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Luna - Harry Potter litter 21 Aug 2021

Following Melharco pugs on Instagram you can tell how much care and attention goes into every litter they have, and Lynne is so knowledgeable and helpful. We adore our little puppy and can’t recommend them more highly. You might have to wait a while but they are absolutely worth waiting for!

Persephone - Melharco Witchcraft 22 Jun 2021

Having followed Lynne on instagram for a number of years I knew she was the right breeder for me to get a puppy from. Percy is just perfect, cheeky when she wants to be centre of attention but the sweetest, most affectionate wee girl possible. We are so grateful to Lynne for all her advice so far and couldn’t be happier with our little Persephone :)

Persephone - Melharco Witchcraft 22 Jun 2021

Having followed Lynne on instagram for a number of years I knew she was the right breeder for me to get a puppy from. Percy is just perfect, cheeky when she wants to be centre of attention but the sweetest, most affectionate wee girl possible. We are so grateful to Lynne for all her advice so far and couldn’t be happier with our little Persephone :)

Melharco Mrs McGonagall 21 Jun 2021

I have adored pugs my entire life. My favourite aunt had them and hers were gorgeous. When I decided I was ready to have a puglet myself I took a long time finding the right breeder. I followed Lynne's pugs on Instagram for ages and it quickly became clear that her dogs are very much like the ones I grew up with. Melharco pugs are gorgeous, healthy and very happy. I am so glad she let me have one of her puppies. Sibbi (Mrs M) has been with me now for a week and from day one she was right at home. She is naughty and confident and I know we will have fun for a long time. I cannot rate Lynne enough. she always gets back, no matter how daft my questions. She is simply wonderful.

Melharco Circle of Life (Lola) 22 Dec 2020

We first met Lynne when we unexpectedly lost our first pug Alfie last year just before his 3rd birthday. His mum Patsy had been one of Lynne’s puppies. She was an amazing support to my family and helped us see that thinking about getting another pug would not replace him but fill the huge void he left in our lives. After 8 months we were lucky enough to welcome our new baby girl into our family. She has certainly made us smile again (and keeps us on our toes)!! I know that although Lynne is a very busy lady that if I need advice she will be on hand. Please please be patient if you are serious about owning a pug. They are worth the wait and make brilliant pets. I hate reading that Lynne gets people demanding puppies. It took us years to get our first pug but we spent this time learning so much about them to prepare us for when the time was right. It is so important they go to the right family and I’m glad Lynne makes sure this happens.

Most beautiful Pugs ever! 25 Nov 2020

Can’t wait to get my next Pug from Melharco! They are so beautiful and Lynn & Family love and care for them like they are part of the family!

Fantastic breeder & amazing puppies! 25 Nov 2020

We have wanted a pug for many years and are over the moon with our pup, Melharco School Bell. From start to finish Lynne has been amazing and answered any queries we had. Lynne is very knowledgable about pugs and gave us lots of great advice prior to our pup's arrival. Due to COVID-19 we were unable to visit our pup before he came home. This didn't end up being a problem as we had FaceTime calls with Lynne, regular photo updates and she answered all our emails really quickly. You can tell she really cares for her puppies and dedicates a lot of time and love to raising them. We are amazed at how happy and healthy our pup has been since he arrived. He slept through the night from night one, isn't fazed by a noisy home and just loves people. I could not recommend Lynne and Melharco Pugs enough!.A huge shout out to Mandy from JustDogs Courier too who transported our new pup from Scotland to Brighton.

Friendly and genuine breeder 25 Nov 2020

I am so glad we were recommended to go and check out melharco pugs. From the minute I started to talk to lynne I knew that the well-being of her pups were her no1 priority. She was amazing at getting back to us and for being such a busy woman her care and attention with us was fabulous. I can’t wait to get our own little bundle of joy to add to our family. I know we could get one quicker elsewhere but this is someone anyone would be willing to wait for.

