help of Nicole. The trust I have, the safety I felt with her allowed me to face a lot of things, and let them go in order to grow. I have gone from a very dark place when I started hypnosis with Nicole to now being in a place of healing, positivity, forgiveness. Hypnosis has been by far the greatest tool for me to realize that I am limitless. I would recommend Nicole to anyone and everyone. She has truly been my saving grace.

Review 10 Oct 2017

Nicole Jeffries is kind, patient, professional and thorough. I can’t believe I waited so long before contacting her. She’s amazing! Thanks to her, I have not only lost 30 pounds (and counting), but I was given the gift of a better life, as well as a higher self-esteem. I look great, and I feel amazing! I can’t express what she’s helped me to do for my life. I would recommend her to anyone.

Review 02 Apr 2017

I contacted Nicole to help me on my weight loss journey in March of 2014. We spoke in depth about what my goals were, what my triggers were and how my mind used my addiction to food in ways that harmed me physically and mentally. She asked me a list of questions and thus determined the best form of treatment by Hypnosis to help me on this journey! My customized MP3 was SO PERFECTLY tailored to my needs! Her voice is the most calming, soothing sound and the music behind it was relaxing and let me go into a place of complete "calm" where I could subconsciously turn off those triggers, deep in my mind. With her help and the change made to my diet; I dropped 20lbs from March to September! I still utilize my personalized recording on a regular basis as I continue this life changing journey to a healthier me!

Review 28 Feb 2017

Nicole is a great hypnotherapist. She can help you with whatever issues you may be having, whether it is smoking cessation, weight loss, confidence building or just about anything else.

Review 18 Feb 2017

Nicole is fabulous. I was nervous the first sessuon but she made me so comfortable. Her office is so homey. She really cares. She has shared mp3 files for me to use that are great. If you have ever thought about having someone teach you how to use deep relaxation to help you with stress or to overcome issues, i highly recommend her!

Review 02 Dec 2015

I went to Nicole to quit smoking and she was so sweet and made feel really comfortable. I couldn't believe she helped me quit so easily! After all this time I never thought I'd be able to do it and I was desperate. I tried everything!!!! I was even worried I would gain weight, or that I would pick it up again and I haven't done either one of those things. I've never felt so healthy. I'm amazed, and so grateful! I would definitely recommend going to her for anything!

Review 13 Aug 2015

Review 24 May 2015

Nicole's Mindful Eating Program is outstanding. I highly recommend it. I feel amazing :)

Review 12 Feb 2015

Nicole is a great hypnotherapist. She can help you with whatever issues you may be having, whether it is smoking cessation, weight loss, confidence building or just about anything else.