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Testimonial #20 06 Nov 2016

In an age known best for narcissism and vitriol, we need antedotes. I've known Steve for almost 40 years. He is precisely the antedote Minnesotans need to begin healing from the snake oil which has poisoned our body politic. Vote Cwodzinski this Tuesday and let the healing begin. 

Great Leader 25 Oct 2016

I graduated from EPHS in ’94 and I am thankful Mr. Cwodzinski was my high school government teacher.    While teaching us about government, he refused to share his personal political views.  He encouraged us to be honest and discuss OUR views free from judgement.  This allowed every student to learn about government in a positive, uplifting environment.  Thank you for being a great teacher and helping every student grow!  Vote Cwod! 

Cwodzinski is Under Rated 24 Oct 2016

 A recent mailer that I received from David Hahn for State Senate contained poorly researched tabloid level writing regarding the quality of Steve Cwodzinski’s teaching.   The source used was, which “does not ascertain the validity of user-submitted ratings or other posts.”  “You may read our copyrighted material free of charge, but you are prohibited from the sharing, dissemination or sale of the material.”  As if ignoring the terms of use weren’t enough, the mailer presented anonymous partial quotes which were negative, even when the actual complete quote was complimentary.  For example, “…very aggressive, shouts and badgers students…” actually was “Excellent, very aggressive, shouts and badgers students in dry humor.”  In reality many students wrote that Mr. Cwodzinski was the best teacher in their career.         My son was fortunate to be in Mr. Cwodzinski’s American Government class 12 years ago, and shared many interesting things that they discussed.  I have a deep respect and appreciation for Mr. Cwodzinski and think he would make an exceptional senator. 

Inspirational 21 Oct 2016

I graduated from EP in 1994 and had Mr. Cwodzinski as my American Government teacher in Junior year.  He was the most inspirational teacher I have had!  A passionate and confident person I would be honored to have represent me in any level of government!

The inspired choice 18 Oct 2016

I had the pleasure of teaching with Steve Cwodzinski for almost ten years at Eden Prairie High School, and we co-taught a political science course for over half of that time.  All of us are frustrated by the demonization of the ‘other’ in politics.  So let me be clear: I have never known a person who purposefully looks for the good in others more than Steve.  He is the consummate patriot.  That is, he genuinely loves our country and its people, and no one I have ever encountered has possessed his degree of optimism about our citizens and our future.  You want someone to break the gridlock and look out for the best interests of everyone in your district?  Elect Cwod.  You want someone who embodies the qualities we so often only hope to see in our elected officials?  Elect Cwod.  His authentic belief in the good of people and the power of positivity in elected officials make him the inspired choice in District 48.  Cwod is the most positive person I know.  Cwod is the most optimistic person I know.  Cwod is the most patriotic person I know.  Vote for him and see for yourselves.  You won’t be disappointed.

Empowering Students and Minnesotans 05 Oct 2016

As a student iof Cwod's four years ago, I learned the importance of two important concepts: political efficacy and civic duty. Cwod showed my class that, despite being unable to even vote at the time, we can still be influential in the lawmaking and affairs of our government. He encouraged us to be engaged in the political process, whether it be attending city council meetings, writing letters to our representatives, or serving as election judges. As a state senator, Cwod will empower Minnesotans of all different backgrounds, just like he empowered his students for more than 30 years.

Testimonial #14 29 Sep 2016

Cwod was the most inspiring and energetic teacher I have ever had. He also led me and 44 of my classmates on life-changing trip through Washington DC.  I know him personally and can attest that he is a man of compassion, honesty, and integrity. He is someone we can trust and will follow through with his promises.  If you want positive change in our community, join me in voting for Cwod!

Testimonial #13 27 Sep 2016

I was extremely fortunate to have Steve Cwodzinski as my government teacher in the mid-90s. On a daily basis, he inspired all of his students through his teachings as well as his own life experiences, trials and accomplishments.  Every student left his class more informed, more passionate about achieving their goals and most importantly, with a more positive view of the world and the confidence to believe that change is possible.  He was a teacher and a friend who understood that investing in people paid big dividends.  Steve Cwodzinski inspired his students for over 30 years and I know he'll do the same in the state senate and hopefully beyond. In the current political climate, I think we could all use a little inspiration.  

Teacher 4 Senate 22 Sep 2016

Cwod is the best choice for families in the 48th district.

We'd be lucky to have him as our State Senator 18 Sep 2016

Ya know how in EP, on the city government level, things usually "just run" in an intelligent manner with a practical, intelligent city government free from partisan drama?  I believe Cwod will bring this to the state legislature as our rep. We DO have the power to elect solid people with a genuine passion for good laws and policies not party power. I think he'll be a "happy warrior" who will assert ideals but also compromise and listen and get things done. He has my vote.

Fortunate 14 Sep 2016

In a year when so many citizens are uninspired or downright despondent about our options for President, residents of senate district 48 are fortunate to have the opportunity to cast a vote ffor a man with a positive vision for their community.  Cwod taught both my siblings and myself at EPHS and also taught my father through EP Community Education.  He left a lasting impression on each one of us.  His dedication to public service and civics education are indisputable and his passion for his students was unmatched by any other teacher I've ever had.  I was fortunate to benefit from his class and am extremely happy to return the favor by strongly supporting his candidacy for state senate.  I wish him the best!

