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We have always used detox supplements for years. This is the most comprehensive single capsule we have ever seen. Want to get off a weight loss plateau? Try this NOW!!! 03 Jun 2021

I love my oil, it helps me relax. 03 Jun 2021

Amazing. Makes me feel like the weight of the the world has been lifted. Best high quality CBD available. 03 Jun 2021

Review 20 Feb 2021

This is by far the best vanilla protein shake I have ever tasted. Its the right taste of sweet, with 0 sugar and no chalky after taste.

Review 13 Feb 2021

Yes!! YES!! ????????❤️❤️ My sleep score readings confirms that I have quality in my DEEP, REM & Restoration sleep, after taking SLEEP by Vasayo!! We rave about this product a lot. Hope I don’t sound like a walking pharmacy!!! ????

Review 12 Feb 2021

Chocolate! The best tasting vegan shake I’ve ever had.

Review 11 Feb 2021

The whole family takes this daily!!! Amazing.

Review 08 Feb 2021

LOVE V Slim!

Review 07 Feb 2021

I love eternal every day! Sometimes twice a day.

Review 05 Feb 2021

Loving it- been on it for 1 week

Review 31 Jan 2021


Review 04 Jan 2021

YES!!!! I Absolutely am THANKFUL for this product.

Review 03 Jan 2021

Every morning I do the whey vanilla with almond milk. Best post workout protein on the market!!!

Review 26 Dec 2020

After having six chemo treatments I had what they term as " CHEMO BRAIN FOG" started taking the Vasayo Neuro and all of that has gone away "NORMAL" again!! Won't be without it!! Love all the VASAYO products!!

Review 11 Dec 2020

My skin has literally has done a 180 and feels so good. The eternal packet is so convenient and besides an immune booster its a nice little pick me up snack

Review 20 Nov 2020

I can't function without it!!!

Review 12 Nov 2020

I went from drinking 4 cups of coffee a day to drinking V3 in the morning and it has been a TOTAL GAME CHANGER!!! LOVE V3 AND LOVE VASAYO????????

Review 10 Nov 2020

I love the plant based chocolate (with almond milk and a tablespoon of PB)!

Review 10 Nov 2020

Love them any time of day.

Review 31 Oct 2020

Chocolate is my favourite!! I blend it for about 2 min with a little bit of ice, coconut water and its delicious

Review 28 Oct 2020

Oh my these are absolutely amazing.

Review 16 Oct 2020

Beléza! My super sensitive skin has never felt happier.

Review 15 Oct 2020

Drinking one as we speak, they are top of the empire of the shake world.

Review 07 Oct 2020

My pores are shrinking and my skin is smoother.

Review 04 Oct 2020

It has become a daily routine for me! Morning or lunch and later evening if I am craving 'not so good food' ????‼️ Thankful to have them Vasayo ????????

Review 02 Oct 2020

I use core Complete to manage Parkinson’s

Review 17 Sep 2020

YES!! has changed my life and my focus!! Thank you Nuero for helping take the "Squirrel"???????? moments out of my life!!

Review 10 Sep 2020

My Skin is GLOWING. Love the way my skin feels with Beleza! So excited to be able to share this with my friends who want to look their best and wipe the age from their face.

Review 08 Sep 2020

Love all the Beléza, twice a day ❤️

Review 20 Aug 2020

Every day our whole family is using it!!!!

Review 16 Aug 2020

????YES???? Every Day Glutathione

Review 14 Aug 2020

When God Blessed me with the Vasayo Products I was a 59 year old woman with several bone issues. I thought I would be in a Wheelchair Within 5 year's.....Well today I am walking and running...I came up to visit my parents I have been packing and moving furniture and I attribute it all to Neuro, Essentials, Renew, Sleep and Energy!!! My Goal is to help improve the quality of life for as many as I can and to help them see the possibilities at life they had forgotten!

Review 13 Aug 2020

"Great completely NATURAL product (FINALLY) that helps with appetite and energy levels throughout the day. I took two in the beginning, but now just take one daily. I’m down 18 lbs in two months. It might be noted I also started fasting through breakfast and have a 15-18 hour fasting window daily."

Review 14 Jul 2020

I’ve been able to quit a multiple cup of coffee a day habit with V3 and I feel stronger longer while doing it! Also I have taken Vslim and Core Complete for 6 weeks and I have lost 21 pounds!! I feel great!!

Review 13 Jul 2020

I love CORE! Amazing product ????????????.

Review 10 Jul 2020

This is literally my happy juice! Refreshing and a great mood booster❤

Review 01 Jul 2020

The serum for sure, it has totally helped with my dark circles and puffiness around my eyes.

Review 19 Jun 2020

This product has made a big difference in how I feel! So amazing!

Review 18 Jun 2020

I didn’t know how awful I was feeling until I got Vasayo products in my body. For example, I used to drink a Frappuccino daily. Now, I have no desire for one because unhealthy foods and drinks simply are not satisfying to me anymore! V-Slim gave me a healthy mind again to really want more goodness and love for myself. I am more energetic and happy now that I feel so much better. My confidence is back, and I feel like a brand new, better self. When I realized I could go shopping again and buy the jeans I want, I did!