Amazing 21 Aug 2020

Having spend a considerable amount of time looking for a pug puppy to add to our family we found melharco pugs! These pups are absolutely amazing and cared for so well! You know you are getting the best of the best with someone like lynne who is so committed to these gorgeous dogs! We as a family feel so lucky to have found melharco pugs and have our beautiful boy milo who has settled into our family amazingly! Lynne has been amazing offering support whenever we need it or if we have any questions! Couldn’t ask for better! And even with this COVID outbreak we were kept up to date with lots of videos and photos which was amazing. Thanks again. Lots of love from milo????

The best breeder ever! 11 Aug 2020

I have followed Melharco for years and in my mind it was clear that it will be the only breeder I will want to get puppy from. Lyanne was amazing through entire process: puppy updates, health checks, guidance post purchase. Despite pandemic and us actually never meeting puppy, we always felt confident in our choice! Our puppy Max is out this world! He is so cute and his character is just amazing! He is so chilled, patient and well behaved. Max is only 3 months old and he is so patient with my 2 year old and his demands! I am fascinated how well they get along! We as family so thankful to Melharco and Lyanne for our bundle of joy !

Pippa 14 Jun 2020

I searched for ages for a pug breeder, then found lynne, started following on Instagram for a while before deciding yes that’s where we want our pup from. I somehow felt I knew I trusted her and knew by previous litters and the interaction she still has with previous pups etc that she has pups best interest at heart even long after they find their forever homes! When the time was right and our pup was born she kept us updated often and we saw updates on Instagram etc.. unfortunately it was during lockdown so we never actually got to meet Pippa before we got her but she is just perfect, a beautiful bundle of fun and fitted perfectly into our family, as full of energy as the kiddies here and they just adore her! I’m just so grateful we were accepted for a melharco pug, we all love her!! Even now I sometimes message probably silly questions but she always replies reassuring me, felt like I’ve found a friend in Lynne too!

Melharco Hedgehog - Seven Dwarfs Litter 09 Jun 2020

We are so very grateful for our little bundle of Pug, Walter. I followed Melharco Pugs on Instagram for a while before getting in touch with Lynne as we wanted to make sure it was the right time to bring a puppy into our family with three children. Seeing the weekly updates from Lynne not only assured us Pugs were the right breed for us but that Lynne and her family were absolutely the right breeder. Walter has settled into our home so easily because he was born into a similar environment and was completely at ease with all the noise and hustle that comes with a busy family home. He is so well natured, learns quickly and just adores chasing after our children. Lynne was informative, supportive and did so well keeping us updated with his progress in his early weeks when a visit wasn’t possible due to the Covid 19 restrictions. Thank you so much! ❤️

Exceptional breeder 09 Jun 2020

We have been lucky enough to recently welcome our wee pug into our lives all thanks to Lynne. We are over the moon that we came across melharco in our search for our puppy and couldn’t be happier with the service and professionalism we received. From start to finish we were at complete ease with the knowledge that Lynne has. It’s so reassuring to see a breeder that knows her stuff and is so clued up with the breed. The aftercare has also been fantastic. Couldn’t ask for any more and would highly recommend anyone who is considering a pug to contact melharco. Gizmo is perfect.

Melharco Mrs Claus (Phoebe) 08 Jun 2020

The best pug breeder we could have wished for! We decided to contact Lynne after years of thinking about getting a pug puppy, we did some research and found Lynne on the KC website. When the litter of puppies arrived we were not pressured into choosing a puppy or even going ahead until we felt 100% about our decision. When we chose Mrs Claus we were sent videos and pictures daily and were constantly kept up to date. We visited our puppy at 6 weeks old and were welcomed into a family home; exactly where we wanted out puppy to be! The litter of four were so confident and not phased by us visiting. We were able to hold and play with all four puppies and we left feeling so excited about finally getting to bring our puppy home! When we picked up our puppy, Lynne provided us with lot's of information, a blanket that smelled of her Mum and some food to start us off. I messaged Lynne asking for advice and she replied quickly and nothing was ever a hassle. Phoebe is loved by everyone she meets. We get constant compliments on her nature and how healthy she looks. She fitted in perfectly to our family. We had heard horror stories about puppies not sleeping through the night or not being able to be left alone; this was not the case with Phoebe. She slept all night and was happy to be left for a few hours when we went back to work. Phoebe is great with other dogs and other people of all ages; she even loved going to the vets for the first time with us! We have a happy, confident and healthy puppy thanks to Melharco Pugs. We are still in touch with Lynne and we can't thank her enough for giving us the perfect pug!