The Best 11 Sep 2016

Mr. Cwodzinski was a fantasic educator when I had him for the academic year of 2001-2002. Everyone told me to take his class so for the first time in my young academic career I got up early and signed up for his class. I had no aspirations in my life other than to play golf. I took Mr. Cwodzinski's class and I realized that I wanted to write. His end of the semester project that he gave me probably the highest grade I had ever earned on anything to date and it gave me the confidence to apply to college and to become an English major. I have earned that degree and I'm writing. I couldn't have done it without that single grade. Mr. Cwodzinski changed my life. I want to get a masters in teaching so that I can help other lost kids like I once was. Mr. Cwodzinski knows the legal system so well he can teach it to a bunch of high school students so proficiently that we can differenciate between the different branches of government but also so that we can carve out our own political beliefs. He taught me to think about government. And I think he's going to be one hell of a senator!

A Gift to Society 11 Sep 2016

My name is Roman Kouznetsov and I was fortunate enough to take American Government in Cwod's last year of teaching. While I was planning on doing it anyway, his class and what he said motivated me to make the most of every dollar and minute I spend here ar Case Western Reserve University. I can't even imagine over the course of 33 years how many students can say the same. I hope that - scratch that - I KNOW when he is in office, the citizens he will represent will feel as fortunate as the students who took his class. He is a gift to our society and I think I can comfortably speak on behalf of the Eden Prairie Community when I say he made our lives more amazing. I promise that if every politician expressed as much desire to assist the public as Cwod did in his extensive career, the field of politics would have so much more merit. Maybe we can all think of this as a start of an amazing mark made. We love you, Cwod! 

Testimonial #9 11 Sep 2016

I support Steve Cwodzinski for Mn State Senate, for district 48. Steve is a good friend of mine. He taught in Eden Prairie Schools for many years. He is loved by his students. He made learning engaging and fun. He actually gave the speech at my new teacher training a few years ago and made me proud to have joined the staff at EP Schools. Steve is honest, kind, cares about others, and has the kind of positive energy to work hard for Eden Prairie citizens in the State Senate. Please consider voting for Steve Cwondzinski.

Perfect for Holding Office 18 Aug 2016

I was fortunate enough to have Cwod as my teacher for american government in my junior year of high school. I have yet to meet somebody that has the knowledge of the workings American government or the passion for American politics that Steve Cwodzinski has. He understands the issues that are out there and he will fight for what is best for Minnesotans and that is why I support Steve Cwodzinski for State Senate

“Of the people, by the people, for the people” 17 Aug 2016

Steve Cwodzinski has the energy of Teddy Roosevelt, the compassion of Eleanor Roosevelt, and the populist spirit of Paul Wellstone. He is driven by an insatiable desire to learn something new every day. He is an incredible listener and always strives to see the world through another person’s eyes. He has a deep respect for the founding principles of the United States and for the government of Minnesota. In the words of Paul Wellstone, "The only way to change is to vote. People are responsible." Please tell your family and friends to go out and vote for Steve Cwodzinski for Minnesota State Senate District 48. He wants to be your voice in St. Paul, and you can trust him with that honor.

Steve Cwodzinski for State Senate District 48A 17 Aug 2016

As an 1993 EPHS graduate, I feel extremely fortunate to have had Mr. Cwodzinski as my American government teacher. He ensured that we thoughtfully examined why we have our opinions on issues and had evidence to support them. His enthusiasm for educating us made me a better citizen and person. The lessons he taught us carried me well into adulthood and positively affects how I care for my patients as an oncology pharmacist at a veterans hospital. I cannot thank him enough for what I learned in his class. Though I no longer live in Eden Prairie, my family does. I will enthusiastically tell them and others how they should all support and vote for Steve Cwodzinski! 

Cwod for Senate! 16 Aug 2016

In my four years at Eden Prairie High School, I can say without doubt that Steve Cwodzinski is the most influential and inspiring teacher I have ever had. I have taken his life lessons to college with me, where I still carry my pocket Constitution on me at all times. Cwod is a genius in his own right. I know he will serve his community faithfully, with due regard for all citizens of district 48A. It's time for change in Eden Prairie and Cwod is the man to do it! #Cwodforsenate #cwodsquad

Influential leader! 16 Aug 2016

While I don’t remember many of my teachers throughout high school, Mr. Cwodzinski was memorable! He was the only teacher that make us think about what I can do as a citizen in society and how I can make an impact. At the time, we never knew if he was right or left wing because it didn’t matter! He wanted us to form our own opinions and educate ourselves on what was important to us. I’m sure he would tell you that same thing today. One day he said to us (something along the lines of) if you aren’t a liberal at some point in your life, you do not have a heart. If you aren’t a republican at some point in your life, you do not have a brain. Proving that our values change throughout our lives and we should always educate ourselves on the issues surrounding us and become an active citizen. Cwod will be an amazing in the Senate and will always have the community’s best interest at heart! VOTE FOR CWOD! 

I fully support Cwod for State Senate in Dist. 48! 15 Aug 2016

I fully support Cwod for State Senate in Dist. 48!He has been a fantastic teacher in Eden Prairie for over 30 years and is ready to put into action what he has been teaching!