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a wonderful, positive experience 24 Jun 2020

Angela's sessions were a lifesaver during this time. She provided alot of learning material and I felt that she is a real pro! Her guided meditations were very effective and she is so encouraging and positive that you just want to fully particpate to improve your life. She provides the incentive to sustain your practice. She is also a warm and compassionate person.

Worth Every Minute! 08 Apr 2020

Angela is an interesting and engaging speaker. Her knowledge and expertise on the topic of "The Science and Benefits of Mindfulness" was evident and greatly appreciated by the large group of participants. As one of three speakers in our annual Aging Well Speaker Series, Angela's presentation was a helpful introduction to the practice and application of mindfulness in support of our goal of aging well. Thank you very much on behalf of the Naples United Church of Christ.

Don't miss this opportunity! 06 Apr 2020

Recently, I was having trouble with a difficult person who I had to deal with thru work, that was becoming unhealthy for me. I went out of my comfort zone to seek help (being a traditional male) and took one on one sessions with Angela. She made me a believer by helping me develop a mindfulness practice and create a mindset for greater mindful living. Our sessions were tailored to my personality and I have been able to realize some of the benefits of present moment awareness. Great experience. You owe it to yourself to meet Angela for a session.

Feeling Blessed 30 Mar 2020

I feel blessed to have taken the Mindfulness Meditation course with Angela. She provided much needed guidance to help me stay in the "precious present". I am grateful to have these skills to keep my life in balance.

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made! 19 Nov 2019

I have been working with Angela one on one for over a year. I felt I needed a more personal approach to meditation. It has definitely been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Angela has an amazing ability to take me to a point of focus which has allowed me to realize my goals over the past year. She truly cares about my success and abilities to be mindful. Her techniques are easy to understand and execute. I will utilize these tools for the rest of my life!!!

So Much Knowledge that Our One Hour Show Was Not Enough Time 19 Nov 2019

Shine Beyond Cancer had Angela on our weekly radio show as an expert guest in the field of mindset while going through the cancer journey. Angela filled the hour long show with her incedible knowledge, insights and coaching that we had a multitude of requests for her services. Her amazing demeanor, calmness and tone made our listeners at ease and hungry for more. Angela was an outstanding guest and we will have her on many more times.

Grateful 01 Aug 2019

NCH staff is grateful to have such a knowledgeable mindful coach available for consultation, lectures, sunset meditation and private sessions. She is amazing and her work is invaluable! Thanks for everything Angela!!!

Beginning the Day with Five Mindful Breaths 15 Jun 2019

Beginning the day with Five Mindful Breaths and through my work with Angela - and Mindful Mindz Meditation, I have begun the process of learning to be in the present and grateful for those moments. This process is teaching me to balance some of life’s issues - to be more kind and gentle to myself and less judgmental of myself and others. I have noticed a higher level of over all satisfaction, happiness and well being and a lower level of anxiety and stress. I feel healthier and more active. My new journey through Mindful Meditation has allowed me to develop skills to bring joy, gratitude and meaning into everyday. This has taught me that most everything is workable. In worrisome moments I use my new mantra - “Not Helpful Now”. Living in the moment and choosing a more positive course has allowed me to manage my emotions more clearly. As I begin each day with Five Mindful Breaths, I try to end each day with these five breaths. Thank you - Angela.

Commitment 22 Feb 2019

I had a regular practice before taking the course and these 4 weeks were exactly what I needed to help me fully commit to prioritizing my practice. The meditations we learned as well as the supporting materials helped me to realize that the most important thing I was doing with my time was not doing and being still in cultivating mindfulness. It has been a little over a week and I am regularly turning to the set of tools I learned in this course to help me have a fuller experience in my life. Thank you!

Life Changing 22 Oct 2018

I found myself 5 years after becoming a mom super overwhelmed, frazzled, and was starting to feel health effects because of it. After only 1 session with Angela (and a lot of at home practice!) I was already feeling calmer, being more present with my family, and enjoying life more. I took 2 more sessions and continued practicing at home. I could go on and on about all the benefits I have noticed since starting my practice, but the biggest one is that I used to have horrible migraines and anxiety once a month. I have gone 2 months without any migraines and no anxiety at all. It is crazy to me that something so simple as mindfulness can make SUCH a huge difference. I feel very lucky to have met Angela! She has helped me so much!

