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Learned so much in just 4 weeks! 18 May 2016

"The 4-week beginner's mindfulness course that Angela teaches is fantastic. It left me wishing she had an advanced class to take next. I learned so much and in just 4 weeks, and have already seen positive change in myself and my life. She has such a wonderful energy about her and she really cares about helping people. The kind of genuine care, patience, understanding and compassion that she has with everybody she encounters is so special. Thank you, Angela!!" - Melissa Nuebek

She is changing lives! 19 May 2016

I just completed Angela’s 4-week Mindfulness Foundations Class.  Quite simply put – it was a terrific experience.  I’ve had exposure to meditation for several years and have implemented the practice on and off for quite some time.  Although this particular class was more of an introductory level – even an “experienced meditator” would most definitely benefit. Angela is a gifted teacher.  She presents the information from her heart – and successfully encourages and convinces her students that simple mindful “adjustments” can quickly get them to a better place.  She presents the information in a succinct, fun, and “this is why this makes sense” manner.  One leaves not wanting the class to end – not only each class – but the whole session!  That speaks volumes to the talent of the instructor – she’s changing lives!! Thank you, Angela, for your dedication and talent in teaching the community about Mindfulness.  It truly is a gift that keeps on giving!  Can't wait for the next level class!  Kim Minford