Melharco Rudolph 07 Jun 2020

We picked up our gorgeous Pup (Ernie) in January 2020. We had been looking for a pug for nearly 2 years but never found a breeder that felt 100% right, until we came across Melharco. From the start Lynne was so helpful. As first time dog owners We had questions that Lynne was always happy to answer and really put our minds at rest. The updates on social medial of her current/previous litters we absolutely love, a bonus that we can see Ernies siblings growing with their families. We can not ever imagine being without Ernie, he is the sweetest most caring pup and we truly believe this is from living with Lynne and her family. He is Such a sociable character and has an amazing temperament. He is absolutely gorgeous and we get so many comments on how Healthy he looks. We can’t thank Lynne enough for all her hard work and dedication to these gorgeous pugs ????

Melharco Gabby Gabby - Toy story litter 07 Jun 2020

Having waited over 10 years to be able to get a pug I finally got my petunia (gabby gabby) last November! Lynne was so great with keeping us updated with pictures and Information. She even met us in Edinburgh as we was travelling from Suffolk by train. It was a smooth journey home with many coos at the little puppy we had with us. In the 7 months we have had our little girl we have had many compliments on how healthy and happy she is (as well as her obvious cuteness) . Petunia is a bold and outgoing character that has become our whole world and we can’t thank you enough Lynne xx. ❤️

Melharco Party Girl - Daisy 07 Jun 2020

Absolutely delighted with Melharco Pugs, Lynne has been incredible. After a lot of research for reputable breeders we came across Melharco Pugs, from first contact, through to a social distanced handover, the experience has been faultless, Lynne has given advice, support and guidance when finding our feet with a new Pug Puppy. We have now had Daisy for 7 weeks and she is truly part of our family, a wonderful little soul and so much fun. We would all recommend Melharco Pugs, a reputable and supportive breeder, who prides herself on great service and the best of pedigree Pugs.

Melharco Rudolph 07 Jun 2020

We picked up our gorgeous Pup (Ernie) in January 2020. We had been looking for a pug for nearly 2 years but never found a breeder that felt 100% right, until we came across Melharco. From the start Lynne was so helpful. As first time dog owners We had questions that Lynne was always happy to answer and really put our minds at rest. The updates on social medial of her current/previous litters we absolutely love, a bonus that we can see Ernies siblings growing with their families. We can not ever imagine being without Ernie, he is the sweetest most caring pup and we truly believe this is from living with Lynne and her family. He is Such a sociable character and has an amazing temperament. He is absolutely gorgeous and we get so many comments on how Healthy he looks. We can’t thank Lynne enough for all her hard work and dedication to these gorgeous pugs ????

Melharco Oompa Loompa 06 Jun 2020

For the past 11 years I’ve dreamed of the day where I can welcome my pug into my life. Melharco made this happen for me on 04.06.20. For anyone looking for a pug to add to their family I would definitely recommend! My boy Albert (Oompa Loompa) has joined my family and I’m over the moon. He’s healthy, chilled out and such a happy little pup. He’s settled in so well and I can only assume this is down to the amazing upbringing Lynne provides in their first 8 weeks. Lynne is amazing; always on hand to answer any questions or queries - and I sent quite a few! I don’t know how she finds the time but she certainly does! I don’t know what else to write other than a massive thank you to Lynne. My dreams have finally come true and I’m happier than ever. Thank you for making this happen and for trusting me with your little pup. Albert Lawson has completed my life! Let the fun begin.

Franco (New York, New York Litter) 06 Jun 2020

Lynne at Melharco is worth her weight in gold! She allowed us to be Franco’s parents nearly a year ago & I’ll forever be grateful to her. Lynne’s experience and knowledge of the pugs is vast & you just know from the outset how much she cares for the pug breed. Franco healed our hearts after the loss of our first pug (NOT FROM MELHARCO) & the difference between her and Franco is night & day. I can see now that our first pug Beau was so unhealthy & bred with no regard to health testing parents etc. She had numerous health conditions & we had her at the vets multiple times each month. I would 100% never trade having my first pug because she was such a loved girl & brought us so much happiness but it wasn’t fair on her that in her short life she was subject to so much health issues & I believe this was down to poor breeding. (AGAIN I MUST STRESS SHE WAS NOT A MELHARCO PUP) If Franco was ever to get a brother or sister I’d only ever go to Lynne, even if we we needed a year or 2, it would be worth it. The Pugs she breeds are exceptional in health & character. Our Franco is just stunning & just the best boy! Look no further than Melharco!