"As if your life depended on it..." 30 Apr 2018

The 4-week Mindfulness Foundations program was valuable and exactly what I needed. It has been almost two weeks since the program concluded, and I have meditated daily since. I also find that I am much more aware of being mindful throughout the day. Angela's wisdom, her teachings and the tools I learned are an important part of my life -- and I am grateful.

Refresh and Renew 05 Apr 2018

I’ve meditated 15 minutes each day since I went to the 4-week Mindfulness Foundations Course. I was very anxious and scattered all the time and learning meditation practice changed all that. Building meditation into my daily routine is one of the best things I've done for myself. The subject matter is great, and Angela Tarquini Sanders is a great instructor. Along with learning how to meditate, the course was full of tips, tricks and theories that provided hard tools for stepping back and renewing and refreshing my view of life.

Energy Flow Workshop 26 Feb 2018

Angela is a wonderful teacher. She brings the chakras to life in a clear and understandable way. She is a very respectful and skilled facilitator of the groups questions and discussions. I would attend anything she teaches.

Positive Impact on Wellbeing 23 Feb 2018

I found the 4-week Foundations I class very enjoyable and beneficial. In addition to to learning some formal meditation and and informal mindfulness practices, I also discovered the unexpected benefit of greater compassion for and connection to other people. The course has had a positive impact on my everyday wellbeing and I look forward to learning more.

Do yourself a favor 05 Feb 2018

Angela is a skilled instructor with a wonderful presence and ability to communicate. She personifies "mindfulness" as she guides new learners into new skills and brings greater understanding to those already utilizing this valuable tool to combat the stresses of modern life.

Great Beginning 27 Oct 2017

Angela spent three weeks with me, providing material and leading meditations, to help me jump start a personal mindfulness meditation practice. She was a wonderful instructor, patient and encouraging and I appreciate her skill and assistance.

Feeling calm 11 May 2017

Angela is a wonderful example of mindful living. Her sense of calm and even pace as she explains that principles of mindfulness are wonderful to witness. I have taken her 4-week mindfulness class and now practice daily. It has brought me a feeling of being in control without being a control-freak.

ONE-TO-ONE sessions are an attractive alternative... 11 Mar 2017

My one-to-ones with Angela have been a highlight of my Naples winter!Wise in her teachings and generous in her advice through daily/weekly checks and feedback, Angela has helped me incorporate her knowledge into my daily practice. She has met my over-active mind with her quietness. She has helped me subdue my constant judgment of self and others with an accepting, open mind. And she has helped to see the beauty of stillness in an otherwise overly busy day. Angela gets me, gets what I’m looking for. She is a teacher and a partner: a caring and calm presence in my ongoing journey. ONE-TO-ONE sessions are an attractive alternative to people who would like immediate follow-up to Angela’s classes—or need help getting back to the process of lapsed meditation—or who want to overcome personal obstacles that get in the way of peaceful meditation. 

Teaching Living in the Present 22 Feb 2017

As a licensed mental health counselor, I am in constant pursuit for added areas to refer clients to in order to provide additional reduction of stress and anxiety for them.  After taking Angela’s mindfulness class, I will absolutely be referring clients. Angela is a walking embodiment of how mindfulness and meditation promote health and mental well-being.  Angela creates a non-threatening and genuinely welcoming learning environment.  She provides her students with the tools and foundation for a life-time of meditation that will inevitably lead to lower stress and anxiety levels and more mindful living!

Several Areas of My Life Have Shifted! 21 Feb 2017

As a result of this class, several areas of my life have shifted. I am a more mindful eater and have slowed down so much when sitting down to a meal. The class also helped me to better handle stressful moments of parenting buy adding tools to my mindset shift box!  I'm grateful for the people I have met and for deepening my practice. 

Gift of Kindful Awareness 21 Feb 2017

I just finished Angela's 4-session mediation class and am feeling so grateful for the insight and awareness that I gained during those sessions. Through the connections during the class; I felt motivated and mindful in making sure I made time to meditate, which has created a solid awareness every day in creating that space.It's a gift worth giving yourself!

Gratitude for your unique work 14 Jan 2017

Angela just completed a 4 day meditation class for some friends and family members gathered at a week long reunion.  She was so engaging and reached every participant in her class in ways they never imagined.  They are leaving with a sense of resolve to mindfully mediate every day and have expressed a much needed sense of relaxation.  Thank you Angela!!

