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Can you say Glam? 13 Feb 2021

These lashes are not for the faint of heart. If you want all eyes on you for any special occasion. The “Ginger.” Style lashes are for you. These lashes are the perfect length but the volume of the lash is what really makes them stand out. I wore them for my birthday and got compliments all night. They should be called “All Eyes on Me.” I was feeling like Beyonce.

Durable AF 14 Apr 2021

If you're the kind of person that throws their lashes in their purse instead of putting them away (or, sticks them to the wall...or any number of other crazy things), these are the only lashes. I'm literally shocked by the number of wears I got out of my last pair (almost had them in rotation for a year) and they kept their beautiful shape despite my chaotic lifestyle! Also used the delivery service for the first time and it was amazing! She brought my lashes to me right away and brought a book of the new styles in case I wanted to get a feel for the other styles in person! Definitely will be ordering more and using the delivery service!