Our dream made a reality thanks to Melharco 06 Jun 2020

We count our blessings everyday since meeting Melharco Pugs. From day one of communications, I could sense Lynne pours all her heart and soul into her pugs wellbeing, we knew we found the best breeder of all. She was reccomended to our family as the best breeder in Scotland and I have to say she's the best breeder in the world! Her dogs are the most loved and cared for from her adult family of pugs down to every litter of pups she oozes affection for every one. All pups are a part of her beautiful family and she radiates with pride over every one as the years go on. Lynne is a fantastic breeder with over 10 years experience and it shows, take a look at their instagram, full of well cared for pups having the best start in life. We received our pup Melharco Cricket on 12th May and from day 1 we have had nothing but positive experience, she has raised pups who are full of confidence and instant love for the family and up for all sorts of adventures. We couldnt believe how well behaved our Luna was from day one she happily sleeps in her pen at night not a peep, has taken to toilet training so quickly and follows basic commands already. I believe this is all down to the love and care she had from day one with her pug mamma and breeder Lynne. All her dogs are extremely loved pets and its amazing to have found a breeder who is focused on a family life. She balances life with 2 young children, a grumble of pugs and works in a vet practice. You really could not find a more experienced breeder. All who meet our Luna gush about her beautiful appearance and tame personality. They all fall in love and I cant stop crediting that to the best start in life with Lynne Flynn and her beautiful family. No other breeder compares. I can count on Lynne at any time in our pugs life for advice it doesnt just stop once the pup is in our hands, she is always on hand for help or a chat its amazing to have someone so approachable and caring still in our lives. I cant thank her enough for light she has brought to our family. We are forever grateful.

Forever grateful 05 Jun 2020

The past few years have been hard for my mum; we lost my dad and then a year later their beloved dog. It took time to grieve but bravely mum knew she needed to move forward and wanted a companion to do that with. She started researching pugs and came across Melharco pugs. They ticked all the boxes and she knew she was buying from a renowned breeder that had the highest of standards. I helped my mum by contacting Lynne, and she was extremely helpful and professional. She knew that my Mum needed company and would make the puppy her world and was delighted to offer her a puppy. Well today ‘Crumble’ arrived and he absolutely CRUMBLED my mums heart. I’ve never heard my Mum so excited as I just did on the phone and it was joy to hear her happy. I could not recommend Melharco pugs more highly. Lynne you have made my Mum so happy and I am forever grateful. Xx - Melharco Willy Wonka 

Chips (Melharco Stark) 27 May 2020

We brought Chips home on 24th July 2019 and I can’t imagine what life was like before we had him. It feels like he’s always been a part of our family! We had wanted a pug for a long time and had been following Melharco on Instagram for ages. We knew we wanted a Melharco pug because the puppies are healthy and very well looked after. It was really important to us to get a puppy from a responsible breeder and Lynne was fantastic - our communication with her was great and she provided us with loads of advice. We were extremely lucky because Melharco usually have a long waiting list but due to someone dropping out we got him really quickly. He is the most gorgeous and amazing dog and it has been an absolute pleasure bringing him up over the past year. He settled in straight away and I think one of the reasons for this is that the puppies spend their first 8 weeks as part of Lynne’s family and spend a lot of time with people, other dogs and children. He has such a lovely temperament and people always comment on how handsome he is. We are so grateful to Lynne and Melharco pugs for bringing Chips into our life - he’s such a special boy.

Lynne is amazing! 26 May 2020

I am so grateful to Lynne and Melharco Pugs. While waiting on my future perfect Pug puppy, Lynne has been so caring and given me wonderful medical advice for my currently ailing elderly Pug. I know my Melharco puppy will be healthy and beautiful and I’m grateful for Lynne and Melharco!