Review 15 Jun 2020

Yes everyday!! I will never be without these products - ever!!

Review 15 Jun 2020

This is a game changer for us in getting a great night’s sleep!! Love this product!!

Review 13 Jun 2020

Yes, I take it daily! Helps to get the toxins from everyday life out of my system. It’s one of my must haves.

Review 11 Jun 2020

Yes, clear skin, prevents bloating, and jump starts getting weight off.

Review 01 Jun 2020

Never have I seen such fast results June 1, 2020 Natural skin care with results within days vs. months is why I love this product. Everyone I recommend this to switches their skin care and stops all the complicated steps of other solutions. Great job Vasayo!

Review 17 May 2020

This cream works. It is the best cream that you can get without a prescription.

Review 15 May 2020

I always thought that I slept just fine; however, this MicroLife Sleep has allowed me to have the deepest, richest, most restful sleep every single night. I go to sleep in one position and wake up 6–8 hours later in the exact same position! I love this product and recommend it to everyone!

Review 06 May 2020

The products I really like are SLEEP, NEURO, CORE ESSENTIALS and 2 sprays of RENEW. I can feel more sustained focus. My energy level stays very good and I don't need ENERGY. I am noticing a more normal blood pressure which I am grateful for.

Review 30 Apr 2020

Dont want to ever go without this great product

Review 25 Apr 2020

Yes I use Neuro and love it. It has really helped my mental clarity and focus. I wasn’t able to read a book after developing a senior onset ADD. It’s no longer a problem.

Review 18 Apr 2020

Oh my sanity is sustained with V-3 ????❣️

Review 29 Mar 2020

"Only two weeks and I am HOOKED! Feeling great and my kids love it too!"

Review 13 Mar 2020

I am so healthy from doing my first deep detox with V-Tox; I feel remarkable..

Review 13 Mar 2020

CBD one oil is very helpful to me @ night. CBD one cream is very helpful to my wife during the day.

Review 11 Mar 2020

I love these products! I've been using the Serum and the hydrating mist and I am amazed by how supple my skin looks and feels, the fragrance of the Rejuvenating Cream is fabulous and I feel fresh and new every morning and night. Very Happy Skin! Very Happy Lady! Thank you Vasayo!

Review 11 Mar 2020

As an active mother of four young children, I'm lifting, holding, chasing, reaching, crawling, and sleeping in odd positions. My back and limbs get pulled and cramped in the most uncomfortable ways. Since adding Renew to my daily routine I've been on top of my Mom-game, flexible and toddler-fast! My range of movement has been smooth and very tolerable. If i get stiff or achy, i know exactly what to reach for!

Review 11 Mar 2020

"I had to take 2 servings a days (one in the morning and one in the evening) for this product to work. It works but the cost per month to sustain the results is a lot. Hence the score of 3 stars."

Review 11 Mar 2020

Detox is one of those things necessary for the body to function to its best ability. Like an oil change....this pill is great in that I know the stuff that needs to leave goes, but I don't have to worry about being stuck close to a bathroom.

Review 09 Mar 2020

This is a must if you don’t sleep well. Sleep deprivation makes a huge impact on my anxiety.

Review 11 Feb 2020

I love how quick and easy it is to use the products and I can feel a difference in my skin after just 5 days. I religiously used another product line that but switched when I felt a difference so quickly. The Rejuvenating cream is my favorite!

Review 30 Dec 2019

Since I have been taking Eternal, 1 week, I noticed my blemishes disappear super quickly an no new one's. #truth. I have always had adult cystic acne and was even hospitalized once due to a bad reaction to acne medication. I have tried more than one info-mercial skin care product line and no significant difference. Eternal is it for me.

Review 13 Dec 2019

My husband and I took sleep flying back from Hawaii to NJ, flew straight 10 hours without waking up ???? my husband barely woke up!!! Definitely works; if you travel a lot take sleep, you won’t have a jet lag.

Review 04 Aug 2019

MicroLife Renew has been a life-saver. I’m able to do things I haven’t been able to in years. Every morning, I’m up and ready to take on my day!

Review 02 Jul 2019

I’ve doubled up on Eternal for two weeks now because I had a major surgery (hysterectomy - not laparoscopic, including removal of a 15cm/1.5lb fibroid), and my doctor is soooo impressed with my incision (roughly 7 in. across my lower abdomen/upper pelvis). Healing at the cellular level, folks.

Review 05 Apr 2019

Never slept better in my life. Esp with being a bartender and getting home at like 2/3 am, you’re mind races and can’t get to sleep. This helps out so much

Review 07 Mar 2019

Eternal removed the lines in my forehead,and thinned the lines around my eyes and mouth, my skin pores are smaller making my skin look smoother, my nails are stronger and my hair is healthier and thicker!!

Review 04 Feb 2019

I have fibromyalgia and have tried anti-seizure, anti-depressants, and so forth. I asked to try a sleeping pill at the time and still found all I wanted to do was sleep day and night. The Vasayo Sleep supplement has allowed me to get off my medications, sleep at night and I am no longer napping or sleeping all day.

Review 28 Sep 2018

I average 4-5 hours a night and used to be not deep sleep. This took me to another place and healthy! Waking up totally refreshed.