Perfect for Both Beginner and Advanced Meditators 08 Nov 2016

Angela, I cannot tell you how much I loved your class! I have studied meditations all over the world, fascinated by how my mind effects my life. However, your class was unique! It had such a gentle, beautiful, non-judgement melody throughout it that made it so very easy to enter in the loving space you created for us each week. Coupled with the valuable, logical science you taught.. this class was perfect for beginners and advanced souls. I hope to take it again soon! Love and Light, Laura

Finding peace 17 Oct 2016

I came to MIndful Mindz to find some peace and calm in my everyday life and help my children learn how to deal with their stressful moments.  Angela gave me the tools I needed to learn how to deal with my stress and be present in the moment.  I'm incredibly thankful to Angela for her guidance and would suggest this class to anyone with little ones or a stressful job.  You will not regret it! 

Living More Mindfully 13 Oct 2016

Angela's class was a welcome opportunity to press the re-set button. I've been wanting to attend an introductory class to meditation and this class more than fulfilled my needs. I feel like I now have a host of new tools to use and master in the quest to live more in the moment. I look forward to honing these skills in my daily practice. 

Cycle of Goodness 23 Sep 2016

Angela sets in motion a cycle of goodness that blesses all concerned.  

Pranayama 18 Aug 2016

Angela's class provides many tools for mindfulness, for both beginners and veterans alike. My personal takeaway was her insight into Resistance, defined as..."when reality does not meet our expectation', and her tools to recognize and deal with that tension.

Living in the Moment 17 Aug 2016

This course could not have come at a better time for me.  I am in the middle of planning of wedding, starting a new a business and trying to buy a home.  Stress is high and I was having a hard time dealing with all of it.  Angelas course was truly an eye opener and gave me the tools to do things I didnt even know I needed to learn!  I am now listening more intently to what my clients are telling me, having more meaningful conversations with friends and family and above all handling stressfull situations with a bit more grace and a lot less drama!  This class was amazing.  Angela teaches life-long skills in just 4 weeks and that is priceless. 

Who has time to meditate in this crazy busy world? 21 Jul 2016

Well.... I do now! Angela's class was an incredible jumpstart to get me on the "meditation train"! As an athlete I'm always looking for cutting edge classes to enhance my performance! I can't say enough about this 4-week class! I now have the tools to quiet my busy mind and perform at a level I never new was possible! Thank you Angela for changing my life! Michelle Joy Kramer, Health Coach     

An Unexpected Experience 24 May 2016

I attended this 4 week beginner class with a Beginners Mind. I had no idea what to expect and had little knowledge of mindfulness practice. Reccomended by a friend I can sincerly say it has helped me manage both the small challenges in life and the big ones.Dealing with the stress of managing an elder parents failing health and the day to day relationships of friends and family to the simple tasks of driving to work. Thank you Angela for opening a new and exciting door.

She is changing lives! 19 May 2016

I just completed Angela’s 4-week Mindfulness Foundations Class.  Quite simply put – it was a terrific experience.  I’ve had exposure to meditation for several years and have implemented the practice on and off for quite some time.  Although this particular class was more of an introductory level – even an “experienced meditator” would most definitely benefit. Angela is a gifted teacher.  She presents the information from her heart – and successfully encourages and convinces her students that simple mindful “adjustments” can quickly get them to a better place.  She presents the information in a succinct, fun, and “this is why this makes sense” manner.  One leaves not wanting the class to end – not only each class – but the whole session!  That speaks volumes to the talent of the instructor – she’s changing lives!! Thank you, Angela, for your dedication and talent in teaching the community about Mindfulness.  It truly is a gift that keeps on giving!  Can't wait for the next level class!  Kim Minford

Learned so much in just 4 weeks! 18 May 2016

"The 4-week beginner's mindfulness course that Angela teaches is fantastic. It left me wishing she had an advanced class to take next. I learned so much and in just 4 weeks, and have already seen positive change in myself and my life. She has such a wonderful energy about her and she really cares about helping people. The kind of genuine care, patience, understanding and compassion that she has with everybody she encounters is so special. Thank you, Angela!!" - Melissa Nuebek