Benji - Melharco Party Time 25 May 2020

We spent over a year searching for the right breeder. I stumbled across Lynne on one of my many late night google searches for pug breeders, as soon as I saw her IG pages and all the amazing pups I knew we had found our perfect breeder and we were amazed to discover she is just a few miles away. We were so excited to be accepted onto the wait list and were even more excited when on 21st Feb 2020 a litter had arrived and we had 1st pick of the boys. We studied ever photo and watched every video in the hope we would get a feel of the pups that would help us when it came time to meet the pups and decide who was going to be our Benji. Then along came COVID-19 and the lockdown, Lynne was amazing she kept us updated on the pups and sent videos of both the male pups so we could decide which one was to be our forever pup. It was so hard but with Lynne’s guidance and all the photos and videos we were able to pick our pup. With lockdown in full force Lynne was able to bring our beloved Benji home to us. Benji is now almost 14 weeks old and is doing amazingly well. He has settled in so well and his a very happy pup. We have to thank Lynne and her amazing family for being the best breeders of such wonderful pugs. When the time comes for Benji to have a brother we know where we will be getting him from.

Bear (Melharco Thorin) & Olive 25 May 2020

I spent a lot of time looking into Pug breeders when I was looking for a puppy. I found Melharco Pugs and went on their waiting list. In February 2014 My perfect boy Bear (Melharco Thorin) was born. Lynne kept me informed and updated every step of the way. Since then Lynne has been amazing at answering any questions or concerns I had about Bear years after I took him home. Last year I had the opportunity to rehome Olive, who is mother to a few Melharco puppies. Lynne was absolutely amazing throughout, and I know she is only a message away if I have any questions. I hope to join the waiting list again next year for a puppy and honestly wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Belle (Melharco Sunbeam) 25 May 2020

My little shadow is ten weeks in two days time and getting Belle is the best decision I have ever made. Lynne is on hand to answer any questions and truly cares for her pups. Belle is outgoing, confident and really affectionate.

Walter (Melharco Boxing Day) 25 May 2020

It's hard to know where to begin - Lynne (and the boys!) are amazing!! I am lucky enough to be local to Lynne and hear first hand the excellent reputation she has. Before lockdown Walter had started with a puppy trainer and the first thing he commented on was how confident and well socialised Walter was, he's never seen this in such a young puppy. He now follows Lynne on IG as he is obsessed too! Walter is such a sweet wee soul and loves everyone, but I put that down to the time and effort Lynne puts into all her puppies. They are all treated like family and this shows when you take them home as I know Walter and his siblings settled right away in their new homes. I've been in touch with Lynne a few times since I brought Walter home as he is my first puppy in a while and she's always been quick to answer, and more importantly put my mind at rest, if I'm unsure of something. She really does give 100% to her pugs, and even though they are all in their new homes that doesn't stop, she is fully committed to making sure every single puppy has a good home and happy life. A 5 star rating doesn't really cover what Lynne does for you as a new owner. Walter came home with a food supply, blanket smelling of home, fact sheets, medical info, basically everything you could think of and more! If you are thinking of buying a pug puppy you don't need to look anywhere else, Lynne's dedication, knowledge and professionalism is second to none - and not to mention she breeds the most beautiful puppies as you will see from all the other posts!

Betsy (Hakuna Matata) 20 Dec 2019

When we started our search for our pug I could not believe the amount of unscrupulous breeders/dealers there was. Thank goodness I did my research and contacted Lynne at Melharco pugs. She asked all the right questions, answered all my questions and kept me updated on my girls progress. As well as her brother an sisters which was lovely. When we met Lynne and her family when we visited our girl for the first time it was like we'd known them for years, they were so welcoming. The pups are all fantastically looked after, well socialised as Lynne's house is a busy household, and are healthy and happy. Lynne was always on hand to answer any questions or concerns I might have had. When we picked up Betsy Lynne went through everything we would need with us thoroughly. K.C papers,insurance, medication, vaccination's, feeding and chip. She also set us up with food blankets and toy which was a nice touch. When we took Betsy to our vets they said "how amazing Betsy's breeder was as she has all the information they needed on her vaccination card. Also her general health and her coat were in amazing condition. I still have questions for Lynne and she always takes time to answer. Betsy has been a dream so far as she has settled in well, loves everyone, loves her walks and her food. I have had breeders for other dogs ask me about her and they have all commented how lovely and well she is I'm sure we will be getting a brother or sister for Betsy in the future and I don't have to look around as for us there is only one breeder I would trust and that's Lynne at Melharco pugs.

Stanley Bear (Melharco Pancake Stack) 15 Oct 2019

I searched for a long time for the right breeder, and after coming across Lynne I knew I had found the person I wanted to get a pug from! I waited almost another year before knowing it was the right time to get a pug puppy. Throughout this time Lynne kept me updated with litters and never questioned me saying it was not the right time for me just yet. Stanley has been an absolute dream first puppy from the moment I met him (at 8 weeks old he travelled in the car with just me for the 7 hour drive back from Scotland- not even a whimper the entire trip!) He has made owning my first puppy an absolute pleasure and has adapted to everything with no faults at all! He is the most confident and sociable puppy, he has never feared anything and approaches everything and everyone new he comes across with such excitement and inquisitiveness- Stanley loves attention from people and just wants to make friends with both humans and animals as soon as he sees one. I have had constant comments about how beautiful he is, his lovely nature and his comical personality! Stanley came alone at the perfect time and has well and truly become my shadow and best friend. All of this is without a doubt a result of how Lynne raises all her pups and how well cared for and loved they all are from the second they arrive, and this does not end after the pups have left for their forever homes. There is no question in how incredible Lynne is and I can’t wait until the time in the future I can be lucky enough to have another Melharco pug for Stanley to cause double trouble with. I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to bring my Stanley home!

Penelope dream puggy! 30 Sep 2019

We’ve had Penelope since May 2018, and it’s fair to say she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to us! We always wanted our very own little puggy for over 5+ years but we’re waiting for the right timings etc. Penelope is the best, she’s a dream doggy, couldn’t ask for anything better than her and we absolutely love her to bits! Lynne was amazing, giving us loads of advice and hints/tips really really supportive and made the whole process wonderful, we would highly recommend Melhaco Pugs!!!!!!

Ellie 19/5/19 16 Sep 2019

Ellie arrived home on the 24th July and she's been an absolute dream of a puppy. Going with Melharco pugs is the best choice we made, and from first enquiry until even now, Lynne has been an absolute star. Full of information, and advice when we need. All we've had is comments saying how confident, pretty and well rounded Ellie is, and thats because she had the best start with Lynne and her family. Thank you for helping us complete our wee family, she is so well loved (and little miss sassy keeps us on our toes) Woulx not hesitate in recommending Melharco to anyone seriously looking at getting a pug pup.

Bella 12/06/2019 13 Sep 2019

After coming to the decision we wanted to add a pug to our family, I wanted to make sure we did so using a reputable breeder. After much investigation I came across Lynne and Melharco Pugs and I am so glad we did! Lynne is extremely knowledgeable and was always available to answer questions or send me pictures of our puppy. It’s very obvious she cares deeply about her dogs and provides them with the greatest care and affection. Our lovely Bella arrived home with us 3 weeks ago and she is the sweetest natured dog I have ever known, indeed many people comment on her excellent temperament. I honestly believe we made the best choice in Melharco and would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering a pug.

Pug Queen 11 Sep 2019

In 2017 we decided to breed our pug I looked for a while for a good breeder and found lynne and Melharco, I visited lynne with my girl and was lovely too see how much she cares for her dogs and the Pug breed itself. Lynne instantly put me at ease about leaving our girl there to be mated, she kept in constant communication while she stayed there. We had a lovely litter of puppies and lynne was just amazing. Any question at any time she more than helped. Her dedication to breeding good healthy pups even when she’s a busy mum and never stops is admirable and lovely to see when there’s so many breeders who aren’t as caring and dedicated. I’ve gone on to breed numerous times now and with each litter lynne has given me just as much advice and reassurance as she did my first litter. Can’t recommend her enough for her stud, pups and general pug advice.

Guinness 26/9/18 24 Feb 2019

Can I just start by saying if you are a first time puppy owner or puggy mummy/daddy or even just want to add to your furry family Lynn is THEE BEST not only breeder to go to put the best person by far. After many many many months of searching and family negotiations i was drawn to Lynne. All her pugs are amazing pedigree and each one loved and cared for to the maxium degree. She knows each ones line down to a tee. Even when in first contact with Lynne while we we waiting on our baby G she was so communative and nothing was ever a bother to ask. Her constant messages and picture updates were fantastic when the pups were born. On our first visit we were welcomed by not only a lovely kind funny natured lady we were welcomed into a family home, exactly what we wanted our pug to be brought home to. Even after we left with our puppy with the best puppy package and all the questions we threw at her she was so kind and patient. Our little Pug boy was brought home without any teething problems, paper trained and well solciased. We have had him now nearly 4 months and couldn't ask for a better dog, his nature health and physical appearance is superb and always gets complimented on. I couldn't have asked for a better 1st time experience of buying a dog, some people might say it's luck but the truth is if you get a dog from a breeder like Lynne your on to a winner. Cannot wait to get another little pugster in time from Melharco.

Barney (born 8th March 2018) 19 Feb 2019

We thought for months and searched around the UK before getting a pug and choosing a breeder. When we came across Melharco, the pugs featured from them really stood out and after contacting Lynne we knew she had the best interests of her puppies at heart. Throughout the whole process she has shown to be experienced, knowledgeable about the breed, helpful and kind. We received up to date progress of Barney before taking him to his forever home and still like to keep in touch with Lynne. People have commented on the “high quality” of Barney in comparison to other pugs in terms of his soft coat and his markings. We couldn’t recommend Lynne and family at Melharco highly enough for anyone considering getting a pug.

Vinnie 10 Feb 2019

It is our first time purchasing our new family member Vinnie. The whole experience has been a joy from beginning to end. I found Lynne to be informative and attentive, providing pictures and videos updating the growth of the puppies, I genuinely believe this breeder has the puppies best interests at heart and it has been a pleasure to have purchased Vinnie from her. I would definitely recommend Melharco pugs and would definitely purchase again from Lynne. Regards Alison

Top marks 10 Feb 2019

Lynne has been a fantastic help to me not just for the initial support she gave me when my Mabel was at stud but there after she was a constant support and mind of information day and night even though she is a busy mum and busy breeder aside. Talk about making instant friends! I can’t say enough in support of this kennel and breeder but be assured every tick box is ticked in excellence and beyond.

Hallie 10 Feb 2019

Like many others we had been following Melharco pugs on Instagram for a while and we decided to get in touch with them to add another pug to our family. From the very beginning Lynne was fantastic she gave us lots of information about the parents of the litter, the healths tests that they have and so much more, she is always on had to answer in any questions that we have and always gives us the best advice. Lynne updated us as soon as the littler had arrived and updated us regularly with pictures/videos of the pups all while she was also raising a young family. It’s great to see the pups growing up in such a lovely environment and there is no doubt about it that they are all very well looked after. We always get compliments about Hallie’s lovely temperament and her markings and if were to buy any more pugs I wouldn’t go anywhere else

Rufus the Rascal 09 Feb 2019

We followed Melharcho’s Instagram page for years before we decided we wanted to take the leap and buy a pug.... we could see they had some fantastic pedigree and their dogs were absolutely beautiful. What we couldn’t see is the amazing temperament, happy personality, advanced training and overall fantastic nature of the dogs that they produce. We’ve had Rufus now for 7 months and he has been the most fantastic addition to our family. We are often stopped on the street and admired for how amazing Rufus is with his beautiful soft coat and amazing markings - not to mention his good behaviour. All of our family and friends are quick to invite Rufus to any occasion and he’s quickly become a hit in our workplaces and other community activities. Anyhow, long story short he is an amazing pug and we put it down to Lynne and the Melharco family being so amazing with him and all their puppies! Lynne has even been great in offering advice post purchase and keeping in touch with us over Instagram and following Rufus’ growth and progress. Highly recommended!